Layton’s fight


Stephen HarperMichael Ignatieff and Gilles Duceppe extend their best wishes. News and reaction from the Globe, Star, Post, SunCBC and CTV. Canadian Press has a primer on prostate cancer.


Layton’s fight

  1. That was awful. "Hey, it's great to have cancer!"

    Go away, Jack. Get better.

  2. You would think something like this would make him sound a little less like a used-car salesman…but no.

    In any event good luck to him.

    • Wow, those are real, messy emotions. Your honesty is as inspiring as Mr. Layton's. Good for you for speaking out so sentimentally and voicing these very important insights when too many of us are tempted to focus on Mr. Layton and the 25,000 other Canadian men who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year.

      • How is my opinion about this video stopping you from "focusing on Mr. Layton and the 25,000 other Canadian men who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year"? Please focus away. Wear a brightly coloured pin on your sweater to announce to the world how concerned you are. Knock yourself out.

        • I'm admiring your ability to speak truth in this time when so many of us are just politely talking about cancer – I wouldn't dream of accusing you of affecting how others think.

          • Best wishes to Mr. Layton got extended applause from the Ontario Liberals–twice.

            Anon Liberal doesn't speak for us all.

          • "Anon Liberal doesn't speak for us all."

            And never claimed to!

  3. A guy announces he has cancer and Liberal partisan Anon, a.k.a. Ti-G*y, and another LIberal partisan Anon LIberal, can't resist taking potshots at him.

    There is a time to hold your fire fellow commenters, and this is one of them.

    We're rooting for you Jack.

    • Just sharing my honest reaction to the video jarrid. I suppose the more "tasteful" thing to do is just to voice the usual platitudes that people spout at moments like these, but personally I think death or serious illness is an occasion for honesty; for real, messy emotions not sentiment.

      And my being a "liberal partisan" has nothing to do with my reaction. Your trying to score points that way is just cheap.

    • Well, this is one occasion that I agree with Jarrid.

      • Have to admit, I do too.

    • You should check out what was said on the Blogging Tories forum.

    • Spare me your fauxtrage, you ignorant slob.

  4. Liberals show their true creepy colours when cancer is the topic of conversation, see Elizabeth Thompson for example, or the Liberal creeps right here in this thread. Well beyond classless, it's anti-class, not that one should expect anything less from cultural Marxists. It's sort of like how atheists act when somebody dies:

    First Atheist: My parents just died in a car accident.
    Second Atheist: I think religion is stupid. I don't neeeeeeed some old man with a white beard in the sky telling me what to do, man, I'm master of my own destiny and…
    Second Atheist's wife: Bitch, please.
    Second Atheist: Sorry ma'am.
    Second Atheist's wife: Could you call me Ms. Ma'am? It's just that I've worked so hard for that title and…
    Second Atheist: Yes Ms. Ma'am. Anyway, as I was saying, religion is stupid, I hate religious people, or at least the white one's anyway, and, uh, what were we talking about again?
    First Atheist: My dead parents.
    Second Atheist: Ah, yes, so it goes. I hope that the forces of rationality and, er, heroic self-actualization envigorize you through this moment.
    First Atheist: Um, thanks.

    • You want to see creeps? Take a boo at an article in the Sun regarding Ruby Dhalla – comments section.

      Hateful, bigoted and horrible – from Con supporters.

      • Dhalla, a high caste light skinned snob, comes from a skin colour obsessed culture, which can hardly be said of Sun readers, so it's a bit ridiculous to label the Canadian critics of Dhalla racists, although if you were to show me pics of members of the Dhalla clan who are married to anyone but pale skinned Indians – exceedingly doubtful, given the endogamous, which is to say racist, character of Indian marital rituals – and I might buy it..

        White people can't be racist. It's impossible. Having been born and raised on Sesame Street and Barney, it is simply impossible for a white person to be racist. The same cannot be said for non-whites, who simply aren't immersed in a comparable anti-racist environment.

        Decades after Ontario passed the first anti-discrimination legislation in the world in 1946, the vicious racist Indian caste system and charming practice of burning widows remains, so again, it's a bit ridiculous to call Dhalla's Ontario based critics "racist" when she hails from, and promotes, such a profoundly racist culture.

        • My mistake, Mr Mitchell, make that five.

        • You're a sick person. Very sick indeed. If you don't like white people and you hate it here so much, leave. You do have options.


      • Easiest way for Tony to see a creep would be a short stroll to the nearest mirror.

  5. Prostate cancer, unless it's in a late stage, is entirely curable. Preston Manning & Alan Rock had it, and they're just fine now after treatment. In the US, John Kerry ran a Presidential campaign, I believe, while he was undergoing treatment or shortly after it.

    If you're a cynic, and with Jack Layton it's hard not to be given his penchant for brazen self-promotion, you'd have to wonder if he's had his eyes on the Toronto mayoralty race, and is looking for a way out of the federal NDP.

    • Yes, of course! Jack deliberately got prostate cancer to give himself an excuse to leave the NDP.

      You're an ass.

  6. Geez Anon – nothing is sure in this. My father-in-law died of prostate cancer (caught early) and my brother-in-law is okay so far (2 years now).

    Perhaps Layton did the right thing because of all the flap around Williams

  7. If I were a liberal, I wouldn't be too quick to jump on the tone or quality of Leader videos.

    • Ha! Touché.

  8. I wish Jack Layton well.

  9. All the best to Jack Layton on his fight with cancer.

    And as for some of the odious commenters: my god, what a cesspool this comments board can occasionally be.

  10. Do I oppose almost everything Jack stands for? Absolutely.
    Does that mean I have to berate him at this time? Absolutely Not.
    –>May God sustain you in your fight, Jack.

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