Liveblog: French-language leaders’ debate

Paul Wells dissects the second debate in as many nights


Join Paul Wells for up-to-the-minute commentary on the French-language leaders’ debate, starting at 7:45 p.m. EDT

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Liveblog: French-language leaders’ debate

  1. Wells' commentary in English?

  2. Iggy's seemed to considerably tone it down tonight.

    I suppose his handlers let him know he sounded more like a stark raving mad man that a statesman, last night.

    Too bad for Iggy there were about 3 million Canadians watching last night.

  3. Yes. I'm posting in English, based on the direct French-language feed, which I'm receiving in one of two media rooms at the venue, with my francophone and French-speaking-ish colleagues. (There's a separate media room here with direct translation.)


  5. How would Cameron know when the camera is focused elsewhere? I guess he could assume it was whenever Clegg was speaking, but the cameras in these things pan around quite a bit.

  6. Bring on the cricket metaphors.

    Advantage MI.

  7. Go Blackhawks!

  8. I hope Layton does well, would like to see NDP win some seats in Quebec at Libs expense.

    Thanks for this, Wells. Very helpful.

  9. 's amazing to me how poorly understood my question is. I'm not asking what CPC will cut in future, but what this budget's cuts are #dbat

    Sigh…and these guys look after our financial well being?

    My colleagues should feel perfectly free to take up this question. So far not a single other reporter has. End of sermon.

    Sigh…and these guys look after…sigh

    Have the libs? i'm almost scared to ask.

  10. It's amazing to me how poorly understood my question is. I'm not asking what CPC will cut in future, but what this budget's cuts are.

    Paul, didn't Baird say he would get back to you with the list?

  11. "Lilianne Plamondon: Why does CPC get so many policies from United States."

    I wonder if any relation to Bob?

    Sounds like conspiracy minded question, not sensible middle of road question.

  12. Rather have them take some seats at the Blocs expense.

  13. I do not support all that Harper is doing but what the others propose will handcuff the next generation.

  14. how so, John?

  15. Ignatieff seems a little timid-surprising because he's a world-renouned intellect with massive tv exposure worldwide.

  16. Will they threw the coalition question at Iggy, so they obviously set out to hit everyone in their weak spot.

  17. How many guns that are registered are actually used in crime. Do you think that criminals will register their guns before they go out and commit a crime? This gun registry issue has nothing to do with law abiding people who used guns. One issue that I find hard is the buildings and bridges in Quebec are falling apart. Whos fault is that? Quebec getts much more money than they deserve but they want to spend it to build an arena so they can watch the failed Quebec hockey team. WOW.

  18. That's actually a lot poorer viewership than I had anticipated. In 2008 the leaders were up against the Biden-Palin debate, which would have siphoned many viewers for the first really tough appearance of Sarah Palin in the campaign.

    EDIT: The English debate was 2 hours earlier (7PM vs 9PM) than the 2008 debates, and I think that negatively impacted ratings.

  19. is this online anywhere??

  20. Yawn. We could fill a large photo gallery of people who had no criminal record but used a gun for criminal intent. So you don't believe the Police Chiefs know what the advantages of having long guns registered are (fill in CON paranoia ramblings here), or hospital and emergency response teams… How about those who deal with victims of spousal abuse?
    Yes, the circular defence of 'criminals will never register their weapons, so registering your weapon will never work' spins like a CON troll on too much koolaid…

  21. Baird is far too busy visiting the restaurants and auto shops of all my neighbours.

  22. You can watch it live on CPAC in either English or French

  23. Wouldn't Cameron look quite creepy if the camera caught him staring at Brown when Clegg was talking?

  24. Did Iggy just call Chloe Sainte-Marie "Chloe Sainte-Pierre" or was that a mistake on the part of the translator?

  25. FYI – Champlain bridge spans the St-Lawrence Sea Way and as such is owned by the federal government. The federal government is responsible for it; and from what I heard from Mr. Duceppe would have hidden reports concerning its safety. The thing is falling apart, and tens of thousands of cars drive over this every day. It`s a very big bridge.
    <a href="http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl =http://www.memorablemontreal.com/document/image/original/HM_ARC_003215-001.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.memorablemontreal.com/accessibleQA/ponts/%3Fid%3D163%26menu%3Dconception&usg=__XpaHB48SNbQWBHYyxiosoxzVY0w=&h=325&w=504&sz=154&hl=fr&start=0&zoom=1&tbnid=3tNlDb8JUFxViM:&tbnh=137&tbnw=183&ei=VEumTafLMq-10QGK4vHPCA&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dchamplain%2Bbridge%26um%3D1%26hl%3Dfr%26sa%3DN%26rlz%3D1R2ACGW_enCA364%26biw%3D1003%26bih%3D417%26tbm%3Disch&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=317&vpy=84&dur=250&hovh=180&hovw=280&tx=110&ty=81&oei=VEumTafLMq-10QGK4vHPCA&page=1&ndsp=8&ved=1t:429,r:1,s:0″ target=”_blank”>http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl <a href="http:…” target=”_blank”>=http://www.mem…

  26. So Harper's Battle French is pretty serviceable, you say? I still wish him defeat, but good for him if that's the case, that's a significant personal and professional accomplishment.

  27. Duceppe: "When I see Harper's cabinet it feels like I'm seeing the board of directors of an oil company."

    Would it be any better if they looked like the board of a hydro company?

  28. It's probably a combination of him being a little over-the-top last night on the EN debates and pulling back a bit tonight, as well as him debating in his second language.

  29. "How many guns that are registered are actually used in crime."

    According to the police – a lot.

