Making Iran pay for abusing human rights -

Making Iran pay for abusing human rights

Why challenging Iran over its nuclear program isn’t enough


In September, U.S. President Barack Obama signed an executive order imposing sanctions on Iranian officials determined to be responsible for serious human rights violations.

The idea that individual Iranians must be targeted for such violations, rather than exclusively because of involvement in Iran’s nuclear program, has long been advocated by McGill University international law professor, and co-founder of the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, Payam Akhavan. Maclean’s understand the State Department consulted IHRDC while compiling its list of blacklisted individuals.

Obama’s order is significant because until recently most sanctions imposed on Iran have focused on the nuclear file. That this might be misguided is something I explored in an article last year. Challenging Iran over its nuclear program allows the regime to play to nationalist sentiments. Challenging Iran over human rights does not. Moreover, focusing on nuclear and other weapons suggests that should the Iranians involved cooperate, sanctions will be lifted and they will not suffer long-term consequences. But targeted sanctions based on human rights violations, says Akhavan, are an intermediate step before prosecution. They send a message that, one day, you will be held to account.

“The question is what are you incentivizing,” said Akhavan in an interview with Maclean’s. “Are you incentivizing cooperation on the nuclear program, or atrocities?”

This summer Canada imposed sanctions on 42 Iranians and 279 corporations. All individuals were singled out because of suspected involvement in Iran’s nuclear or other weapons programs, or because of membership in or affiliation with the senior ranks of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. This results in some overlap with the American list. But Akhavan says the fact that those Iranians blacklisted by Canada have not been targeted specifically because human rights violations is a crucial flaw. It is notable that former Tehran prosecutor-general Saeed Mortazavi, whom Ottawa accuses of responsibility in the murder of Iranian-Canadian photographer Zahra Kazemi, is blacklisted by the United States but not Canada.

“The point is not just declaring these people inadmissible, but setting them up for eventual prosecution,” says Akhavan. “There’s no sense [in the Canadian case] that what is being incentivized is better compliance with human rights regulations. It may seem academic, but it’s not.”

Akhavan says it is particularly important for Canada to target Iranian officials guilty of abusing human rights, because many of them are putting down roots in Canada.

“Canada is probably one of the biggest money laundering centres for the Islamic Republic,” he says.

“The rhetoric of the [Canadian] government is very strong, but very little concrete action is taken to make Canada inaccessible to those who are responsible for crimes against humanity. Many of their families are here. They send their children to schools here. They have investments here. The themselves have contingency plans for when there is a democratic change in Iran. Where are they likely to escape to? Well, they are likely to come to countries like Canada. So they set up an alternative life here. And one of the messages the international community has to send is that you will have nowhere to hide, because you’re blacklisted. Only then are they going to take seriously the use of human rights violations as a political instrument — when they realize that they are individually going to have to pay a price for it.”


Making Iran pay for abusing human rights

  1. Until Obama goes after Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc for their massive abuses of human rights, he has no business telling other nations and individuals how to behave.

    Not a moral leg to stand on.

    • Let us know when you have proof Bush ordered the detention and stoning to death of a woman for the "crime" of leaving her masogynistic husband.

      Until then, I do believe YOU have no moral leg to stand on.

      • The burden of proof is on you Mr. Chet. No such thing has happened in Iran either. But Bush has killed millions and it is very well documented.

  2. Excellent point

  3. very well said

  4. Akhavan says it is particularly important for Canada to target Iranian officials guilty of abusing human rights, because many of them are putting down roots in Canada.

    Can anyone explain why it is we are permitting the root-putting in the first place?

    • I think we're "permitting" it only because the only way to stop it would be to blacklist these people, as this piece is arguing for, and we haven't done that yet. Unless we ban these figures from entering Canada, I'm not sure there's a way that we could, say, stop them from buying property once they're here.

    • It is a CATCH-22 situation. We claim to be all about "human rights", and so can't stop the human-rights violators from coming here and making our values a joke because they have the same rights that other humans have. the funny thing is that those humans whose rights were violated also had that same right as everyone else. the only way out of this situation will prove us hypocritical, so they are having a BIG LOL at our expense!!

