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Let us now think deeply about Chris Osgood


Slapshot, the New York Times’ hockey blog, considers Michael Ignatieff’s hockey watching, as revealed in Adam Gopnik’s profile for the New Yorker.

Ignatieff notes the contrast between being a professor, writer and navel-gazer and being a politician. “The thing that politics most strongly resembles is being on soccer teams and hockey teams when I was a child,” he says. “It’s not a lonely writer in his den thinking thoughts.” He mulls the question further and tells Gopnik of an experience he had not too long ago with his wife.

“What is it that a great politician knows? What is that form of knowledge?” Ignatieff asks. “Last night, Zsuzsanna and I were watching the Detroit Red Wings goalie, and he knows something; what is it that he knows? What is it that a great politician knows? The great ones have a skill that is just jaw-dropping, and I’m trying to learn that.”

Presumably Ignatieff was watching Chris Osgood. (Disturbing news for Canadians? They’ve got to hope he was watching Osgood in the playoffs, not the regular season.) To American ears, it’s a bit weird to hear a national politician comparing anything to a living, breathing goalie — although to these particular American ears it’s a real pleasure.


Let us now think deeply about Chris Osgood

  1. What? He likes the Red Wings!?!?!

    Oh man, the CPC is going to have a field day with that. I can already see the next Just Visiting ad, with a Red Wings sweater photoshopped onto Ignatieff…

    • Yeah…Steve Yzerman, traitor.

      • Not to mention that turncoat Gordie Howe!

        And don't EVEN get me started on that nogoodnik Terry Sawchuck!!!1!!11

  2. They shouldn't be surprised about a politican talking about sports. American politicians are the kings of making everything a sports analogy except they usually talk about baseball with football next and then perhaps basketball.

    So I guess the fact that Iggy at least used a hockey analogy should stand him in good stead.

    • Also he actually played hockey, has Stephen Harper ever been on a hockey team? Does he even know how to skate?

      • No idea if Steve ever played hockey. He is keen on taking his son to the arena and there is that book of couse …

  3. Perhaps M. Ignatieff was watching a different Chris Osgood than the one I've seen…'cause the words "jaw dropping" aren't ones I'd immediately think of when pondering Chris Osgood. "Eminently Capable" seems more apt. :)

    (I'm guessing he was watching Luongo or Brodeur and momentarily forgot which team they played for so he pulled out some random team from his memory on the fly)

    • You're probably right. Maybe I'm wrong, but I suspect that Iggy is not much of a hockey fan (not that there's anything wrong with that.) That's why he didn't mention the goalie by name. He was just adding a bit of "Canadian colour" to his buddy's New Yorker profile.

  4. Seeing as how Chris O. is an average goalie, I think even Ignatieff can aspire to become an average politician.