  30. If we're going to congratulate Harper, let's at least congratulate all three Anglo leaders. They're all arguing like champs tonight.

  31. my spidery senses [ is that right?] tells me none of the federal parties will invoke the legacy of Pierre Trudeau…although my respect for anyone of them that did would skyrocket.

    Has duceppe played that card yet?

  32. I'm not fluent in French (in other words, he sounds perfect to my broken ears), but a francophone colleague saw him the other day and was quite impressed with his prowess en Français. Apparently "his French has become very very good, although his accent is still horrendous".


    Can we agree on this?

  34. That would be "spidey". You're welcome.

  35. Spidey Senses. And Duceppe just mentioned PET…

  36. "Only Dion was able to go head-to-head with a guy like Duceppe on these identity questions. It was family: MI, SH, JL can't do this #dbat"

    Thanks, Paul. I was wondering when this would start becoming an issue during this exchange.

  37. just beat me to the punch…i could hear the distain from north of sixty.

  38. I'm listening to the English feed, and I must say, some of the translation work is whacked.
    The robotic Brit translator sure makes Jack sound whacked…

  39. Do you mean annoying leader debating on SRC right now, or actually most annoying politician in all of Canada?

    I can think of many more obvious choices for the latter.

  40. Try the french feed. I can only consistently keep up with Jack and Michael, as Harper's vocabulary is too large (for me) and Duceppe is too fast, but at least they're in their own voices.

  41. Ignatieff`s French is most impressive. Haroper still uses this weird, artificial tone of voice.

  42. The dude that is translating Jack sounds like a computer synth voice (that is used for all those video memes)…

  43. That's a wicked Irish twang – sounds like John Furlong

  44. For fun, next time Jack speaks, go to CBC newsworld. Yikes!

  45. "Note how Harper simply opts out of these big bickering matches. He says they prove his point: Imagine these 3 trying to run a gov't"

    Gotta admit, that was funny!!!

  46. The best is the efeminate-sounding guy translating Harper. That's so ironically beautiful.

  47. I just flicked it to CPAC English and it has the same voice. I see what you mean.

    It's annoying because now I have to watch instead of just listen, because I can't tell yet who is interpreting for whom.

  48. I wonder how they choose who gets to translate whom? I like the Duceppe translator. Iggy's translator makes him sound old and snooty. Layton is a robot. Harper has a young smooth soft translator.

  49. red light?

  50. To be fair, he did the same thing last night in the English debate. The weird voice and weird smile were almost certainly tested across multiple focus groups.

  51. Wasting $30 billion on over-priced crappy jets will handcuff the next generation even more.

  52. Yeah – he nailed that.

  53. Dion would do better tonight for sure than the current three on the constitutional issues. I also thought that Dion would have done better than Ignatieff, Layton and Duceppe last night. Dion had experience, an intimate knowledge of government, a much better knowledge of international issues and of our political system. I know, his accent was thick as a brick, but I also remember that he'd done very well in the 2008 English debate.

  54. If they're working. Sometimes those directors and cameramen sneakily shut them off.

  55. LOL…no doubt the cocked hip too.

    Oops you were talking about Harper,right?

  56. Paul, I really enjoyed your blog of the debate tonight — very respectful of everyone involved, and your insights are terrific, as always. Thanks!

  57. Yes, of course Harper. It was patently obvious that Ignateiff's tone and facial expressions were never tested on a single focus-group.

  58. just Bob: "Sure sure Michael that pose is so you. I'd go with that if i were you"

  59. I liked Jack's translator, a good distinctive voice that was louder than the others.

  60. Paul, keep in mind that if you don't tell us who "won", dozens… well maybe a half dozen… unilingual political junkies will be forced to read Le Devoir with google translate on – and that could end badly (as somebody who was offered an undertaker sandwich can probably attest).

  61. I thought it was more Scottish sounding.

  62. Ease off John Baird willya? What with having to answer for Bev Oda and Tony Clement… the man in stretched too thin. He'll get back to you after the election.

  63. I have to agree Loraine, his french is very good but he can't still automatically translate.

  64. Sorry.
    Gotta go with Tony Clement

  65. I don't know about annoying but certainly cocky!

  66. Thanks, Loraine. I didn't know that.

  67. I thought so too! I also thought Ignatieff's translator sounded bored with the whole sordid affair (elitist) and Layton's sounded, well, Irish Joker (as in Batman). Such casting!

  68. Obviously a left-wing media bias—Layton gets the sexy Irish baritone translator and Harper gets the effeminate sounding guy.
    —-just kiddin guys.

  69. No.

    Not even top 20.

  70. As a queer, I take exception to that. Whose to say the effeminate-sounding guy wasn't a score? :-)

  71. Over 30 years Holly, that's a billion per year,
    we pay that much for the CBC

  72. 'people who had no criminal record but used a gun for criminal intent'

    so explain how the gun being registered stopped them from pulling the trigger?

  73. Canucks. 2-0. Vote Luongo.

  74. Sigh…

    It prevented them just as much as the lengthy jail sentence Harper wants them to get after the fact.

    What it does even better, however, is help catch them. Some of us think it is a really good idea to help the police catch the bad guys. Others think putting farmers to the dreadful inconvenience of filling out a few forms is not a fair trade off to make urban dwellers feel safer by giving the police in their cities the tools they need to arrest criminals.

  75. Indeed, Harper opts out of public debates. But he had no problem settling fiscal imbalance with billioins of our money in a Hotel room with Duceppe.

  76. But we all use the CBC every day.

  77. Disdain. Sorry but given the theme of the thread, I had to do it.

  78. Definitely Scottish…

  79. He did horrible in that debate.

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