  5. Our government is only interested in punishing unreported crime.

    As well, we have no nuclear weapons program, but Canada is not without state-sponsored human rights abuses (some of which are perpetrated by "human rights commissions"). Although the Canadian abuses are not in the same league as the Iranian, the usual warning about glass houses and stones applies.

    • Yeah, I'm not sure if the usual warning about glass houses and stones really applies here. I mean, come on, this is Iran. They actually throw non-metaphorical stones at non-metaphorical people.

      • Would you prefer "people who live in tree houses shouldn't throw chainsaws"?

        At any rate, I don't believe the government recognizes the existence of any abuse of human rights on their behalf, and thus are not actually using that rationale.

        • the fact that canada let Iranian human rights abusers to bring their money to this country! is a universal human rights violations. They just want money and those who are responsible for crimes against humanity in Iran have all the money too! So enjoy your time with mafia powers and talk about ethics! Unethical, inhumane system of Iran can live because of these double standards.

        • actually a treehouse would be an excellent position from which to throw chainsaws. gravity does most of the work for you and you can sight your attackers before they reach the tree.

    • HRCs may be powerless to stop certain transgressions (I recall somebody in a mistaken huff a few days ago because they weren't involved in G20 remedies) but perpetrated seems unwarranted. (If not a little crazy.)

  6. And who is going to make Canada pay for its human rights abuses? Killing inhabitants of Kanata, mass sterilization of colored people, land theft, keeping the original Kanata citizens out of political economical loop, supporting Saddam, supporting operation Ajax, performing female genital mutilation as cure for European disease of "hysteria" on hundreds of thousands of females without their consent, massacres of political opposition, etc.
    A small racist race came out of small island in north of Europe and suddenly started killing humans on a massive scale unprecedented to this day and hour stealing land and resources and wealth of other nations. Their population increase is unheard of among other races. They inhabited whole continents after a thorough ethnic cleansing was done. They are still holding to those lands and wealth and still want more. Greed is part of their blood. They want more and more.

    • We sure have come a long way in the past couple hundred years or so haven't we ?….Iran ? 2010 ?…Not so much !…..and don't forget the Buffalo, almost wiped them out too…almost !

      • Not at all. You have not come out of savagery yet. In the period 2000-2010, western world has killed more humans than the rest of human races all COMBINED. I would say that Iran is much more civilized than the western world. While Iranian state might have killed afew hundreds as per western "allegations" not confirmed by any surveys or hard data, the western world in the same period has killed millions as documented by scientific studies.

    • oh those poor poor natives. guess the unprovoked scalping, cannibalism and massacres from the early years to the past few centuries were sort of okay then.

      • Your arrogant fascism is astounding. Only on Macleans and Stormfront such comments are tolerated and promoted. The poor natives were ethnically cleansed by fascist west. Scalping, cannibalism and massacres were done by west and not by natives. Natives were peaceful people who even did not know how to wage wars against occupiers of their lands and wealth. The stories of cannibalism and such were promoted by your great grand fathers to rationalize their barbarism for their children like you. But the truth is that white race has killed more humans in the past 500 years than all other races combined through out history. That is a fact. This racist article is written by a sub-fascist who is promoting hatred against other races and cultures in order to dominate them.

        • Fascism wasn't developed until the 20th Century. Also, does the Asian continent not count when calculating death tolls? I guess that lets the Japanese in WW2 and of course good ol' Mao off the hook. I'm sure they'll be glad to know.

          Let me guess, you don't have much of a grasp of history do you. That's alright, just continue to take the cursory ideas which you have managed to peruse and keep mashing them together. That way you can continue to justify your latent racism with yourself.

          • Who said fascism was invented in 20th century? Hitler just perfected the art, he did not invent it. It was invented when a race was killing the inhabitants of an entire continent as a matter of policy. Japanese in WW2 were allies of whom? Mao was a Chinese killing Chinese. Despicable but hardly any racist fascism there. Search what fascism means before commenting here and embarrassing yourself. Fascism is when a race comes 7000 miles away from its shore to Bengal and engineers a famine in order to profit not once but twice resulting in death of tens of millions of people. If they only had been white. Afew generation back, what do you think your grand father was? That is right a fascist. The culture is passing down the generations.

