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Let us now praise Helena Guergis

Scott Feschuk: Stop, stop: you had me at “verbally abuse airline agents.”


helena guergisFor years, we’ve been searching for ways to attract quality candidates for elected office. Think pieces have been written. Seminars have been held. I believe Stephane Dion used a combination of Magic 8-Ball and chloroform. Nothing.

Well, all you eggheads can down tools. Helena Guergis has solved the problem.

If scoring some low-level, flunkie-style cabinet job where you fly around handing out oversized novelty cheques entitles you to verbally abuse airline agents, get on your flight after it’s been closed off, kick the crap out of a security door, hurl your boots at airport screening officers while swearing your @#!*ing head off and demeaning their entire province as a “shithole,” well then count us in. I am dead serious. That sounds like a @#!*ing awesome job. What Guergis got to do is one of my top five fantasies, and the only one not to include Scarlett Johansson and a bouncy castle.

What’s that? We also get to delay a whole entire flight, inconveniencing dozens of others? And there are no repercussions??

Stop, stop: you had me at “verbally abuse airline agents.”

ALSO: If Helena Guergis were a Hollywood celebrity, wouldn’t this outburst have been followed two days later by a small story on page three headlined: “Guergis checks self into rehab.”


Let us now praise Helena Guergis

  1. Much as I enjoy seeing Cons squirm, I think we are at risk of piling on. She was smart to issue an unequivocal apology right away. I don't know why the Liberals are insisting she resign. Just get out of the ways when the Cons are acting like idiots. People in P.E.I. won't forget what she said.

    Also bouncy castles, really?

    • With respect, issuing an apology five days after the event, right before the story's about to break is neither smart nor right away.

      • She doesn't have my simpathy at all, it was so wrong in sooo many levels!!!

    • You're damn straight we won't forget…Our neighbors and friends were the ones on the front line..taking her crap!!!

  2. First of all, I'm not piling on. I desperately want that job. Second, the apology was neither "unequivocal" (she said she "spoke emotionally") nor "right away" (it came eight days later).

    • Ah, I guess I haven't been following the story closely enough. I stand corrected.

  3. What would have happened if a Darryl Hanna lookalike was operating a full body scan machine at the PEI airport (no it's not a clip from Boxing Helena, though in a sense it is):

    [youtube nQluEsgdK-E http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQluEsgdK-E youtube]

  4. Great candidate recruitment plan, Feschuk…we could have a whole commons full of self-absorbed airheads exhibiting diva syndrome! Why hasn't someone been onto this sooner?

    • We already have that – it's just a matter of increasing the number of females.

    • Think of it as Phase II – Guergising

      Phase I – The Duffening, seems to be meeting many of it's goals.

      I just haven't figured out why PEI is the epicenter yet…

      • "Rahiming" sounds nasty, and "Jaffering" just sounds plain dirty.

  5. “Guergis checks self into rehab.”

    Her husband will probably have that covered right around the time of his plea agreement. Maybe it's happened already?


    Other thoughts: Is there a Canadian content comedy TV series in this? A combination of "All in the Family" and "Little Mosque on the Prairie" plus "West Wing" overtones. Hey it could sell in some markets like rural Alberta.

    Also…What about that 6 day delay between being a crazy-woman and actually thinking about apologizing, not in person but via a press release. How sincere and believable.

    • But Jaffer said he was innocent

      "I intend to fight the serious accusations that have been made against me," Jaffer, 37, said in a written statement e-mailed to the Edmonton Journal.

      "I am innocent and am confident of full exoneration. I cannot express how grateful I am for the support of my family and friends and I ask that you respect their privacy as I strive to clear my name."

      Jaffer was driving in his wife's riding last Friday when he was pulled over for speeding by police in Palgrave, Ont., north of Toronto. His wife, Helena Guergis, is the Conservative MP for Simcoe-Grey.


    • I dont think that would sell even in alberta

  6. Well, we're already most of the way there with the "self-absorbed" part, but this would add a much-needed element of physical violence.

    • Little known fact – ceremonial maces are just as deadly as real maces!

  7. Another thing missing from modern politics: swordplay.

    • Or eyeball-plucking! In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king! Swordplay was eliminated from modern politics when they decreed that the benches at Westminster be two sword lengths apart, presumably to avoid effective swordplay.

  8. Not just eight days later, eight days later just after the story had gone public. She didn't apologize because she was sorry, she apologized because she was exposed.

