Live chat with Aaron Wherry

If Parliament’s involved, we’ll be talking about it. The fun starts at 2 p.m. EST.


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Live chat with Aaron Wherry

  1. Will the liberals ever become a good opposition party in our lifetime, or had they better just skip that bit and do what used to do best and go for broke again? Is Rae the man for that?

    ..oops wrong spot.

  2. Should committee find Gilles Ducepe did indeed misuse, as alleged,  Parliamentary funds for party purposes,
    what penalties would be imposed, and who would pay?

    • Make him have to sit through at least a two hour lecture from Tony on why one should not misappropriate Parliamentary funds whatever the need.

      • Haha, lecture to be delivered in English only.

  3. ‘Unless Tony spent a number of years outside Canada, studying and working and winning global acclaim, I don’t believe he can be disqualified from running.’


    • Sounds like something an Ignatieff truancy denier would say. :)

      • I resent that.

        Although i did provoke the response and it was agood un.

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