          • your blatant racism is truly shocking. native tribes did unimaginably horrible things both to each other and to newcomers. i am not trying to paint them as mindless flesh eating savages, but at the same time i am refuting you claim that they were a group of peaceful noble people living in perfect Disney like harmony with nature. they were humans just like anybody else at the same technological level. based on both historical and PHYSICAL evidence, they were often violent and wild, much as everyone else was at some point. To claim that behavioral traits are somehow related to physical appearance or skin color is eugenics and the type of thinking Hitler would be proud of.

  7. So, when is Canada going to punish the abusers of the demonstrators and peaceful bystanders during the recent G-20 meeting in Toronto? The police acted like complete barbarians. For example, pregnant women were locked up in vans without a bathroom facilities for up to eight hours. That seems to be the standard of justice in Canada. So, when Canada subscribes to a minimum standard of human rights itself, then it can start talking about the human rights situation in other countries.

    • those pregnant women weren't buried to the waist up then killed with rocks now were they?

      • You have evidence that something like this happened in Iran? You are crazy. You are just making things up. You have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Well, in Iran a country that has the world's fastest growth rate in science and technology and 70% of its university students being female things are much better. The white fascist propaganda has lost its flavor. Go figure.

        • You use the term "fascist" pretty freely for the west. I don't suppose you took the trouble of studying the government system in Iran, did you? Hypocratic to the core, typical mullah! Science and Islam are like oil and water on 2 different planets. What we did in the past is right there in our past. We have learnt from those mistakes and improved ourselves to the point of being able to distinguish right from wrong. You on the other hand still don't understand the difference. If you actually live in Canada, I would call you a frighteningly ungrateful twit. Why? Go to Iran and try talking about it as you talk about Canada. You will find out pretty fast, and it will be the last thing you will learn. Your scientific Iranian friends will find interesting ways to introduce to their non-fascist ideology.

          • I have studied both west and Iran. Iran has not been waging wars to bring other nations into submission and stealing their natural resources. West on the other hand has. Your assertions about Iran are based on propaganda and have no root in reality. The scientific data available for Iran proves you wrong. As can be seen by this statistical survey among many others, Iranian people have chosen their government and it is non of west's business to order Iranians what they should choose or not. Furthermore, all international scientific publications including that of Reuters-Thomson, Sciencemetrix and ISI agree that Iran has the world's fastest growth rate in science and technology and that since mullahs took over in Iran has been progressing in science and technology… But ofcourse your prejudices about other people and religions do not permit you to see the reality. You have not learnt from your past mistake at all. West is still continuing to kill other humans enmasse. If you call killing millions per decade by west as right then that only proves my point.

          • wait a minute you are making up too much lies like Islamic Repblic propaganda. Well Iranians inside Iran are fed up with this government. Reuters is just a newsagency quoting others and will never come up with its own statistics perhaps it was quoting an Iran regime propagandist like you…Iran was among fastest growing countries in 1970s but not after the retarded Islamic system came to power.
            Those in power in Iran did a lot of crime against humanity to consolidate their powers. It is a fact. Why do you try to justify that? killings is unjustifiable! If the white race is so bad why do you live in this country?
            maybe they have a bad history but that should not be used to justify criminals in Iran. Maybe the whole world is bad, so what? shall we go on killing and murdering?…you can write an article about Canada's past! but that does not change the question here….I hope Canada find a way to identify these people and limit them…of course we have wonderful, great Iranians in Canada too but the article is about the minority abusers families….

          • while I totally disagree with your comments, however I understand why you are so much provoked as I see a lot of ignorant comments from the other side too. Iran government is bad but Canada is not better by having ties with it. By hosting the worst people and questioning the best Iranians. So Canada as a western modern country is even taken to be more responsible for such issues!