  9. We could have a whole commons full of self-absorbed airheads exhibiting diva syndrome! Why hasn't someone been onto this sooner?

    Because it would be redundant?

  10. One thing's for sure, there have been a few occasions when I've wanted to verbally assault airport officials, especially but not exclusively security officials, but of course most of us would end up in a paddywagon if we sneeze at them in the wrong way.

    Guergis is a hero.

    • Who I'd like to throttle is the fellow passenger who thinks he or she is so special that , while all of us have to endure the new security procedures, they somehow are allowed to behave like this. Airline and security personnel should
      not have to put up with this. I think passengers who do this should be held over from the flight they're booked on and be made to chill out.

      • You would fit right in with security workers – ready to make anybody's life miserable if they don't treat you right. You should try police work.

        • Sounds like the way you've bought the story without looking at the facts that you belong in some kind of Randian fantasyland. When you start punishing people for telling their version of the truth — and the minister has not denied this version — I'd say you're through the partisan looking glass and now speak through your so-called leader's sphin@ter…

        • Airport security is the enemy now – forget the would be bombers – it's the security workers we should be after.
          Funny, you strike me a fan of George Bush, who really got the ball rolling on securing the homelands.

          • People like you really need to get over your Bush derangement syndrome.

    • "…And the airport worker who ratted this to the press? The lowliest form of cowardly rat.

      Even if I grant the rest of your point, surely they can't be worse than the press who picked up the story and ran with it.

      • Yes, that's true.

    • "Guergis is a hero". Really?
      This says so much about you, and what you stand for.
      Please – never share your thoughts on Hitler…

      • Dude? That has to be the non sequitur of the day. Also a fairly clumsy attempt at slandering the guy.

        • My comment is comical.
          s_c_f's comment is absurd.

          Let me quote it again: "Guergis is a hero".
          Based on the facts of what happened, how can anyone say that with a straight face?
          In a world where "Guergis is a hero", who are the villains?
          DC Comics called this type of world the "bizarro" world.

          Slander? Yawn……

          • Intended to be comical, perhaps. But "comical" in the sense of "funny"? Not so much.

          • Possibly not a knee slapper, but a pseudo-chuckle at the least!
            Furthermore, I think it worked well considering the humourous tone of the actual article.

            "Guergis is a hero" has great comic potential, but s_c_f was not actually joking.
            Instead – It is the proof that partisanship can make one say really stupid things.

          • Yes, and you have said some really stupid things.

          • Welcome to the bizarro world!
            When do we plan on having that parade for our new hero?

    • One thing's for sure, there have been a few occasions when I've wanted to verbally assault airport officials, especially but not exclusively security officials, and especially but not exclusively Air Canada officials, but of course most of us would end up in a paddywagon if we sneeze at them in the wrong way.

      Guergis is a hero.

      Whaa? Tell me, when people describe you, do the words "pinched," "sour" and "pained" ever come up?

      • No.

    • Well, you've shown your character

      • On the contrary, comments like yours are a true indicator of arrogance and condescension, ironically.

    • I disagree with the whole "Guergis is a hero" thing, but I have to hand it to you on the -16 rating. Given the way smears and non-sequiturs tend to get thumbed up around here, you must be doing something right to be so unpopular in this crowd!

      • Yes, I must be doing something right. I am very proud of the -17. I should have said Guergis is a superhero.

        It's funny how some of these people object to Guergis' rude behaviour, yet they have no trouble being rude to me on this comment board. Strange lack of consistency. Or perhaps it's entirely predictable.

        • This whole "the press is out to get the cons" is really tiresome. In fact, I find it quite ironic for conservatives to inch back to such a by-the-book class-warfare analysis. I thought the movement had evolved towards libertarianism. Anyway, I digress.

          Although I suspect you already know this, I think it bears repeating: there is no such thing as "the press". Journalists and media outlets are all out to get readers, get ahead and keep the business alive to report on another day. To do that, you need stories. High profile people — say like the Prime Minister or Ministers — who behave badly, strangely, whatever, make for good stories. That's all.

          You want the stories about cons to stop? It's pretty easy: go back to the opposition benches. Otherwise, suck it up.

          • This whole "the press is out to get the cons" narrative is really tiresome

            As long as it remains true and ridiculous stories like this Guergis story get so much press, I will continue pointing it out.

            Your analysis of the press is somewhat accurate, but also somewhat naive.

          • You want the stories about cons to stop?

            Alternative method is to reduce the number and/or quality of target material.

          • You want the stories about cons to stop?

