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Let us settle this virtually


To Twitter we go.

mpjamesmoore I see Lib MP Carolyn Bennett, one of the loudest, nastiest & most frequent hecklers in Parliament complains about heckling in the Star today

Carolyn_Bennett James Moore nds 2 understand difference between heckling at WHOPPERS&insensitvity.Here’s my takehttp://www.thestar.com/News…

Mr. Moore was similarly scolding of Gilles Duceppe’s behaviour last week. And for sure Mr. Moore comes by his understanding of inappropriate heckling quite honestly.

(To his misfortune, that one is preserved in Hansard for all eternity. To his credit, when a complaint was filed with the Speaker, Mr. Moore stood, apologized and withdrew the remark. Two days later, Dean Del Mastro was caught using the same word and refused to do likewise.)


Let us settle this virtually

  1. Oh, I don`t think Carolyn Bennett went through a major personality transformation on Jan. 23, 2006 that forced her to become a heckler. She has always been who she is. However, she is still having trouble coming to the realization that her party is no longer in power, so she lashes out at today`s gov`t more in anger then constructive criticism.

    Like a lot of Liberal MP`s Bennett really believed that the voters of Ontario sent 100 plus Libs to Ottawa in the nineties because of the quality of the MP`s. The voters won`t make that mistake again. Bennett should watch what is happening in her own riding. Even the voters there are getting tired of her silly antics.

  2. Sure there are a whole raft of rude and nasty hecklers on the governemnt side of the aisle. But, seriously guys, is there a single person in Ottawa who doesn't agree with the comment that Carolyn Bennett is "one of the loudest, nastiest & most frequent hecklers in Parliament "?

  3. Carolyn Bennett says it's different when she heckles because she is heckling sociopaths.

    "I believe that heckling is an understandable response to witnessing sociopathy."

    Another great laugh line from that linked article…

    "Honourable people tell the truth, or at least an interpreted and defensible version of the truth.

    Gold, Jerry, GOLD!

    • She's a doctor. She can diagnose sociopathy.

      • 1. She is a family doctor, not a psychiatrist.
        2. You can't diagnose people from across a room.
        3. Loose applications of DSM's (which only a small percentage of people have) to large swathes of the populace are probably the lowest form of discourse. It should be telling that if you google say, narcissistic personality disorder, everybody thinks it is a perfect description of their boss or ex-boy/girlfriend. One of the biggest problems in our national discourse is that science is greatly revered, but only understood by a small segment of the population. Hence we have cheesy pop psychology like this.*

        *Okay, cheesy pop psychology has kind of a long history in Canada. A Very Double Life, a biography of Mackenzie King, implies that King may have had deviant sexual activities in his youth, and a romantic interest in his mother, for instance.

      • Doctor, heal thyself.

      • oh come on what a generalized thing to say

  4. I can only take about 3 minutes of carolyn before it becomes like someone running their fingernails down a very long blackboard : I don’t think I could handle QP at all!

  5. Well, what a surprise….the right wingers don't like her. What a shame.

    Sorry folks, but I find it rather undignified and unstatesmanlike for cabinet miners to be twittering stuff like this.

    We have partisan cabinet ministers with the mentality of grammar school kids twittering.


    • twittering should not be allowed by politicians, who wants to know their every thought?

  6. Two days later, Dean Del Mastro was caught using the same word and refused to do likewise

    You expect a higher standard from Del Mastro, a used car salesman…sorry…vp of sales of Del Mastro Motors (owned by his mom)?? Personally this type of behavior sounds about right for Dean.

  7. It is not that heckling is wrong in question period but heckling from the supposed minority government side says to me that the Conservatives have abandoned their logic when they cried to voters for power to replace the Liberals. Conservatives lower themselves to mocking any other parliamentarians because they believe they are infalable, always correct, the people's choice, superior, and above the rule of decorum! This Conservative government believes they are the true government of Canada! Itb sounds like what the Conservatives whined were wrong with the Liberal MAJORITY when Conservatives were in opposition!

    Their heckiling of a serious H1`N1 issue shows their true colours. It reinforces their disdain for non-Conservatives in Canada. They bully, brow beat, yell, lie, cheat, mis-use election advertising laws, make claims that stimulus money comes from Conservatives when it is also from my tax dollars, a non-Conservative. And did I mention that I am one of those 60% plus voters that didn't vote Conservative!!!

    • Well, I am one of those 75% that don't vote Liberal.

      • Yes, you're one of the 22% that voted Conservative.

      • yeh, me 2. liberals will spend us all to death if we let them!

  8. Further, the Conservatives do not represent me! Conservatives are divisive rather than inclusive and exemplify foot dragging and a total disregard for Canadians. They only act if their poll numbers show them slipping. Otherwise they do not do what is in the best interests of Canada or Canadians. Conservatives don't give a damn about non-Conservative Canadians. Oh and did I mention that they were elected by less than 40%!!!

    Conservatives for years in opposition pleaded for a better and more above board federal government and then lied to Canadian voters saying that they would be this type of better government. They are far from it!!!