  8. while I totally disagree with your comments, however I understand why you are so much provoked as I see a lot of ignorant comments from the other side too. Iran government is bad but Canada is not better by having ties with it. By hosting the worst people and questioning the best Iranians. So Canada as a western modern country is even taken to be more responsible for such issues!

  9. You are just making a lot of unrelated remarks to prove your point that every one is fascist is one of them. Whatever you are quoting about, you should send link as well. Ok even if Iran was the best country on earth with the fastest growing science but crimes against humanity is unjustifiable.
    Are you being paid by the Islamic regime in Iran to write at this length? or perhaps you are family members of those involved in suppressing Iranians?
    Because you are making a lot of unrelated remarks. Iranian government does not have legitimacy because its own people are not allowed to elect officials. Their elections is nothing but selection by the Guardian Council.
    Only a person who is connected the government can advocate this much at the cost of accusing everyone to eugenism and fascism.
    In fact Iranian regime is using the same method as you are using to stay on power. They always point at Bush or Harper to justify their crimes against humanity. Let's agree that west had a bad human right record but what is your job here?
    to justify crimes against humanity? is that your mission? Canada should be vigilant about who it is letting in this country. There are so many great Iranians who don't want to live under that system and there are lots of crime apologists!

  10. I have noted that the fascist commentators here can not take part in a rational discussion supported by facts. They rather launch personal attacks. Very typical of and consistent with Sturmabteilung. The rise of fascism is now virtually guaranteed.

    • All these propaganda is being made for a purpose. Literally tonnes of money is being spent to generate these fascist propaganda with only one aim: WAR. To kill Iranians by millions and breakup Iran into little "manageable fiefdoms". Any one who is familiar with patterns of war west has waged in the past several hundred years knows that. Either you are just posing here as an Iranian since you referred to Canada as "this country" or that you dont know what you are talking about. Once the fascist establish Iran as a "scalping, cannibalistic" nation as being promoted it is easier to attack it and cut off the "head of snake". Ask about this from "RED INDIANS". I am sure you as an "Iranian" if you are one, would NOT enjoy seeing your nation become an Afghanistan. Did you know that in 1960's of Afghanistan the intracity bus drivers were women wearing skirts? Though hardly a sign of progress but still that was how things were. Look what happened to them. That is what fascism brings about. West is not interested in Iran or the people of Iran whom they are bent to kill whether by supporting Saddams and Osamas but they are interested in the largest combined natural gas and oil reserve on planet earth laying under the feet of Iranians. If west is so much for Iranian human rights then they should start paying for all those oil they stole from Iran from 1903 to 1979 plus interest. Divide the amount by population and start paying it up. If west does not like Iranian government they can start paying directly to Iranians. They can start by paying the amount which would be in millions of dollars per head to Iranians living in Canada. They also can set up an office in NATO member Turkey to pay it directly to Iranians. Now that is called human rights. Bombing is not. Supporting terrorism in Iran is not. Claims such as hundreds of thousands killed by Iranian government does not stand up to statistical challenge. People have been killed in all countries through out history including in Canada. The absurd assertion is for Russia to try bombing Canada in order to stop Canada's human rights abuses.

  11. having said all these our criticisms of Iran's bad human rights record and backward system does not justify killing of innocent and justification for another war against Iran. I prefer this system in Iran so much more over a foreign attack or occupation.

  12. Here we go. Personal attack after personal attack. Followed by justifying BP's history by a pro-monarch who is by definition an anti-democrat or maybe a MKO etc? White revolution? You mean the social reforms put in place by SAVAK. Shah was a puppet. Even US now admits to the fact. In reality US sectary of state actually went on to admit that putting the puppet in place hurt Iran. I am sure she is more knowledgeable than you. During shah's time Iran had only one party and people had to "vote" that party into power much like Egypt of today. You are glorifying that period in which only five percent of society were enjoying a life of comfort while 70% of Iranians did not have yet electricity. The literacy rate was less than 50% and the child mortality rate of Iran was on par with central African states. Ofcourse the "elites of the time" were having a good time. But did the rest of Iran? You can find the answer to that in revolution that happened, when millions put out the puppet. I have done my research. It is time for you to leave your cocoon and come to reality. Your accusations are just based on hollow assertions without any supporting documentations. Continuation of war was justified since Iran had asked for Saddam to leave all Iranian territories, accept Algeirs agreement and make peace to which he was not agreed since he had proposed as per UN documents on ceasefire based on where the troops where. I am sure you as an Iranian would not have wanted to lose territories to Saddam or did you? Since MKO agreed with Saddam? Go over the history and learn:
    And is this the best contract he is talking about because he himself is saying that they were not best and have never been since 1903:

  13. And this is about how Saddam was being supported by west to kill Iranians in millions. I remember a case where a western country got ten million dollar per head for a terrorist attack from Libya. Applying that rule to Iran (though all Iranians are not white) would mean that Iranians have to be paid one followed by many zeros. But we all know that is not going to happen since majority of Iranians are not white. A minority are such as fascist nationalists who used to get their support from Shah and Hitler but they are now all gone. True human rights and compensation calls for one to be white. Otherwise Maclean's is not going to support it.

      • The truth is that west should compensate Iran for all the stealing and damages they have caused to that nation. If there is any kind of problem in Iran that should be solved internally by Iranians. Just like if there is any kind of problems in Canada it should be solved by Canadians and not Russians. West should pay up millions of dollars per Iranian and let them decide what they want to do. I am sure Iranian people are going to be more empowered when they all get what belonged to them in full. Simple. Lets see who is against paying Iranian for the injustices west has caused them.

        • I am sure you are an agent of Iranian regime! The link I sent you was not justifying BPs wrong doings! It showing how bad BP acted in Iran. The Anglo-Iranian deal was struck during the time of Qajar…Maybe you are a puppet It is easy to call people puppet or fascist in your dictionary! You are so ignorant. I bet you have no clue about Iran. It is not a personal attack, it is a reality. You have no sense of my country, how it was and how it changed! Because either your parents are profiting from the regime or you are totally clueless about my country.
          Well the like of you weaken the case of Iran. In fact Iranian people are partly guilty themselves to allow west to do bad things in their country.

          • More personal attacks without a shred of rationality. You are an apologist for colonial crimes trying to advance your anti-democratic puppet monarch here. Actually you are just posing as Iranian to make it murky. Qajar were monarchs too. When American government officials themselves are saying that Shah was a puppet, and he himself is video graphed submitting to their wishes then your unofficial views should not be worth the trouble. Shah is on record to have said to CIA operatives that he is indebted for rest of his life to them for operation Ajax. Go figure.

          • Do you want to write you in my mother tongue? There is no justification for west did because it changed dynamic of Iran resulting to this current suppressing regime. If you want to know the extremist jundullah that killed so many innocents in a suicide bomb was actually funded by US. This something people of Iran know very clearly. So I have no interest in defend policies of west. I also don't rely on CIA as it has proved to lack knowledge about Iran. The CIA fact book is full of funny mistakes.

            I am in Iran, I use all kinds of sources here. First hand account of history by people who actually were the best sources. I suggest you empty your mind from what CIA or even western media say from long distance and go back inside Iran and see….ba hochi bazi nemisheh harfo pish bord…

          • But then again the people of Iran should take responsibility to allow things like that happen as well.

          • by the way every 6 year old knows Qajar was monarch…we were talking about Shah… are just too biased

          • According to my three volume dictionary every king of Iran is called a shah. Whether Qajar or Pahlavi or Safavi. Shah of Qajar signed the deal under a military threat by British while they were occupying the fourteenth province of Iran (Bahrian) and their military command in Bahrain was pursuing to rename Persian Gulf, Arabian Gulf as par to a larger plan against both Iran and Ottoman empire to which Col Lawerence was a party. The deal was still honored for half a century by two kings that followed. Only when Iran got truly elected government of Mossadeq that things changed. Check history. If he had not nationalized oil the Darcy deal would have continued till 2003 and if UK had exercised its unilateral renewal right it would have been valid till 2103. All the while only Iranian slave workers would have been paid for their caloric intake and Iranian state was entitled to nothing. You know what even Arab kings of the time had more guts. Saudi Arabia when they signed their oil deal in 30's from the first day had put it at 50-50. Still it is that way today. If Mossadeq had not come, Iran would not have been in a better position than Sudan. That is the truth. By the way did you know the last Shah of Iran had cancer and was dying anyway with or without revolution. And did you know that the heir to the throne was a small kid. Do you really believe a kid could have run Iran in those times? Specially that Iran's monarchy system was not like British where queen would rule. Neither it was extensive, Shah's family was a small family. There was actually no one to take over. Just a thought but an important one. In such conditions, the fascist colonialists would have sucked Iran dry. As they had done before and before.