            Alternative method is to reduce the number and/or quality of target material.

    • you mean besides you? she would have been a hero is she initiated sweeping changes to the system of airport security and customer service. yelling at a front line service worker is as bush league as it gets. nice conservatism.

    • it's funny– what were whistleblowers to you in Opposition are now "rats" once you got into government.

  11. "well then count us in. I am dead serious. That sounds like a @#!*ing awesome job"

    I agree!

    Who amongst us hasn't wanted to freak out like Guergis did at one point or another but we didn't because we knew the consequences. Guergies incident is going to bother some conservatives – the ones who think our MPs are our servants, not our masters – because one rule for us and one for them is not popular. I think there's good chance of Guergis being arrested, or at least detained for hours, if she wasn't MP and was treated like regular person.

    • There's been too many false alarms and false scandals, like Mohumad-gate and wafer-gate, for any conservative to believe any of this. Guergis might have had a fit but it's unlikely it's the tantrum that the press are making it out to be.

      • I am Harpers biggest fan but I do not for one second think this woman should react like this, with her position, good manners aren't only a courtesy but a duty.

        • May I suggest "I do not for one second think this woman any adult should react like this, with her position, good manners aren't only a courtesy but a duty."

          • Yes, you are right!

  12. If Helena checks herself into rehab, and Rahim's plea bargain doesn't work out so well, who minds the cats? John Baird of Laureen Harper?

  13. I would be more inclined to forgive and forget Helena pulling a "Guergis" if she was wearing something more skin tight during the crazy-woman incident. Think Lindsey Vonn, downhill skiing apparel.


  14. I would be more inclined to forgive and forget Helena pulling a "Guergis" if she was wearing something more skin tight during the crazy-woman incident. Think Lindsey Vonn, downhill skiing apparel.


  15. Yes, when I read about her showing up late for her flight, whining, swearing, refusing to comply with airport screening procedures, verbally abusing airport staff, pounding on sound proof glass, and trying to force her way through a closed security door to board an already secured and late plane, my immediate reaction was "What can Canada do to honour this heroic figure?".

    I'm sure our troops in Afghanistan look to Guergis for inspiration in their daily struggles.

    Tell me, do you think appointing her to the Order of Canada would be sufficient reward for this Canadian hero?

    Personally, I think the fact that they delayed the plane and everyone on it, still let her board, and DIDN'T THROW HER IN JAIL is reward enough.

    • Most of that stuff is lies. The press frequently demonizes conservatives with lies like that, like waferfate, mohamud-gate and any number of other stories where they try to portray conservatives negatively by withho9lding the whole story, exaggerating and reporting things misleadingly.

      • if it is lies, why hasn't she said so?

        You know why? Video doesn't lie. That's right V-I-D-E-O.

        I bet she's gone from cabinet by Monday am. Video of a Minister of the Crown dropping f-bombs, throwing shoes and trying to access restricted areas? Done like dinner.

        • Maybe you could provide us a link to this video that you've never seen yourself.

          • the video I refer to is the security video at the airport. All airports have them. And I agree, lets prove your point. Let's hope Helena requests the video to be released to clear her good name.

            Let's get that video out there so she can move on.

        • Yes only Liberal Ministers (like Copps) should be able to get away with this type of stuff without being turfed.

          She behaved badly, but calling for her to be fired is hypocritical. (which is par for the course at the LPC)

          • how is it hypocritical. who hear is holding up any previous similar behaviour ny anyone of any partisan stripes as acceptable?

          • You're right.


            Must be nice to never have cabinet ministers ; )

      • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's perhaps the dumbest thing I've read in a really long time, s_c_f.

  16. "Guergis is a hero."

    The only way she is a hero is if she does something about the bureaucratic nightmare that are airports. If nothing changes, Guergis seems to think one rule for her and one rule for the rest of us. Because, I, too would like to throw a fit towards officious bureaucrats but I am not allowed to. Or at least not without consequences like Guergis did.

  17. Helena Guergis is a hero the way Joan Crawford was a good mother.

    • In the same way Naomi Campbell has found new uses for telephones. Another unsung hero.

  18. I have had a stress-induced meltdown at the airport, too, so I refuse to judge or think this is a horrifying event. If it had been a male politician, we wouldn’t even be talking about it.

    • A dissenting view. Thanks Gillian. But can we all at least agree that PEI is a "shithole"?

    • A dissenting view. Thanks gillian. But can we all at least agree that PEI is a "sh*thole"?

      • I've been to PEI twice and found it quite charming!

