RIP Mark Dailey, Great Voice of Toronto TV


I was very sorry to hear of the death of Mark Dailey, who died today of cancer at the age of 57. He was the host of CityTV newscasts, but I know him best from his dry, deep-voiced, sometimes mocking voice-over promos, combining a perfect announcer voice with a tongue-in-cheek tone and sometimes actual jokes at the expense of the shows we were about to see. As the channel shed much of its original branding, his voice was like a link to the quirky past, and I always loved hearing him. Some examples of his promo work:

And here he is doing a report on prostitution in 1986, riding with the Vice Squad and reporting back to the anchor while wearing an ostentatiously large earphone/mike combination.

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RIP Mark Dailey, Great Voice of Toronto TV

  1. Wow, CityTV will never sound the same again. I used to absolutely LOVE the promos he did for Late Great Movies… they were almost always more entertaining than the movies themselves, and he'd always give me a pretty good idea of whether or not it was worth staying up for that night's fare.

    RIP Mr. Dailey, you will be missed.

    • Completely agree. This is like losing James Earl Jones. For me growing up Dailey was synonymous with City TV.

  2. A Voice has definitley been silenced. No disrespect meant by that atrocious pun but meant more as an hommage.

    Also interesting to see Ontario Lieutenant Governor David Onley as a younger reporter in the intro to the 6 p.m. news.

  3. There's not a person in that building that didn't have their own take on Dailey's warm presence, or their favorite tale. For a while a promo producer friend of mine had the most awesome answering machine message where you'd phone it and Dailey would say that the guy couldn't come to the phone because he was a knob.

    And then there was the immortal interstitial on Late Great Movies whenever they'd show Louis Malle's ATLANTIC CITY, "stick around and you get to see my favorite part! My boss [Moses Znaimer] gets shot in the chest!"

    Toronto has lost The Voice.

  4. Did a charity fundraiser with him once at the Skydome, it was a softball thing. Showed up in his Cleveland Indians jersey. Played a mean shortstop.

    See ya, funny newsman.

  5. omg….another great Torontonian gone.

    A wonderful newsman and one of the best reporters the city has ever had.

    BTW, did anyone see Jojo Chintoh in the first clip?

    Another CityTV veteran who’s left the station.

  6. This is CityTV. Everywhere.

  7. Wow, Toronto is not going to feel the same. As a whole CITYTV is just a horrid boring shell of it's former self (thanks Rogers), and this is another blow.

    • Indeed – CityTV is like a zombie, compared to what it once was. Thanks Rogers!

  8. Part of my introduction to moving to TO was hearing the sarcastic witty voice overs to the late great movies at CITY TV which usually made me laugh out loud. It is the continuity I have with this city that is now gone, Mark Dailey's voice and sense of humour. What a shame for Torontonians.
    Then watched the casts when he anchored as he read intros to stories and made comments that were entertaining too.
    We will miss you Mark. RIP

  9. Sorry to hear. Many memories of that soothing voice. RIP.

  10. Canada lost a great voice and man!

  11. Wow. This is like losing James Earl Jones. For me growing up Dailey's voice was synonymous with City TV. He will be missed.

  12. Hard to believe. He seemed like the kind of guy that would go on forever.

  13. I grew up hearing his promos for the Late Great Movie. Yes, his voice will be missed, the man will be missed. My thoughts go out to his family. Rest in peace Mark Dailey

    • Haven't heard him in years (moved to Montreal), but I still remember his voice on the Late Great Movie and the Not So Great Movie. Yup Rest in Peace.

  14. Nite MARK See ya soon

  15. R.I.P everyone I know loved him very sad to see him go.

  16. yeah this totally blows doesn't it?….i was born and raised in TO, then at age 32 moved to Vancouver….City TV hadn't yet a license…but a few yrs later they did and upon hearing Mark's intro to City tv ('this is city tv…everywhere'') or his intro to the movies, I at once would miss my hometown and become a tad homesick….RIP Mark.

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