Mailbag. Questions. Go. -

Mailbag. Questions. Go.


Time for you to fire off questions for this week’s mailbag, which appears tomorrow. Ask about prorogation or the Liberal ads. Ask about Mark McGwire and steroids. Ask about Michael Ignatieff and steroids (his eyebrows: have they always been that huge?). Ask about this weird mole thing I’m just now noticing on my arm. How long has that been there?

You can submit your query below or “e”-mail it to


Mailbag. Questions. Go.

  1. Dear Scott,

    I notice you often have posts that appear during ungodly hours of the night/morning. Do you ever sleep?

    A Fellow Insomniac

  2. Hi Scott

    Do you think the upcoming budget will include the elimination of the per vote subsidy?

    • I like it that your question allows he might have tried but assumes he was unsuccessful.

  3. Hello Scott:

    If you were asked by Stephen Harper to be an underwear bomber, would you accept the mission?


    • It could be Stephen Harper is the "underwear bomber" — must be the Libby's pork 'n beans.

      • That would explain all those MIAs at G20 photo ops.

  4. Dear Scott,

    It seems to me this proroguing thing has many unreported consequences. How will those Ottawa caterers of cucumber sandwiches and chocolate cheese hors d'oeuvres survive? Will we see a desperate glut of beaver tail booths dotting the shores of the canal as a result? Where will Mitchel get his regular fare of Justin Trudeau photos if the lobbyists have no one to booze and schoomze? Where will Peter Milliken' s dinner jacket/speaker's outfit hang out? The multiplier effect of prorogation is astounding, and not fully reported!

  5. Dear Scott,

    In light of your NFL record this season, I would like to know who your pick is to win the SuperBowl. I want to get my bet in early.


  6. I have geopolitical question this morning and this is obviously the place to ask it.

    Will terrorists machine-gunning Togo football team in Angola last week affect the players for the rest of the season in Europe and what are the ramifications for World Cup this summer in South Africa?

    • It'll affect Adebayor for Man City, but the guy's a flake anyway.

      South Africa isn't Angola. Togo was sched to play in a sector of Angola still in a civil war. However, the round-robin games are on track.

  7. Dear Scott,

    My subscription is almost up for this magazine and I've already started to receive the reminder notices. I was particularly fond of the #1 reason why I should renew early – to avoid receiving any more reminder notices. Did you write that

    My question to you is:

    Why should I renew my subscription when I can read the entire magazine for free right here. And, the best part, I can read it here first, before the magazine even reaches my mail box.

  8. Will Haper's tailor write a scandalous memoir?

  9. Dear Scott,

    If NBC's 11:35 time-slot winner was to be determined by some type of gladiatorial combat between Conan and Jay, how would the fight go and who would win?