    • You are not a cabinet minister and you were not travelling on the public dime. If a male cabinet minister had acted the same way it would have gotten just as much attention.

    • not true. John MacCallum's inability to board a plane due to the staff thinking he had drank too much was news and is still mentioned, in fact in context of the Helena story.

  19. Couldn't agree more. To me, Geurgis sounds like an example of people who we don't want representing us.

    I am also a believer in how people treat staff or people lower than them job-wise is good way to judge what kind of person they are.

    • Helena Geurgis meet Ruby Dhalla…

    • I feel bad for her assistant. Working for someone like this is a nightmare. I imagine she has some great stories though.

      • My good friend was an assistant for Guergis, and let me tell you, there are lots, lots more.

  20. "cocaine is a hellava drug"
    -Rick James

  21. The fishwives have to look out for one another, give each other moral support, because no one else will.

  22. Why does John Baird need to tax, flyers, (yes I said tax. It is not a user fee in the same manner that the GST is not a user fee) to pay for sophisticated security equipment, when they can't handle an emotionally charged woman who should have been taken away in handcuffs and prohibited from ever flying a commercial flight again until she went through a program to calm her emotions. Apology, be damned, it was too late coming and she should still be banned from flying on a commercial flight, at least in Canada, until she does go this type of program.

    • Maybe she's ticked off because the real Cabinet Ministers get to use the Challengers.

  23. To the bold reporters on Parliament Hill, I encourage you to ask the following question of Helena Guergis the next time she does a scrum. And I'm being serious. "Minister, when you 'spoke emotionally' at the airport, were you referring to the entire province of Prince Edward Island as a 'sh*thole?' Or were you speaking exclusively of Charlottetown?"

  24. OK readers, you can have tons of "fun" with this, but on a serious note this incident further reveals the truth about the Conservatives and it is not pretty. It makes me cringe to think of the incompetent people appointed as Mr. Harper's ministers. As has been said repeatedly by others much wiser than me, the Conservatives really do not have enough qualified members to lead this party, which explains why he has tried to keep them hidden from public scrutiny. What kind of people do we have working at head office? What a sad, sad situation we find ourselves in right now!

    • She's particularly ill-suited for this position. When the original cuts to women's programmes were made she defended them saying that she had, as a woman never had experienced any barriers and that these programmes weren't necessary at all. So when she's now handing out these checks such as the one in PEI, she doesn't believe in at all. Poor dear. She's in for a rude shock when she gets out into the real world again.

  25. Her behaviour at the airport reminds me of cokeheads in the Toronto clubbing district. Of course I'm not implying that Ms. Guergis had used cocaine prior to the incident, or that she has ever used cocaine. Nor am I implying that this behaviour is at all related to the alleged chargers against her husband. But one might wonder when a person behaves so aggressively if there is some kind of mood altering substance in their body. My partner suggests it might be that she is short tempered because she is a Pisces. And by Pisces he means…

  26. I'd tap her. She was Miss Huronia, you know.

    • Good Lord……

  27. Isn't Guergis the Bollywood MP chick that really mistreated her foreign servants.

  28. She's lucky this didn't happen in the Vancouver airport and that she isn't Polish.

  29. No, that's another crazy beotch. Ruby Dhalla – who could only wish that she had a husband charged with impaired driving and possession of cocaine.

    • Dhalla is another one that needs to go.

    • Why all the thumbs down? Are Feschuk blog followers hardcore Liberals? Is Ruby Dhalla so on the ball that she has an army of followers reviewing blogs and sending out alerts on posts like mine? You know what? I actually like Ruby Dhalla. I was just stating the perfectly obvious.

      • Pete, on this site, thumbs down or up has nothing to do with what is right or wrong, it`s only about whether you have insulted the poor ship Liberal. That includes Mr. Feschuk`s contributions.

      • Do you know who Feschulk is, or what he used to do?

        I'm guessing no.

  30. This is just another Liberal and media " a lot about nothing" episode. How long and how much "outrage" was shown by the Opposition and media when NDP MP Libby Davies came out in support of the crazies that locked Chinese families in the Chinese Cultural Center in Vancouver when the PM was to arrive to open the festivities for the Chinese New Year? I think Davies has much more to answer to, to the Chinese Community in Vancouver, than Helena has to answer to PEI Islanders. Where's the apology from Davies? Where's the "outrage" from the media? Oh, sorry, left leaning media.

