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Look out for that fastball curve thing


Ujjal Dosanjh has twittered that he will be on again with Rick Sanchez this afternoon. Hopefully this will become a recurring bit.


Look out for that fastball curve thing

  1. Dosanjh is so articulate, I hope he's on every day through this American debate.

    • I fear that many CNN viewers could be confused because Canada's former Minister of Health is of Indian origin. They were probably expecting a guy who sounds like Bob or Doug Mackenzie.

    • Never been that much of a fan…until yesterday he was excellent!

  2. Hopefully, he'll come with statistics on wait times for different types of treatment, the number of Canadians rushing to the US for medical treatment, the per capita costs for health care and overall health output measures such as infant mortality and longevity.

    • Agreed…our health care system is far from perfect. I hope Dosanjh tries to portray a more realistic picture of our health care system and doesn't just become a cheerleader for the Canadian model.

      • Fair enough but, in the U.S., surely the problem is not that our system is being held up as a panacea, but that it's being treated as the work of the Devil. After all, the Republicans are attacking a "Canadian-style" health care system that no one in the United States has even proposed implementing, and their descriptions of our health care system are arguably WAY off the mark. Besides though, if anything, the Dems have referenced France and Switzerland, two countries with systems that, arguably, address many of the issues conservatives have with our Canuck system.

        By all means Dosanjh should be honest about our system and not just a "cheerleader", but surely his primary purpose would be to explain a system which has been basically described in the U.S. media as a cabal of communist doctors conspiring with socialist bureaucrats to decide just when they're going to kill you.

  3. I think he's doing a great job on CNN. Keep it up! We need someone smart defending our system.