Know your spin -

Know your spin


The Harper government would prefer you not think of Thursday’s budget in terms of what will be cut.

The government wants Canadians to see the budget as a growth plan, and not simply a slashing exercise aimed at eliminating the deficit. “If you concentrate on savings, you are going to miss out on what this budget is all about; it’s about long-term sustainability for jobs, growth and prosperity,” a senior government official said Sunday.

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Know your spin

  1. Translation:   We’re going to ‘streamline’ the environmental hearing process, so we can start building that pipeline toot sweet, and create a wack of short-term jobs for Albertans….who can’t fill the jobs they already have available.

    • Is there something stopping all the unemployed in other parts of Canada from moving to Alberta ?

      • Housing?  Lifestyle?  Not wanting to become an Albortion?

        • An “Albortion”? Gezuss man, you usually have more class than that. 

          • Bitter Liberals have no class.

      •  Yeah, the cold, the prices, Albertans…

        • Piss off. There are certainly some redneck Albertans out here, but your generalization is neither accurate, nor appreciated.

          •  LOL and then there’s that universal tendency of Albertans to be friendly and welcoming that puts people off.

          • None of this answers my question.

            So people would rather starve than move to Alberta and get a job ? Because apparently the people are so horrible.

            Oh right. They won’t. Because there is EI.

          • Some people meet assholes everywhere they go and still never consider, even for a second, that maybe it’s them. 

            If we let a bunch of grasping, manipulative politicians set us against each other then we really are as stupid as they think we are… 

          • @yahoo-K5XAITELSHKETDEDYIH6U5AF54:disqus 

            Lots of people are moving to Alberta, didn’t you hear? It’s the kind of move you make when you are young and unencumbered by kids and mortgages and other entanglements. 

          •  @lgarvin:disqus

            Humans have been manipulated by political and religious leaders since we first stood upright.

            One would think we’d have improved over all these millennia….but…..

          • @igarvin:disqus we should really have an east-west divide. And people in the west are getting tired of paying for EI and transfer payments to support the east. 

             Its totally counter productive. Really, really poor resource allocation.

            Its time to pack up the east and move all the people to where the jobs are.

      • I expect there’s a lot of things stopping them. Rental agreements that they already have are probably a large one. Not to mention finding suitable housing out here — remember, this is the province where Klein threw money at a working tradesman, thinking that he was unemployed because he was forced to have his family in a homeless shelter.

        Then there’s all the ties to your current community, such as what school your kids are in, where your friends and family live, what kind of support you can find out here if you don’t know anybody. Hell, the simple expenses involved with moving can stop a  lot of people (especially if they’re unemployed).

        Saying “Just pick up and move” is fine if you’re a social outcast who has no connection or roots where you currently are.

        Most of us aren’t, however.

        •  Yeah, skill sets that don’t match, wife having a good job where she is, selling a home at a distance…

          Northern Ont has lots of jobs they can’t fill either

        • Simple moving expenses combined with no guarantees even in a hot market (it’s hard to look for a job several thousand miles away, and hard to just arrive in town with no idea where to start.  Not impossible sometimes, of course, but not always easy either).

        • 2 weeks in, 1 week out.

          That’s how it goes for everybody here in BC who works in the oil patch.

          So they don’t even have to move to Alberta to get a job there.

          • That’s nice. And if that had anything whatsoever to do with Alberta, you’d have a point.

            Or do you expect them to just live outside for those two weeks up in Fort Mac in the middle of winter?

          • Lolzs !

            There are work camps EVERYWHERE in Alberta. You live in the camps.

            haha live outside in the cold. Seriously you guys. There is no reason for anyone in Canada to be unemployed.

            Its completely by choice.

          • Again, you’re in BC. Conditions are not the same. In Alberta, for instance, 24 days working is not uncommon.

          • @Thwim:disqus 
            are people in the east allergic to 24 days straight working ? Is that what you mean by “used to” ?

            My understanding is that even though they only work for 3 months out of the year that when the season is on all those fishermen in Atlantic Canada work non-stop.

            In fact Fort Mac is the second largest city in Newfoundland.

            Given the high number of people from the east already in Alberta i’d hazard a guess that its the lazy who are staying behind.

          • Nice attempt at twisting. I was responding to your assertion of 2 weeks on one week off.

            I’d hazard a guess that it’s the people who are already encumbered out east with families and the like. A point you repeatedly ignore because it doesn’t fit into your preconceptions.

      • Brain defects.