    • actually, that story got stepped all over it by the clumsy mishandling by one Dimitri the Unfireable. His faux outrage and downright lies in describing what happened there blew any chance of making Davies the story. If you want to blame something, blame PMO>

      • That's not PMO's fault either, this is about her and her lack of respect for others, she threw a tantrum like a 3 year old child and treated everyone like crap, she really crossed the line.

    • This is totally the media blowing this out of proportion.
      I quote s_c_f: "Guergis is a hero. "
      If only more people were like Guergis, the world would be a better place!
      Crazy media for spinning something as pure and decent as this!

    • I call your lie and challenge you to point to where Libby Davies came out in support of "the crazies that locked Chinese families in the Chinese Cultural Centre." I can find quotes where Davies was proud in the non-violent protest that she participated in, and I can also see no evidence, despite the CONs' version of Scott McKay of leading this protest.
      I'm no supporter of Davies but your and your party's attempt to create a tempest in a teapot is nothing but festering lies.

  31. Does rahim let her toke on his joints with that mouth??

    Could you also please explain how a has-been party boy charged with drinking and coking has earned any means of plea bargaining?

  32. Wow! This story is certainly inducing a BRUTAL set of comments so far.

    • I don't know – no one's thrown their boots yet or called Macleans.ca a sh*thole.

      • That's not setting the bar very high…….and you can't see the dent in my office wall that bears a odd resemblance to my shoe.



      • No, but you knew that.

  33. helena "HELLHOLE" guergis is a tool

  34. VIP treatment really means breaking the rules to ease the way for someone more important (than yourself) and is not always fun for the service person. When called and asked asked to hold the plane, all these folks were temporarily dis-empowered. Guergis gave them a great excuse to re-empower themselves and deny her entry to the plane. The fact they did not shows just how tolerant they are.

    So, in a long ago universe when I was a big fish in a small pond, I occasionally got VIP treatment. The “little people” who needed to make this happen were often happy to put the inconvenience aside when treated with proper deference and respect. And having been a “little person” person myself, who needed to help a VIP in some way, it was real easy to help those that showed me a little respect and gratitude. (And when the VIP was a celebrity, it was great bragging rights).
    These airline and airport employees were holding up the damn plane for her after all!
    She (and her hubby) are amateurs that have no business in public life. The voters in Edmonton helped us out.. Lets hope the good folks in Simcoe do the same!

  35. How come nobodys released the video yet? Come on, airports are chock-a-block with cameras…there's gotta be some grade-A footage of the glass pounding or door kicking.

    Talk about great material for the next set of TV ads…

    • stand by. Rumor is it's coming.

    • The problem is, the video would show the opposite, that most of that stuff is lies, which is why the video has not appeared.

  36. It's too late now, but a compromise would have been nice. Tie Guergis to the landing gear.

    • Lol !!

  37. She lost it. She apologised. Bad politics for Cons to keep her in cabinet, but a bit much/harsh for Libs to call for resignation over this. If we're going to start asking for resignations over temper tantrums by elected officials, there wouldn't be many left, incl. this PM and his predecessor. They are an odd lot. They do an odd job. Most of it is pretty thankless, at best, and awful at worst. They get crazy attention and are always on trial. Maybe I'm all wet, but kinda think some human failing/humanity should be accepted, as we do amongst ourselves. If behaviour recurrent, then problem. But this tantrum doesn't have any direct connection to her portfolio, does it? Bad and bad politics. Given personal stresses, maybe best for all if she was dropped for a while. But shouldn't ask for it. If Cons don't do it, let them pay price. But who among us hasn't lost it and felt ashamed? Just lucky fewer witnesses/cameras etc. and without notoriety. Anyway, watching !!!!Pat Martin!!! !!!Wayne Easter!!! et.al. get all high and mighty is a bit much.

    • What you say here makes a lot of sense, especially about Martin and Easter and some of the more strident folks here including Feschuk but I still think Harper shoud take this opportunity to demote her. She lacks the necessary stuff to be an effective cabinet minister and I can think of a couple other CPC Mp`s who would be better in her position.

    • For my money, the scandal is our absurd security process, for which Guergis is collectively responsible. If Cabinet Ministers are flipping out at the folly of it, what about the rest of us? But no politician of any party has the guts to stand up and call it what it is: a pantomime of safety for the benefit of the those passengers whose stupidity equals their cowardice.

