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LaFlamme Thoughts?


So, Lisa LaFlamme will replace Lloyd Robertson. I don’t have a lot of thoughts on why she was chosen (the fact that she’s younger than Sandie Rinado might have been a factor, but who knows how important that actually was). The one thing I can notice is the very orderly, efficient process by which this was done: Robertson obviously coordinated his departure with the network so that they could announce his successor immediately, and give the successor a year to settle in. Orderly transitions don’t always make everything nice in the end, but they don’t usually hurt, I guess.

Thoughts on the upcoming LaFlamme era?

Meanwhile, here’s a look at Canadian newscaster Floyd Robertson, who is totally not based on that guy his first name rhymes with.

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LaFlamme Thoughts?

  1. It takes so long to make the simplest changes in this country.

    Lloyd will be 77 when he 'retires' next year. Renaldo is 60.

    LaFlamme is 46…and will apparently get a year of public national training before she's allowed to 'take over'……the job of newsreader.

  2. Awesome clips of Lloyd on CBC and of good ol' SCTV.

    LaFlamme? Much like the selection of David Johnston as GG, it was an inevitable and somewhat boring choice. This anchor transition won't generate much excitement or new viewers for CTV but as long as they hang on to their current numbers the network execs will probably be happy. Lloyd hung around too long for it to be viable to pass the job on to Sandie Rinaldo but she probably doesn't feel this way about it. Interesting that LaFlamme spent the G20 summit following the protests and chaos in the streets of Toronto: building her reporter cred for the anchor job selection?

    All this being said, Lloyd Robertson is a living institution of Canadian journalism and he deserves all the kudos he will receive towards the end of his tenure as CTV anchor.

    • She already had reporter cred.

  3. Good for Lisa, but she should ask Conan O'Brien about the wisdom of lengthy transition periods.

  4. I also have fond memories of Lloyd Robertson 40 years ago at Expo 70 in Osaka, Japan. I thought he was old then, but I guess all is relative.

  5. I would have preferred Tom Clarke.

  6. Ms. LaFlamme has solid journalistic credentials and has reported from many of the hot spots on this planet. Also once had to be medevac'd out of a situation. But I'm confused. I thought she gave up the Canada AM gig because stifled by being confined to a studio, and preferred to be out on assignment.

    • Rod Black and Lisa LaFlamme: the dynamic duo that lasted — how long was it? — a good six months??

  7. Tom Clarke and Lisa are my favorite newscasters. Good luck to Lisa, they couldn't have made a better choice!

  8. I don't have much use for Lisa LaFlamme either as a reporter or a news anchor. I think the ratings for CTV news will fall dramatically as she does not have the credibility of Lloyd Robertson. As well, as the new Sun TV News comes on stream all the networks will see their ratings fall. We shall see how the long transition works for CTV but I suspect she will not last.

    • LOL what 'credibility'? He reads the news.

      This isn't rocket science ya know.

      Boy, the smallest change upsets you guys.

      • WRONG! The persona of the newscaster, chemistry and delivery, are essential ingredients. Not to mention diction, voice, impartiality, connection to the public.

        Think about the different presenters – you'll recognize significant differences between them. Why enticing Robertson away from the CBC was considered a "coup" for CTV.

        Newscaasters are guests in my home – I prefer to relate to them on a personal level.

        CTV is blessed with a whole slew of top drawer talent – particularly their local coverage in TO – now that the tiring Dave Duval has thankfully retired. (Blasphemy!).

        How about Marci, Ken, Beverly, Pat, Tom, Seamous and the others on Canada AM?

        On the other side – Michael Kane never completes a sentence, hesitates, and has marbles in his mouth.

        And for God's sakes – save us from the fawning gee- golly- gosh – whiz Ben Muroney – light years removed from Ryan Seacrest! Replace him with Zack Werner! (He should host his own talk show – but I digress.)

  9. I think it's a great choice. She has excellent experience in the field and is a proven host with a good voice.

  10. Once you take a newsreader job, you surrender all notions of being a journalist.

  11. I'm sure the people referring to the job as "newsreader" don't realize how insulting they're being.

    Anyway, best of luck to Lisa, she wouldn't have been my first choice. Tom Clark must feel like Roger Mudd right about now.

    • Anchors read the news. She's already spent years doing field-work.

      • Yes she will "read the news" but there's a lot more to the position.

  12. I would have preferred Tom Clark and I believe he has earned the position. Never have been a fan of Lisa LaFlamme. Her news journalism is severely lacking as is her delivery. Thankfully we have alternatives.

    Good Luck.

  13. Sandie Rinaldo??? Hasnt she been waiting in the wings longer???

  14. Great choice. Light years ahead of CBCs Peter Mansbridge, the CBCs master news Manipulator and Godfather who trashed Pamela Wallin. So much for being a gentleman.
    I like CTV. CBC hates the WEST and all its industries and is way too left wing. CBC was the VOICE OF THE THUGS on G20. Sad.
    We like CTV Edmonton too.

    • Do ya get HD on the tinfoil hat?

    • I guess you missed the CTV's live coverage of the G20 protests.