          • come one we were talking about shah of Iran during nationalization, are you being an idiot!? these things r out of question. You write paragraphs to tell me what shah means! baba bikhial. You act like a retard ….

          • During the nationalization the Shah was against nationalization of oil. He was for keeping British happy. He was afraid of offending them.

          • The Darcy deal was supposed to end a year after nationalization. By no mean it would have continued until 2003. Also Reza Shah was very upset with that deal and throw it into chimney and went towards German to get rid of UK opportunistic policies but that did not solve the problems. Also please note that Mossadegh was the prime Minister of Shah although Shah wanted to be the first person! Shah was acting as a good leader back then! Not to say that he was flawless. He had his flaws but he was not at all in favor of British like his father. In fact his father was even taken away from him by Brits

          • You were trying in your propaganda to imply that Darcy deal was struck during the time of Shah (being Mohammad Reza Shah) and I tried to tell you that it was during Qajar dynasty. Every 6-year-old knows that Iran was a monarchy for a couple of thousand years and even now, with a religious absolute king Ali

          • You dont know what you are talking about. Your only link does not work. And you keep talking big lies. Darcy's deal was for one hundred years. Shah was a spineless leader. Darcy's deal was later on modified by Admiralty of British Navy Churchill who nationalized Iran's hydrocarbon reserves in early 1910's and made all Iran's hydrocarbon reserves a British public property. Go check these facts before posting here. Google it. Shah run away when Mossadeq came to power. That is not much of leadership.

          • So you basically agree that Iran's problems have to be solved by IRANIANS only. And not by west and their fascist systems. Then I have no arguments with you. That is the most important point. The other equally important point is as you said using different sources and THINKING independently and rationally. CIA is a liar. I know. Hope you will find the truth some day.

          • I hope you also stop Islamic regime propaganda that has stopped our country's progress in the way it should be and that has stopped the best people to be in Iran….

          • Iran actually has progressed more under the Islamic government than ever. Almost all women in Iranian today are educated for the first time in history of Iran. Other firsts are scientific progress, a child mortality rate below 25.

          • By the way the link you provided does not work anymore. But do not bother I know the Darcy's oil deal to the letter including the fascist Churchill's bribe which he took over it.

          • Also sorry about that bombing I heard. As I have times and again said, US are best of friends with Wahabis who are doing all these bombings around the world. In fact it was British who put the newly created violent murky sect of Wahabis in power, courtesy of Col. TE Lawrence. Till this day, whatever they have done is to the benefit of their fascist masters. From Tim Ossman who suddenly appears before every election and important event to Taleban which they have been feeding by opium. Iran almost went to war with these thugs. The link I provided to you contain the last HF telephone conversation of Iranian embassy while it was being overrun by US supported Taleban. All Iranians were killed. I remember the CNN broadcast on that day exactly. US released a statement warning Iranians not to cross the border to save the diplomats.

          • Alien: Congratulations on your logical and factual arguments in defense of Iran against false accusations. Another issue is that now Canada has become almost more pro-Israel than even the US. So, you can understand why Canada has become such a force against Iran in public forums such as the UN.