        • Not surprising. Probably because you treat it so poorly.

      • Any number of Maritimers are doing just that. Alberta will get to use 
        their economically productive years … unless they get sick or injured
        and move back home to their family. 
        And if and when retirement time comes, they’ll move back home and
        the Maritime provinces will get to provide them with whatever remains
        of our health care and elderly services. Nice trick.

      •  @yahoo-K5XAITELSHKETDEDYIH6U5AF54:disqus


      •  To answer your question..


    • You know, even you’re translation would sell well. If that’s the worst you can come up with, this might be the best budget *ever*!

      •  Oh I’m sure there are lots of other things people won’t like….but my translation is one that Cons have already said.

        • If you think Canadians are against the pipe-line, or creating jobs, you’ve got another thing coming. Just another example of how out of touch with the public you Liberals are.

          •  I’m not a Liberal as you very well know…..and most Canadians aren’t against pipelines per se.

            As to jobs, we already have thousands of jobs we can’t fill.  Our problem is a mismatch of skills.  Structural unemployment.

          • Ya, we should really focus on creating jobs for all those Liberal Arts majors who thought that 4 years of drinking on Mommy and Daddy’s dime would be an easy way to a six-figure job.

            You do know that skills aren’t a static set of abilities you’re born with. People can attain skills, and if they’re are jobs to be filled, people without jobs should probably get those skills.

          •  @Rick_Omen:disqus

            Liberal arts grads aren’t the ones needing help….they have an education.

            It’s people formerly employed in manufacturing that need help….and they don’t have the right training for the jobs that are open.

  2. One thing the private market has never been good at is providing sustainability.

    After all, sustainability requires stability, and the best thing about the free market is that it undermines stability — competition forces people and businesses to continually adapt, change, and move.

    So the only way a government can provide long-term sustainability is if it starts regulating the free-market to mute competitive forces.

  3. I feel trapped; an artificial rotating colony is too expensive.  There might not be air anywhere else or lightspeed travel.
    Because of the debt, I think you have to raise taxes.  It would’ve been okay, the P.Martin and S.Harper corporate tax cuts, if cuts weren’t for petro and finance.  Natural gas and insurance could’ve gotten poor boy tax excemptions, in retrospect.  Tar will have to pay a carbon price/cap at some point and two industries does not a portfolio make (encompasing 75% of profits and probably 40% of economy).  A Tobin Tax and a carbon tax would be efficient with 1/2 to debt and 1/2 to tax cuts in other industries.  How can Harper be in big red at these energy prices?!  Of course are damage deposit theives.  Of the 2008 budgets, the NDP and greens had best chance of being in the black.  NDP had corporate tax cuts (not enough R+D capacity to use revenues) and Greens had massive carbon price.  Greens didn’t want to get debate publicity and NDP ran a terminally ill man…Bloc still no rest of Canada budget (that would cost their Separation)…fighting a carbon price is like fighting for Armageddon.  you are basically hoping entire continents become failed states if you trumpet petro companies.  We could’ve exported hydro instead of lies and the tears of future drought victims.

    • Developing world energy would be helped by battery development.  We are weak there and strong at most other energy.  I’d rather a carbon tax with revenue to battery prototypes: basically swimming pools of chemicals.  Storing peat up north needs more assured IPCC precipitation models.  If the surface peat drowns it might not be good for sequestered carbon.  If it dries out fungi will rot the wood.  Many carbon intensive soils avg 75kg/m^2 of sequestered carbon.  The Hudson’s Bay Lowlands et al is maybe 500000km^2.  You figure an upper limit of 500kg net carbon sequestered m^2…that is 25 years of global emissions.  Maybe worth as much as the rest of our economy.
      I like Harper’s focus on more employable immigrants.  If they are really costing $16000 each, that is more than maybe $8000 someone on welfare costs.  Adding two years of schooling or work experience would push costs under existing welfare.  But some of our corporations are bad.  Tar.  Coal.  Maybe petro.  And finance is neutral.  I want biosensors so I’d like to see the above taxed and healthcare and industrial batteries windfalled.  Batteries would help intermittent energy sources like pandemic-hardened wind turbines.  coal is impossible to keep going in pandemic, i’d guess oil is hard.  Hydro and wind and geothermal just need technicians for grid?
      I’d have a mail-order wife and obedient maids and babysitters if a carbon tax.  All SANE.

  4. As long as we get those F-35s…

    • After a bumpy week, they seem to be back on the table.