  15. Lloyd's persona is impossible to match. Lisa LaFamme is a yoeman but lacks Robertson's poise – I find her too shrill and brittle – hard to endure for long. Poor rhythm in her delivery.

    My first choice – the empathetic, charming and effusive Ken Shaw – the next best to Lloyd Robertson.

    Or the new and impressive Jennifer Burke – although she might not want it.

    Anyone on CTV is better than watching Peter Mansbridge or the CBC!

  16. How could I not choose Sandi Rinaldo – another CTV stalwart with all the right credentials and personality. Replacing her for Jennifer Burke. Sorry I left her out. Much better than the crustier Lisa LaFamme.

  17. Apologes to Lisa- mispelled her name twice – should have been LaFLamme!

    One thing I always admired was the actual TEXT of the newscasts – extremely well written and balanced factual reporting mixed with first class editorial content. Understand Lloyd participated in the wordsmithing. Will LL do the same?

    Come to think of it – behind the faces on TV – the job of prioritizing then reporting the news is a monumental task. Hats off to the producers and writers behind the scenes that make CTV newscasts so relevant and informative – without CBC like bias – and making the newscasters look good.

    Allow me more spleen venting – I HATE the CBC aka Al Jazeera and the arrogant Peter Mansbridge. His insufferable Town Halls – stacked with left wing adlepates – and his ad libbing – make me upchuck!

    Let's all use this blog to shout out a huge Thank You to CTV – for saving us from CBC.

    Kudos also to Global and CHCH for relief from the CBC.

    My tax dollars being abused.

  18. I'd rather see Lloyd for another 200 years than put up with the lush. Bad move, smacks of the "Katie Couric" mistake CBS made.

  19. I've always enjoyed viewing LaFlamme as anchor, from way back in my Uni days when she was anchor on the local CKCO Kitchener (CTV) station. She has an excellent voice, is trustworthy and has bona fide field experience. Congrads to her!

  20. The worst possible choice. Watch CTV'S ratings, TANK!! Lisa LF has no credibility, and sounds like a condescending BLEEP; whether she's reading the news or reporting on a story. I wouldn't trust her to give me the correct time… 2 Years, and she'll be toast…
    Good Luck Lloyd!

    You are one of a kind, and will never be replaced…

    • completely agree!!! in a year or so the "novelty" of a woman anchor will wear off and the rating will TANK!! I have also heard Laflamme can be a bit of a "primadonna" to work with which will not go over very well with the CTV "family"

  21. I don't really care – I don't watch it. The neverending commercials (loud as hell) and the neverending "I", "I am", "I am CTV" "I am CTV News"……

    Lloyd was a total bore

    • OntarioTown……..on this we whole heartedly agree. I hate that self serving commerical. As for CTV News I don't watch it.

  22. CTV missed the boat on this one…Tom Clark is the more obvious choice. Tons more experience on the field and a much better presence, voice and dynamic personality than Lisa. I find he is better on interviews than Lisa.

  23. What happened to Keith Morrison—in 1995 he was heir apparent to uncle Lloyd—if Robertson had retired like he should have Morrison would now being doing the news. I would take the experience and integrity of Mr. Morrison (including 2 emmys and an Edwin R. Murrow award) over LaFlamme anyday. The "big shots" at CTV didn't like Morrison's ambition and uncle Lloyd vetoed his advancement.

  24. Sandi Renaldo should have been named as the replacement anchor, afer all she has been the fill in anchor for many years. she has a voice & persona which conveys trust & professionalism much like the feeling I had when Harvey Kirk was at the helm. Sadly, I think the news ratings will decrease.

  25. I think Sandie Rinaldo should have been named. She is a classy lady who has paid her dues. Or what about Tom Clarke? I wasn't impressed with Lisa's obviously frightened reporting on the G20.

  26. I have given up on CTV, Lisa's voice is worse than Mary Hart. what is the difference between a pig wearing lipsticks than Lisa? A pig will choose a better color. I remember Lisa wearing a red hot lipstick and a red "designer" jacket with low low cut. I complained to CTV, but they kept grooming her. Well, I can picture how Lisa flirts with the boss. Anyway, CTV will lose me for "1" audiance.

  27. I cannot believe they are putting Lisa LaFlamme in Lloyds shoes, what a disaster choice. She is nothing but a negative nanny goat reporter. Her negative comments during the Olympics, the ridiculous reporting of G20, her being in a war zone, honestly. Whats that line, "she can tell you about a plane crash with a wink in her eye, its interesting when people die, she loves dirty laundry!"
    Any chance we could send her to FOX and get Tom Clarke to do the job?

  28. Lisa Laflamme – a disasterous choice.
    Viewers want poise and dignity when watching their news, not emotion and affectation – a consistent flaw with La Flamme. CTV ratings will tank. Personally, I'll be switching to professional Dawna Friesen

  29. Lisa ??? great choice!!!!
    She has awesome journalistic credentials..proven herself in the field and in the studio – plus lokks relaxed and smiles on camera.
    Ottawa U alum…yeah go girl!!!