      • Compare with a similar story a few years ago:

        At the Fort St John BC airport, probably the same size as the Charlottetown one, and gateway to probably many orders of magnitude higher economic activity than PEI's airport services, (oil and gas in NE BC) I was once denied entry to the passenger loading area (the other side of the glass) because I arrived 10 minutes too late from their unpublished rules (well before the published departure time).The Air Canada plane was on the tarmac (the kind you walk up to and climb the stairs ), and had not yet been boarded. In fact, it would not not for another ten minutes.

        But the unionized Air Canada staff would not allow me entry. Why you ask? Because the luggage truck guy had already taken the checked baggage out and he /they could not be inconvenienced further to take my bag out. They had their rules and schedules. So, rather than boarding at 11 am,I had to wait for the next plane at 4 pm, which coincidently was the next plane to arrive at FSJ. Funny how non competition can make these order takers feel important.

        When I arrived a day late for my client back at Calgary, one senior person told me this had also happened to him, and while complaining as I had, he had spoken a bit louder and more forcefully. He was removed from the airport by the RCMP who shortly thereafter arrived.

        And this anecdote was Pre 9-11. Do you not see a huge double standard here?

        In that context, this Helena Guergis story is not at all about our "absurd security process". It is about someone unfit for anything involving responsibility. And she is being paid more than the next MP as a jr minister? Truly bizarre.

        Turf her, hockey book guy!

        • "Do you not see a huge double standard here?"

          No, I do not understand what your anecdote has to do with anything. People have been inconvenienced by the Air Canada union; people have been inconvenienced by the absurd security process; it does not follow that because you were once, 10 years ago, inconvenienced by the former that the latter is not a farce. In fact, it doesn't even come close. You need to stay in and practice math a bit.

          • This is the double standard:

            ..he had spoken a bit louder and more forcefully.He was removed from the airport by the RCMP who shortly thereafter arrived.

            Yet, she tries to open secured doors, throws her boots, verbally abuses the person – and you claim it's a security issue?


          • What? You've lost me. Sure, somebody who starts throwing stuff around is a security issue, but in general the officiousness of security personnel has gone through the roof since 9/11, taking a further huge step up in recent months. That there were self-important busybodies employed by airlines and airports before 2001 or 2009 is neither here nor there. Are you seriously alleging that security is what it was in those days? With hour and a half delays? Give me a break.

          • You can't compare what happens at large international airports like Pearson (where some of your criticisms might be more apt) with what happens in Charlottetown which is probably serviced by one or maybe two domestic airlines. And btw, just as an aside, there was a security guy at FSJ way back then who WOULD force you to open your briefcase, and show that your computer was functional etc. It was a bit of a joke in industry because Vancouver and Calgary had no where near that level of security – but to his credit, he was probably ahead of his time.

          • My 1.5 hour comment applied not to Pearson but to little old Ottawa Airport, whence my mother flew to Halifax last week.

            Let's be realistic: there are no terrorists on flights between Ottawa and Halifax. There will never be terrorists on flights between Ottawa and Halifax. There will never be terrorists on domestic Canadian flights. Or if, someday, there is an attack, incredibly unlikely as that is, on a domestic Canadian flight, then we can step up. But until then the lives of those potential victims are not worth the delays we are all forced to endure. The grief of their potential next of kin is not worth it. We might as well reduce the highway speed limits to 70 km/h if we're going to get all sentimental about safety: that would save thousands of lives in the next year. This paranoia saves none and the damage it does to our national psyche, in terms of fostering a spirit of cowardice amongst our supposedly adult population, is actually very detrimental.

      • I agree. Except if that is the argument, then she is individually responsible for her part in collective decision. Then entire cabinet should resign. And all Libs who were in cabinet, Easter foremost, as former solicitor general, are disqualified from ever again becoming cabinet ministers, given their part in the idiocy. That seems a pretty harsh standard on that issue. If we extend that to other issues, then we'll never have a minister for longer than five minutes, since they make terrible decisions daily. So while an admirably elevated standard, it might be a touch impossible.

        My impression is not that people, Opposition in particular, reproach her for terrible policy. They could and should, except of course, Libs started it, post 9/11. They are angry about her awful personal conduct, and rightfully so. And any government with political sense would drop her from cabinet, and she probably needs the break. She should probably be smart enough to resign herself, for her own good, without being asked. But asking for her resignation because she lost it, despite her individual personal apologies to everyone she abused, seems wrong. Given MPs' human frailties, we probably won't have quorum on Weds if that's the standard for demanding resignation. I think it is pretty stupid for Martin, Easter et.al. to set such a standard, not just because of the hypocrisy, but because of course it would have to be applied to them as well. And they will fail it, sooner rather than later. Stoffer seems more sensible, the others should follow his example.

