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I have to admit I was a little taken aback by the ending of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (now only available via Itunes, drat them, until the DVD comes out), but then I realized it was pretty much Joss Whedon’s modus operandi: if the first two parts are mostly light comedy, then the third act is inevitably going to throw us for a loop and turn serious. Being serious and funny at the same time is what Whedon does (and what distinguishes him from his imitators, including some of his own writer-producers on Buffy, who tend to separate everything into “serious” and “comic relief” scenes).

It’s maybe a bit too close to those sitcom episodes that turn serious in the last five minutes and then have an occasional laugh to remind you that it’s still a comedy, but after all, Joss Whedon did start out writing for sitcoms.

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  1. There’s a lovely utility called Replay Media Catcher that allows one to download and sav online streaming media files like Dr. Horrible. Currently, this is still legal in Canada. :-)

  2. Well.. I dunno. I thought it could have ended three ways:

    Happy ending (defeats Capt. Hammer, gets the girl, but ten cannot join the Evil League)

    Proper Ending (dies through own incompetence, but leaves everybody unhappy because the protagonist dies)

    Ending as is…

    I think he followed the idea to its logical conclusion – one does not join forces with the Thoroughbred of Sin without cracking a few eggs after all.

    I do agree that it stayed funny (I liked the party scene). But the moralist in Whedon comes out and turns it into a proper fable – a sort of be careful what you wish for. I think TV needs more fabulists and less cheap laughs.

  3. I agree, the ending was a bit much.
    But hey, when you’re protagonist is a super villain you don’t have a lot of options. (To Chris B.’s point)

    What I loved about the show was it’s pure obscurity, think about it. Has anyone else written a musical about a mad scientist and his quest for love and glory? Not that I can think of.

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