Look at us, doing stuff


The Prime Minister’s Office has helpfully sent the press gallery these 13 seconds of video (sadly, no audio) of the Prime Minister receiving a “national security briefing” from four of his ministers. Interesting to note that Peter Van Loan is apparently not allowed to sit or speak during these meetings and must, instead, hover silently at the Prime Minister’s side.


Look at us, doing stuff

  1. It's a little-known fact that Peter Van Loan actually sleeps curled up on a rug at the foot of Stephen Harper's bed.

  2. Look at us NOT doing stuff:

    ‘…NDP insiders said that while they agree with the Liberals that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's decision to prorogue was a major mistake,
    they are leery about the Liberal strategy.
    They said they're not sure the hearings will accomplish much, and believe the protest could easily appear hyper-partisan and poorly organized…'

    hyper-partisan and poorly organized…

    • Wouldn't surprise me if there qwas something along the line of pension legislation coming down the line with the Throne Speech – ROFL – see Stevie inviting jack to the spring dance.

  3. What a joke. Obviously staged.
    Noone believes Van Loan conducts entire meetings standing up…there was just no other way to get him in the shot.

    Remember when Pierre Poiliverre and Diane Finley had that Fake EI panel meeting taht turned out to just be them preening for the cameras? Same thing going on here.

    This government is no substance and all photo ops. They prorogued for 2 months because they don’t have a plan and never did. They’re trying to fake like they are working by re-presenting the same crime bills 4 or 5 times. Get some priorities and get to work.

    • The mistake they made with the Finley acting school was they let the press do the video with sound.

      They fixed that mistake with $7 million of our dollars.

  4. Anyone read lips? Maybe they're talking about their Olympic plans?

  5. That was such a bad idea to release the clip sans audio. I can already see the LPC moving up one rung in the tech skills ladder and changing their "Photoshop-this!" contest into a "Dub-this!" one.

    • Why LPC? Why can't Maclean's have a contest like that? In fact, would it have made any difference if there were audio to start with?

      • I said the LPC because they held that Photoshop contest a few months back, and jumping from one to the next would be a plausible step. However, you are right that anyone with a basic knowledge of editing (and a sense of humour) can mess around with it. As to why audio makes a difference, surely you would agree that there are topics serious enough that if they were audibly being discussed in the meeting, no opposition would mess with the clip, e.g. measures to guarantee the safety of journalists in Afghanistan.

        • You mean as opposed to what they were really talking about, which was why Van Loan didn't have the coffee carafe in his hand, and how they had to keep waiting for him to walk all the way over to get it, then walk all the way back to pour, etc. I mean, what good is having the man hovering around without the coffee?

          • Exactly. Without the respectability of (supposedly) serious government business to shield you from attack, you could easily paint them as gushing about their upcoming Vancouver holiday or who's the sexiest Trudeau, Pierre or Justin.

  6. Isn't this the kind of PR release that Kim Jong il would have? Somebody get Van Loan a chair!!

    • Exactly my thought.
      They look just like shots from present day N. Korean, or from anywhere in the "eastern bloc" prior to 1989
      (Romania ;-)

  7. Hey, this could replace the 'Downfall' clip! Or, we can set it to old-timey piano music (maybe played by Harper) and caption cards! woo hoo!

  8. Creepy, staged, and does not even slightly make me think "ahh, so they ARE working…"

  9. Reminds of the scene in Goodfellas where they're playing poker and young 'Spider' gets his foot shot by Joe Pesci after having the temerity to talsk back too much. I would guess that the Pesci character is Van Loan, Spider is Poilievre, off-camera in this very short video.

  10. ta think they believe anyone wants to see this (beyond the hardcore blogging tories) is actually kinda humorous

  11. Oh noes! Terrarists!


    Now who do you trust do get rid of the terrarists? Stephen Harper, Taliban Jack, or Iggy (who's just visiting, in case you forgot)?

    THAT is what the photo/video-op was all about people. Be afraid of the scary wary terrarists!

  12. The propaganda machine is in full effect. A perfectly timed video for any sympathetic news editor to slip in with the anchors talking about "the government at work during prorogation".

    C'mon now CPoC – you can do better than that with our money.

  13. Days of Our Lives.

  14. Given that the first, and so far only news editor that has run with it is the 11 o'clock news on CTV, "perfectly timed" and "sympathetic" is exactly what was intended.

    • That's a "With The Beatles" coffee mug. How can you talk war with a mug like that?

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