          • Thank You Geroge! I am sure you are the "awakened type" to have the capability to see through lies and deceptions here. Well Canada is a very humane society except for a racist portion which has persisted till now. Let's hope that they are stopped from playing their fascist games against Iran. Surely the battle is on for the public opinion of Canadians to turn it against Iranians. This should not be allowed and that is why I have equipped myself with knowledge to battle this unjust fascist movement. These people will not stop ever. They will continue to kill and deceive people. And I dont care even if every body starts to believe in lies as Gandhi had said: "An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody see it. Truth is self sustained." Canada is unfortunately is losing its independence by siding with those who have committed war crimes such as United States and Israel. I am sure you by now have seen documentaries such as these because the only way we can keep these ignorants in check is by making ourselves knowledgeable;
            Hope you be brave. "We are never deceived, we deceive ourselves" said Goethe.

          • One thing more. I believe the greatest threat to Canada comes from United States. It might see awkward but the truth is that if ever United States decides to occupy Canada it is going to be very difficult to stop them since Canada is not ready for such a threat. You might say the idea is far fetched but not any more. Canada is a very rich country full of natural resources. The value of those resources is more than the debt United States is carrying and such things have happened thousands of times in history. Watch these:
            This one is from 2006 data long before the current depression doubled all debts:

  14. Double posting does not mean more logic. Lying over and over does not mean superior rationality. I already answered to this post above. Go and read before copy and pasting over and over again.

  15. @Alien Diamond You are referring to those sources that you call them "unreliable" and whom you call "fascist" to prove your points!!!!! Then you call them "Fascist" after using them. Very similar to opportunists on powers in Iran. Definitely you are brought up by these corrupt criminals in Iran. Yes CIA and MI6 interfered but what followed after is a different story. You talk like Islamic regime who want to feed everyone with lies while behind the scene they are involved in all kinds of corruption and mafia like acts. You use CIA remarks….so much double standard and lies to justify crimes against humanity….I have more important things to do than to talk with low level opportunist creatures like you who are ready to say and do anything for their personal benefit. The history of Iran is not going to be distorted by opportunists like you and I know how hard it is to realize that the people of Iran don't take you BSs anymore….

    • I never cited unreliable sources. I have only cited scientific studies. Go back to my links and study them for yourself. Science is impartial. There is universal agreement over facts of fascism and colonialism. So your denying of them mean nothing and is embarrassing. I gain no opportunity by posting here. I just do it in interest of truth and rational arguments. Calling me names without providing scientific citations for your side of arguments only proves you wrong and not me. Calling every one else corrupt without providing objective proofs and citations is what I call opportunistic low level. I only like rationality, logic and objective proofs. Nothing more and nothing less.

      • yes I saw your wikepedia (scientific source) well don't try to teach me about my own country where I have been studying first hand sources.

        • Wikipedia is not the source. Sources are the citations in wikipedia article. If I cite them here it would be very long. You can find them there.

  16. I know how hard it is to realize that the people of Iran don't take you BSs!!! despite three decades of propaganda!!! sorry to disappoint you and your Islamic Republic system has been a failure. The only thing you can do is just doing something to fix it or improve it for the sake of yourself.

    • No one is disappointed. Only seems you are. Iran is growing and will continue to grow regardless of you being part of that growth or not. Large progressive societies like Iran can not wait for an irrational individual's views to mature in order to start progression. Those who do not grow up are just simply left behind. Propaganda is what I call CNN, BBC and Fox. What Iran has been saying for the past thirty odd years have all come true. They said Saddam was evil when US was supporting him. They said Taleban is a US supported evil system when US was supporting it. Go check your facts objectively and impartially. See the other point of views too and then decide for yourself. You are not going to get this from VOA or Maclean's.

  17. Well your sources were CIA and Thomson Reuters not mine. well I agree with your point on Saddam and Taleban from my general sources in Iran but you are using these facts to justify crimes against humanity by Islamic Regime. Sooner or later you will find out that the propaganda by your family well nothing but failure.

    • I did not cite CIA. It is you who is towing the CIA line here. I only cited scientific objective sources. You have none. Your general sources do not matter since you have not put them here. Crimes against humanity have been done by west as well as Chinese, Russsians, etc. why should only war be waged against Iran? You are just a CIA tool here pretending to be Iranian. Making the case for war against Iran. A classic case of propaganda.

  18. islamic counties are very hard to convince so i think obama should continue with the good work he has been doing