    • The terms on this page say you can comment as a guest OR log in .. why was my comment (as a guest) Immediately removed??

  38. I don't think the Conservatives should get rid of Ms. Guergis. I think John Baird should make use of her to test/confirm the security at airports and to be used as the first potential madman to go through these new scanners and even to periodically test them over their years of operation to make sure they actually can detect hidden weapons or the like which may be hidden inside peoples clothing, including boots. Why I'll bet if Baird plays his cards right he could even get Ms. Guergis' hubby to provide some "banned substances" and see if airport security actually detects them prior to passengers boarding aircraft.

    This would seem to at least be e beneficial use of the money being paid by taxpayers for Ms. Guergis, to use her airport expertise to kick security doors to make sure they are indeed secure, to abuse security screeners to make sure they hold their cool and do not taser anyone by mistake, or even to make sure that security screeners can calm down a fraught woman that has just had a birthdaya nd can't seem to keep it together as she recognizes her age.

    Yes, I'm sure Baird, rather than escorting the PMs wife from function to function would now be able to actually earn his pay by making use of another MP in the Conservative ranks. It sounds like a win win win all around for the Conservatives and it may even have a positive impact on the deficit by using MPs in this manner!

    Goodness knows the Conservatives couldn't do any more harm to the country so why not dress-up Ms. Guergis and make a go of using her as an airport security tester!

  39. I'd agree to take her apology and run under normal circumstances. However, waiting over a week until you've been outed by anonymous letters from angry Islanders still bitterly awaiting an explanation doesn't count as a normal circumstance.

    For the sin of apologizing only when forced to, chop cop Helena.

    And anyway, it's better for her: a few months out of cabinet will make it easier for her to lose Cokeboy without too much media attention.

  40. I think Guergis was out of line, but it is funny to see the Left taking so much delight in it. McKinley comes to mind…

    • Schadenfreude

      It is an entirely appropriate reaction in a circumstance where a vexatious person (or group) get hoist on their own petard (and no one got killed or injured|)

  41. And here I thought Courtney Love was the only woman capable of causing such chaos at airports. It's refreshing to see that federal cabinet ministers are also able to indulge in occasional bouts of rock star excess and entitlement. I eagerly anticipate the inevitable pictures of Ms. Guergis snorting cocaine off a stripper's back before trashing her hotel room and urinating in public.

  42. OK, this new $23 air security tax/fee just isn't going to be enough….

  43. I think that Feschuk's language in this article is deplorable. He is worse than her as he is saying it to thousands(millions") of readers while she said it to what-3 people.
    She could have avoided this all by travelling Westjet where they actually treat you like the customer and a human being.
    Air Canada is deplorable!!

    • I love flying Westjet. You can show up whenever you want, and you don't have to go through security! What was she thinking flying AC?

      • Ya and you get bonus WestJet points for throwing tantrums while they are trashing their schedules by specially holding up the plane for you.

  44. You (and others) need to get out more.

  45. Love you Scott. Now leave my wife alone! LOL

  46. Any politician that calls a whole province a "shithole" or a "hellhole" .. is NOT getting My vote. And I DO vote.

  47. with heightened security at airports and fear of terrorism .. I wonder what would have happened if Ms Geurgis had behaved like a Spoiled 2 year old at Any airport in the good old USA .. I betcha Our tax dollars would be bailing her ass out of jail! ..
    No politician has the sort of entitlement this woman demands. WE have to say "No" to them. no no no.

  48. Charlottetown airport is the same one whwew where a frail 81-year-old decorated war veteran was pulled out of line by security guards, and then arrested, photographed, fingerprinted, and jailed by Charlottetown city police. All because he made a joke about finding a bomb when staff searched his wife's teeny coin purse. All together now – DOUBLE STANDARD!

  49. She should have just said she was drunk. John McCallum did that when he was denied access to flight because he was too drunk to be allowed to board the plane, and nobody bothered to demand his resignation. The Toronto Star made him out to be a hero for "admitting he has a problem". Surely they would have treated Guergis the same

    • Unlike Guergis, he didn't actually kick and scream his way through security to make sure the flight didn't leave without him. Because, you know, he was ok with being left in that hellhole.

    • "Double standard indeed."

      What double-standard? Did McCallum make a public spectacle of himself?

      • Can't be sure. If he did, our Liberal friendly press would have made sure no one knew about it.

