“I’m Too Fast To Let It Catch Me!” — Swine Flu Warnings From 1976


I checked to see if anyone had YouTub’d any clips from the last big swine flu scare, in 1976. Sure enough, there are two public-service commercials warning of the dangers of swine flu, and while I’m sure other people have linked to them already, they need to be seen as much as possible, because President Ford wants you to have the necessary information. The second one is probably better for its weird combination of apocalyptic fear with a La Ronde style story with a chirpy voice-over (“But Dottie had a heart condition, and she died!”):

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“I’m Too Fast To Let It Catch Me!” — Swine Flu Warnings From 1976

  1. Oh boy, I’m sending this to my mother in-law, already stockpiling. Hilarious.

  2. That second spot is priceless.

  3. Glad you brought this up. I’m watching US doctors (Sanjay Gupta and others) saying they’ve never dealt with this before. I knew that we had.

    I was working for an insurance company (executive office) and they were frantically trying to drum up policy wordings to they could protect their butts.

  4. I am struck by how old the 55-year old man looks (we would have a much younger actor today), and also curious why “Joe” not only kisses his wife on the mouth, but apparently also “one of his daughters” and also his mother -in-law.

    No telling what he could be spreading…

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