Live from Russia: scenes from election day -

Live from Russia: scenes from election day

Michael Petrou is in Moscow to cover the celebrations and/or protests


Michael Petrou is in Russia to cover Sunday’s election, which Vladimir Putin is widely expected to win. He’ll be posting all the latest from the celebrations and/or protests below. Follow him on Twitter: @michaelpetrou.


Live from Russia: scenes from election day

  1. Exit polls put him at 60%….with many people voting several times.

  2. Man this guy is scary. In Soviet times no one could pretend the state, at least in its latter stages, was held together by anything but fear, the loyalty of the misguidedly patriotic and the self interest of party member….but deep down everyone knew at some level it was a joke and they were broke. But this guy seems to have a following and gobs of money.Maybe we haven’t killed the old Soviet system, we’ve just helped to capitialize it?

     I wonder if trying to influence and support the democractic opposition will be any easier than it was in Soviet times, or any less risky?

  3. History shows that the prelude to plundering is to make the obstacle a villain.  How do you know he is a villain?  The people wanting to plunder Russia told you he was. 

    You loose this one, City of London.

    • What’s the difference with “robo-calling”? Western attitude that “our sh__** doesn’t stink” is arrogant and dangerous.

      • Sorry…meant to reply to kcm2…