Mailbox horrors


Dan Gardner insists on applying reality to the Conservative mailout in Quebec. Glen Pearson questions Jay Hill’s sincerity after receiving a flyer from the government house leader. Steve Blaney invokes the Olympics to explain why the Bloc must be linked to child abduction. And Vic Toews stands by his right to selectively quote Michael Ignatieff with public funds.

All of which brings to mind the words of Jim Flaherty, our much-maligned Finance Minister, addressing the House on the afternoon of November 27, 2008.

We cannot ask Canadians to tighten their belts during tougher times without looking in the mirror. Canadians have a right to look to government as an example. We have a responsibility to show restraint and respect for their money. Canadians’ tax dollars are precious. They must not be spent frivolously or without regard to where they came from. Canadians pay taxes so governments can provide essential services. They trust the people they elect to serve society with that money, not serve themselves.


Mailbox horrors

  1. Funny – I thought Flaherty was actually restrained – if probably self-serving too – when he made a deal with Dalton McGuinty to combine both GST and PST in Ontario.
    But now his party member – former colleague in the Harris / Eves Ontario Cabinets – (Oh – and also the guy that beat Jumping Jim's wife for the top Conservative spot in Ontario) – Tim Hudak – is apparently advocating what amounts to civil disobedience to Ontario citizens who don't like Dalton / Jim's Tax arrangements.
    Enough to make an irascible Conservative Party of Canada Finance Minister say – get the F***ing Hudaks out of the House!

  2. What about the GoC ads that are on the Maclean's website? No complaints on them, AW?

  3. In defence of Toews … unlike the others, at least he was distributing the propaganda in his own riding. The public subsidy of the ten per centers is in place so MPs can communicate with their OWN constituents about matters in parliament, not send them two provinces away.

    It isn't just the partisan nature of this latest abuse of public funds that disturbs me. These ten percenters should be used by the MP to dialogue with his or her constitents, to do their job as an elected representative. This practice of centrally distributing by the party or the PMO usurps the role of MPs' yet again. I have to wonder if the Conservatives even believe in representative government. when they do things like thisthat further undermine the already weak connection between the electors and the actual representation they receive in parliament.

    • I receive 10% ers from my Liberal MP (and Jack Layton when there is no NDP in my riding) and he slams the Conservatives every chance he gets on taxpayer dollars. Vic Toews took issue with the Bloc because along with the NDP, they have voted NO on every piece of criminal legislation presented in parliament. The federal gov't 's "getting tough on crime" is a response to continued requests from law enforcement and virtually every province in the country to do something about it. The Bloc's excuse apparently for not supporting tougher sentencing for those who "traffick children" for purposes of sex (pedophiles)or slave trade, is because they don't like minimum sentences.They would like to leave it to a judge to decide. My question is "Then why do we have maximum sentences??" Shouldn't that also be up to some judge to decide? The Bloc and the NDP (and this includes some Liberals) should be ashamed of themselves –ALL Canadians (including Quebec) rely on our government to make our children's safety and protection a priority –it is not a partisan issue. At this point in time, we can't even reassure them of that.

  4. This Party has come so far… from the Reform Party days, where the taxpayer was put first above all, to the Conservative Party which seems to have no respect for taxpayers whatsover.

  5. Rob Anders sent out a constituency mailing about a week ago that, after a couple of cherry-picked Ignatieff statements, asked us to answer a one-question survey on what federal leader would be most likely to increase taxes. Elizabeth May got a shoutout. Gilles Duceppe wasn't so lucky. It then prompted one to mail back the response to Mr. Anders, care of the Conservative Caucus Office, and, naturally, free of charge. One thing is to waste taxpayers' money for partisan purposes, but to waste taxpayers' money for partisan purposes in one of the safest ridings in the country? Definitely overkill.