        But you can't have it both ways. Showing up too drunk to board an airplane is no less a firing offense for a senior cabinet Minister than what Guergis did.

        And let's not forget, her husband is under indictment for drug possession. No doubt she is under a great deal of stress. If she were a Liberal, that excuse alone would have been enough for the media to look the other way.

        • Oh, where to begin, John?

          You can't be sure of the facts, but you ARE sure that the evil liberal media would have covered up the details? Just like those flat earth folks couldn't be sure of where one would fall off the edge of the world, but were quite certain that round earth people communed with Satan?

          What a perfect position you've taken. If the Conservatives were discovered to be operating something similar to adscam, you would find a way to pin it on the evil Liberal mandarins that clung to the inner chambers of government like denture paste to a pension-less senior's gums. So assuring to see that anything can be explained away by bringing up the specter of those godless abortion loving Liberals and their biased media friends. (don't worry, the CTV website never bothered to cover this, so the Conservatives are not entirely friendless)

          You honestly think that showing up too drunk to board an airplane is a firing offense? My gawd, politicians get drunk all of the time! Sir John A. was pickled most of the time! I don't approve of him being drunk, but no one was actually harmed or inconvenienced – whereas Guergis made a complete spectacle of herself and delayed a flight for dozens of people – not to mention that she put airport security in a hugely awkward position.

          You're right, the legal troubles of her husband was a lame excuse.

        • someday you'll be good enough, strong enough and doggone it people will like you enough, and you will defeat the evil Liberal media.
          But as you admit, that time is not now. So give up, go away and build your strength. Stop your complaining, you are just not good enough to defeat the Liberal media, so why do you even bother. Your better than that.

          Now go away. Shoo. Don't forget to write.

  50. Not to excuse Guergis' conduct, but if you can't be a bitch on your birthday, then when can you?

    In other news, some are trying a little too hard on the "hero" meme.

    And now, for your spinning "pleasure", Heeere's Kelly…


  51. She doesn't look post-menopausal to me, gee could there be a connection to female physiology?

    BTW I wittnessed an incident ay YVR a couple of years ago where a clearly pissed off at Air Canada, 1st class customer was complaining at the C gates about the train wreck that was his itinerary, none of it his fault. The "gracious" ticket checkers called the RCMP and in a flash 5 cops on mountain bikes decended on him like a hit squad, tackeled him and had him cuffs in seconds. His wife was in tears and he had done NOTHING wrong. Welcome to post-911 AC customer service. If you traveled a lot you might resonate more with her frustration. As a very relevant after thought, if Ministers of the Crown are security risks we may as well call it quits today….ps 1-0 Canada, just now!

  52. I always get a kick out of Conservative-supporters' "leftist media" catch-all war-cry comments. So sad. Their support of their Con-elected officials is so blind and uninformed that it makes the mind boggle. It's refreshing to see a Conservative MP act -in public- the way we know they do behind closed doors. Reprehensibly. It serves to remind their supporters of the "kind" of people they vote for when they vote the way they do — "however their grampa voted". Any MP who acts like this -at an airport no less where most of us would have been arrested- deserves to face the wrath of her supposedly ethical and moral Canadian voters, toute suite.

  53. It seems the fair Helena shares a birthday with Copernicus. Given Copernicus had a new element named after him on his birthday, we really should do something for Guergis.

  54. This has nothing to do with being a Conservative. Or conservative. It's all about a whiny, self-absorbed, pathetic little bubblehead thinking that she's some sort of important person. Sort of like the French aristocrats just before the Revolution. I have the perfect solution: instead of giving cash to lottery winners, just make them MP's for four years. They'll get just as much money, still not have to work, and will end up with a gold-plated indexed pension for their total lack of utility or relevance.

  55. I for one believe the sexual exploits of the male MPs should warrant greater attention than this nonsense. Aren't these unprofessional and amoral behaviours more troublesome to the Canadian public than this? I imagine that indecent relations between MPs and their staff members contravene some sort of code in the House of Commons.
    I'd be more interested in keeping these indiscretions in line more than I would seeing a junior cabinet member be put in a corner.

  56. This has everything to do with manners and good breeding and not the party affiliation of this backwater beauty queen turned self important politician. We are tired of entitled personages who have done nothing to deserve the deference of anyone. You are essentially a "temp" and serve at the pleasure of the voter Madam. One hopes that you are unceremonioulsy placed on the ash heap of Ill-mannered ambitious politicos at the next election. Were you a manager in our firm you would have been cashiered the next day.