    Conservatives continue to show themselves as bullying and their heckling and loud borish attack on any and all Canadians that didn't vote for them says that they have become what they said they wanted to change …. and they are wallowing in it up to the heckiling grins on their fat faces (aka John Baird)!!!!

    • Chretien got a MAJORITY with 38% of the vote…….

  9. She's crazy. She was spouting this nonsense when I met her at an event last year– lipstick on her teeth, waving her wine glass around, rage in her eyes, talking about how evil Harper is. I don't believe she called him a sociopath at that time, but she implied that he was inhuman and sneered at me when I looked shocked at her sudden vitriol.

    There's really nothing more pathetic than a person who blames their lack of self-control and dignity on other people. You choose your behaviour, Ms Bennet. If you choose to engage in behaviour that you find disgusting, you have only yourself to blame.

    • "She's crazy. She was spouting this nonsense when I met her at an event last year– lipstick on her teeth, waving her wine glass around, rage in her eyes, talking about how evil Harper is."

      Which Albertan MP are you?

      • okay, maybe she got out of hand, but harper still is not what canada deserves, not that the libs are that much better.

  10. Well I must disagree that "There's really nothing more pathetic than a person who blames their lack of self-control and dignity on other people. You choose your behaviour, Ms Bennet. If you choose to engage in behaviour that you find disgusting, you have only yourself to blame." I would say that the Conservatives HAVE a lack of self control and don't even recognize that they do and THAT is more pathetic than someone voicing an opinion in question period in Parliament and expecting some level of civil discourse for the plight of fellow Canadians. But then again I may be wrong and the Conservatives really are "holier than though" and are the "annointed people" and really will "save us"! But seriously folk, I doubt it!

  11. You know, rather than Bennet being "crazy" here's what's crazy…..

    1) Conservatives saying we'll have a surplus in fall of 2008 but 6 months later posting a $40B plus deficit because the Conservatives have noone that knows how to interpret economic indicators (Flaherty uses a ouiji board)!!

    2) Conservatives leaving Canadian Citizens in a foreign jail or in a military prison to be tortured and not lifting a finger to help them!

    3) Conservatives telling Canadians that it was Conservative money that fund stimulus spending and not that it is all Canadian taxpayer money reagrdless of political affiliation that funds stimulus spending.

    4) That Conservatives sit on the sidelines while Canadian citizens loose their pensions and retirement savings while the UK and the US (in the case of Nortel) suppoirt their citizens retirements due to an unfortunate bankruptcy of a leading telecommunications employer in Canada.

    5) Conservatives heckling and laughing at the plight of pregnant Canadians to the impacts of H1N1!

    Conservatives wrote the book on "crazy"!!!!

    • 1. The Obama administration and the Ontario Liberals also face a much higher budget deficit than predicted. In fact Obama predicted that if his stimulus was enacted, unemployment would barely top 8%. It is today at just about 10%.

      2. Interesting that the Liberals raise Omar Khadr (a terrorist who hates this country) as a cause celebre, but criticize Harper when he mentions a Canadian citizen imprisoned by the Chinese. What does that tell you about Liberal priorities?

      3. Why only extend your logic to the stimulus? Liberals often, among other things, take credit for bringing in universal healthcare under Pearson. Since Universal Healthcare was brought in with taxpayer funds isn't this, again I'm just using your logic, a covert attempt to slap a political logo on public money?

      4. The Liberals also did nothing from 1993-2006. At any rate I think they were right to do nothing – it isn't the government's responsibility to reward risky and negligent practices like Nortel's misuse of pension money.

      5. The Liberals, by contrast, have never used heckling, and certainly never when a sensitive or important issue was being discussed.

      I don't say this to forgive the Conservatives. I want better from our elected officials. However, it is obvious that we will never get anything better, when both parties are staffed by partisan robots who can only see the sins of the other side.

      • hoser makes a great comparison here. the ontario liberals are going to spend the province into oblivion, just like obama is doing to america.

  12. Too long! ;)

    Sociopathy can encompass nothing much more than anti-social behaviour. And it doesn't take any clinical expertise to diagnose that, particularly among Conservatives.

    • As usual your answer is brief and incorrect. Sociopathy is a serious personality disorder, which about 2% of people have. It entails an inability to plan ahead, feel empathy (not a plus in a job that involves working with people), failure to obey the law, etc. Most sociopaths are quite unsuccessful which further limits the probability that any would be elected to parliament in any party – even if you could diagnose them from across the commons (how would you like it if people diagnosed you with ADD over the internet?).

  13. … and heckling is the approved medical treatment for sociopathy?

    You learn so much from the internet.

  14. For many of those who are confused and concerned about H1N1, the attempt by Harper's mob to silence Bennett with loud prolonged heckling is a message to them that this government is indifferent to their confusion and concern. To add insult to injury, now the Harper mob message is that Bennet deserved to be heckled. This message to Canadians couldn't be more clear – the only time the Harper government cares about them is when it suits their purposes.

    • Damn, you caught us. When I was thinking "hmm what is the right party for me" I asked myself – which party shares my hatred of pregnant women and sick people. While the Liberal hep C vote in the 90's scored some points, it was clear I was a Tory at heart.

  15. the libs will be the death of canada, but harper's not much better.