Maclean's Interactive: Map charts the spread of support for #IdleNoMore -

Maclean’s Interactive: Map charts the spread of support for #IdleNoMore

Show and Tell: Visual blogger Amanda Shendruk maps the events behind the headlines



Visual blogger Amanda Shendruk has mapped the spread of Idle No More support.

Click here to get to her interactive graphic.


Maclean’s Interactive: Map charts the spread of support for #IdleNoMore

  1. What spread? What a hoax, creating something out of nothing much. Must be a very slow news day.

  2. Wow…it got that big and over Xmas too!

    Onward and upward further into Jan!

    • Dumb, dumb, dumb

      • Paradigm shift… with it.

        • Paradigm shift………

          • Better make your ‘Last Stand’ a quick one. before you get squashed.

          • U R Delusional

          • You think this situation will last for another thousand years?

            A hundred years? Ten?


            Shift Happens….get used to it. The 21st century is a time of massive change.

          • Tell that to the natives. I don’t think they know it’s 2013. Lol

  3. Many Indian chiefs and councils are afraid of forensic audits and accountability, this is why they support this protest movement, which will fizzle out just like Occupy did.

    • Indian Affairs is so full of bureaucracy that accountability with bands is better than accountability and transparency of this Harper government.

    • You dont include the missing funds from Department of Indian Affairs, before reaching the bands, or the thieving lawyers as well.
      I do have to say that her earned income of$69,000, is reasonable, since that would amount to approxiametly $20.00hr. I believe other MP’s make more money than that!
      I do also have to say, that if I was in chief & in control, my main goal would be running water, sanitation/sewer station & a large apt complex, just to get residents in housing. Major obstacles are getting building supplies out there & costs of getting of getting the supplies.
      I think this community needs outside support in order to get them on their feet, maybe companies to donate their skills, in order to put in these wells & sanitation systems?
      Our band already has these systems in place & we have to pay user fee’s for this, which is $65.00 every 3 months for sewer & water. But this is worth it, in order for them to mantain our services.
      We also invested our sanitation to clean our sewer waste, before it goes back into the oceans. We did this, because we eat from our oceans & so do others & its the right thing to do.
      This is why we dont want the enbridge pipeline being put in!
      I realize that Spence’s movement is separate than the Enbridge Pipeline Movement -aka – Idle More.
      Another thing is, I think it takes a whole community to be involved in rebuilding. I understand disasters can turn things upside down, money helps, but people help more.
      I think if more people can help, like how we go to other countries to help them get back on their feet, the better, instead of pointing fingers.

      • The Attawapiskat band has an accumulated surplus of some $60 million dollars……………hello,……………… earth calling.

        The chief and band council are incompetent or worse.

        The Attawapiskat Trust Fund includes Enbridge shares in the portfolio.

        All tankers operating in North American waters are double hulled and very safe, a result of the Exxon Valdez disaster.

        No matter though, Northern Gateway will most likely never happen, the oil will be shipped by rail to Alaska through the NWT and Yukon, then down the existing North Slope pipeline to the Port of Valdez.

  4. Nice to see Robert Fife on CTV news reporting that Spence and her
    partner took in $270,000 last year and her band members living in
    squalor. CBC turns a blind eye to the waste of Spence and her ilk and
    can’t even be bothered to tell viewers which hotel Spence uses for her
    daily shower/s and rest.

    • Link please.

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        • I only use one ‘handle’, Billy-Bob

          • Then you have an alter ego, a fan perhaps.

          • What? No stars?

          • LOL I have several stalkers, but only one ‘handle’.

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      • Metatawabin refused to comment on reports that Spence and her partner,
        Clayton Kennedy, made as much as $250,000 last year as their fellow
        Attawapiskat residents struggle with poverty and deteriorating housing

  5. From Bear’s Rant;

    The Canadian public is asking even more
    questions now that it has become common knowledge that over $6 billion
    is paid annually to First Nation communities in Canada.

    Last winter, the Minister of Aboriginal
    Affairs authorized a third party manager to oversee the finances of the
    band. In conjunction with this, Minister Duncan arranged for modular
    homes to be fast-tracked and delivered to the community using the ice

    While she accepted the emergency
    housing, Chief Spence refused to allow the professional manager to enter
    the reserve. She did, however, continue to welcome a lineup of
    journalists, a collection of opposition MPs and others for photo ops and
    who she felt would be sympathetic to her version of what was happening.

