Mad Men Goes Nightclub -

Mad Men Goes Nightclub


Not much posting today due to annoying cold (whose symptoms I will refrain from describing in detail; this is a family website), but here’s the latest TV-related video, where Allison Williams — Brian’s daughter — sings the Mad Men theme song by adding the lyrics from the Nat King Cole hit “Nature Boy.” Personally I feel like the lyrics don’t quite fit, and besides, all instrumental themes are really meant to be sung with just the title, over and over. (This applies most obviously to any instrumental theme song written for Superman.) Still, the camerawork and production values are good, and it could pass for one of those old movie scenes where characters go to a nightclub and hear the performer doing the theme song from their own film.

[vodpod id=Video.4658782&w=640&h=385&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

Update: As pointed out in comments, this is not just a case of adding lyrics, but a mashup of two songs: over the beat of the Mad Men theme (“A Beautiful Mine”) “Nature Boy” is sung, both music and lyrics.

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Mad Men Goes Nightclub

  1. "(This applies most obviously to any instrumental theme song written for Superman.)"

    Who was the first to cite that, anyway? Donner? I know Bruce Timm brings it up on a S:TAS commentary track….

  2. Jaime: I'm surprised, since you're so knowledgeable about music, that you mis-characterize this. She's singing the original, "Nature Boy" melody; the arrangement just uses the "Mad Men" theme as an intro/outro (and rhythmic pattern).

    So, if the lyrics don't fit the melody, that's a flaw in the original, as well.

  3. Nice. I quite enjoyed that.

  4. Jamie,

    The "theme song" to Mad Men was not composed specifically for the series. Like the music used in the opening credits of House, it is actually a pre existing song. (House uses Massive Attack's "Teardrop"

    The music used during Mad Men's opening credits is a collaboration between Rapper Aceyalone and a DJ named RJD2 called "A Beautiful Mine". You can hear it on YouTube here:

    On a different note, "A Beautiful Mine" uses a sample of Enoch Light's "Autumn Leaves":

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