Backstage with Leonard Cohen at Hamilton Place

An interview with Leonard Cohen backstage at Hamilton Place



Brian D. Johnson interviews Leonard Cohen backstage at Hamilton Place.

For the complete interview transcript click here.

Shot on a Sony HDR-SR12 camcorder, on loan courtesy of Sony Canada. For more Brian D. Johnson’s videos go to http://www.youtube.com/bdjfilms.

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Backstage with Leonard Cohen at Hamilton Place

  1. As a Canadian living overseas (for 12 years), this interview (video and transcript) brings out my national pride. Cohen is a very special Canadian icon to me.

    Thank you, Brian Johnson, for asking some very perceptive questions that gave us insight into his past few years and his thoughts about the current tour.

    I wish he’d come to Hong Kong!

  2. Great interview. Questions I’d have asked. Answers better than I’d have expected,

  3. How wonderful to see and hear Leonard Cohen be interviewed. I saw him last week in concert in Manchester and it was a truly amazing night. He is an inspiration

  4. I ceratainly take a little offense to the “Glace Bay referral”, let me tell you that the first concert was sold out in 5 minutes (internet, who you know, blah, blah). Fortunately, Mr. Cohen offered to do a second concert, to which I had the honor to attend. And yes, he did the same stand up comedy, bent his knees together – in effect danced for us, and time and time again, praised his back up singers and his band, not only did we agree, but loved him even more, for praising his team, I feel free to speak on behalf of all who attended we were truly inspired and so appreciative! So despite the fact that you may think we were a “rehearsal, or testing ground” we saw the same concert you saw, and probaly better, because he was just starting, full of energy and to us amazing…. Perhaps he will choose to end his tour here, one can only wish…

  5. My wife and I felt blessed to get 5th row/centre seats for Leonard Cohen’s amazing sold out show at the 800-seat Capitol Theatre in Moncton on May 23rd.

    Our memories of the event are buoyed by the dozens of friends and strangers who, in the days leading up to the concert, articulated to us their appreciation and respect for Mr. Cohen. Even our cab driver regaled us with Cohen’s poetry and song lyrics on the way to the venue. The pre-concert crowd in the lobby buzzed with electricity, and during the show each of the songs performed seemed to be followed by a 5 minute standing ovation and shouts of “We love you, Leonard!”

    Three nights earlier we had witnessed the legendary Bob Dylan perform another great show at a larger venue in town, but to a less appreciative audience. Surely, could the difference have been merely the fact that the former is considered one of our national treasures and the latter is not?

  6. A beautiful man, whose humour and humanity enraptured the audience at Kilmainham Hospital Dublin 13 June 2008. He is in a league of his own.
    Love him to bits!

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