    Chief Spence claimed that all the money
    went to “programs” and that audited financial documents are posted
    online. She is correct. The financial statements
    are posted online but she is incorrect in her claim that all the money
    goes to programs. In fact, only just over a third of the operating
    budget goes to programs.

    The band has an annual operating budget
    of $34 million of which just over $12 million goes to programs and more
    than $11 million to salaries for the chief and other band leaders. There
    are 3 chiefs on the payroll, 19 councilors, 2 administrators, 5 unelected officials and 12 members of the Education Board.

    This is not all of the money that is
    paid to various officials on the reserve. There are 8 band corporations
    all with their own budgets that other budgets that fund salaries and
    remuneration including $27,000 paid to one band member for the provision
    of day-care services over a three month period.

    Despite the appalling living conditions
    that Chief Spence articulated in her CBC interview, the band was unable
    to spend all of the revenue it took in and added an additional $3
    million to its accumulated surplus which now stands at $60 million.

    It also has an $8 million trust account
    which invests in everything from technology to the very resource-based
    companies including the oil sands and Enbridge, First Nations claim are
    destroying the environment.

    Based on this and on complaints from
    residents of other bands across Canada, there seemed to be a need for a
    closer look at how bands are being managed and the money being spent.
    To meet this need, Minister Duncan sponsored Bill C-27 requiring all
    First Nations to provide full and transparent financial disclosure to
    their people.

    Bill C27 is a financial transparency act
    which requires band councils to be fully open and transparent in their
    financial management of band funds including all remuneration paid to
    band leaders. To insure that no remuneration could be hidden, the bill
    was very specific and included two key defined reporting requirements:

    “expenses” are to include the costs of transportation, accommodation, meals, hospitality and incidental expenses.


    is defined as any salaries, wages, commissions, bonuses, fees,
    honoraria and dividends and any other monetary benefits — other than the
    reimbursement of expenses — and non-monetary benefits.

    This means that all monies paid to the
    chief and councilors must be accounted for, and fully disclosed, rather
    than only that which is declared as salary. Needless to say, there were
    many in the aboriginal leadership who were not happy with this passing
    of this legislation.

    This is particularly true because the
    bill also includes the authority to withhold funds to a band for
    breaches of the accounting transparency act until such time as the
    breaches are resolved.

    It would seem that Chief Spence has some
    issues with Bill C-27 and that is the reason for her protest but
    perhaps she doth protest too much.


    • Billy, stop it! You’ll make their heads explode with all your facts! On second thought………………..carry on!

      • This is too funny, the CBC inadvertently catches Chief Spence heading for her hotel at about the 2:20 mark.

        This has been reported by some to be a daily routine, how long is she their?

        Any room service?

        She looks like she’s actually gained weight.

        • This has been reported by some to be a daily routine, how long is she their (there)?

        • It’s before the 2:00 mark

        • She’s definitely gained weight.

          Over to the hotel at 2
          Cauliflower Soup with Lobster
          Surf and Turf, buttered asparagus, goat cheese risoto
          Creamed Baby Spinach
          Gateau aux pommes et beurre noisette and a shot of Hennessy

          Then it’s off to the spa, get the nails done
          And thern back to the old tipi

          Phuuut ….. $90 million gone just like that

    • Billy, thanks for the report, well done. I would like you to note however that the financial statements on line are only up to March 31, 2011. The Auditor’s report for those statements is dated July 2011.

      Not on line are financial statements for the year ended March 31, 2012. So either the audit has not yet been completed, a serious issue, or the band has not posted the information. In either case full public disclosure is not up to date and the public has no information from April 1, 2011 to date.

      The statutory salary report for the year ended March 31, 2011 shows that Theresa Spence received 12 months Salary of $69,579 in her capacity as Acting Chief. A large part of the total salaries of $11 million is $5.5 million related to school salaries.

      • The most damming thing is the Attawapiskat band has an accumulated surplus of some $60 million dollars……….WTF, why are these funds not being used for housing and proper water filtration?

        • Yes and there’s 4.2 million of that in cash already received from the government, but not spent, detailed specifically for housing and infrastructure.

          The government was not wrong in wanting an oversight manager in there. And the fact that they can’t or won’t produce financial information doesn’t earn them much sympathy.

          It was bad enough from the numbers you looked at for March 2011, but It seems to me that something has occurred in the last 20 months that they don’t want anyone to know about.

  6. soon as you scroll in the cal, you can’t read anything. some of the notes on the map don’t work