Maximum Bern, yay! -

Maximum Bern, yay!


Well I have no choice but to hop into a car and drive to St-Georges-de-Beauce for Maxime Bernier’s event in his riding suspects it will be informative and deeply weird. Of course you are invited to join me. Liveblogging will commence at about 5 p.m.

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Maximum Bern, yay!

  1. Real live-blogging? As in “posted immediately after every entry” liveblogging? Cool!

  2. Can someone explain to me the rationale behind a communication strategy which would involved holding a press conference on one of the biggest scandal to hit this government on the same day that the said government is holding a cabinet shuffle?

    Are they purposefully trying to get the media/public’s attention back onto this whole affair?

  3. I think the cabinet shuffle was planned to distract attentionaway from Bernier.

  4. Oh then I’m not being helpful at all. Sorry.

  5. But look at the timing, it won’t be able to make supper-hour news. Aw shucks.

  6. “I think the cabinet shuffle was planned to distract attentionaway from Bernier.”

    OR… Bernier could just not hold a presser at all. Seriously, why the need to drag this whole thing back on the carpet? I’m told his constituents are so enamoured with him that totally believe him to be innocent of all wrongdoing and that he was framed.

  7. He’s hoping a show of force from his assembled fart-catchers and Hells Angels fan club will firm up his side of this torrid affair, while helping the CONs to protect this seat from the clutches of the Bloc.
    I’m betting he’s got a string on his finger to remind him not to forget his speech.

  8. Stoked.

  9. Paul you do realize that you can’t ask questions, right?

  10. Bernier sould have never left Industry. But whatever he will get relected, and be back where he should be, in a economic portfolio.

    And Wells you have to admit Bernier brought the sexy back to parliment. As long as the government is not stealing my Tax Dollars I’m cool.

    Bernier’s theme music

  11. The starngest thing about this whole situation is that ever since this story broke my fellow workers (knowing that I am Coservative as they are mostly NDP and a few Liberal) tell me that they are seeing me and my party in a whole new light as they always thought Conservatives were a tight assed group of puckered up people and now they are giving us some credit and beginning to see that we can be party animals too! Long Live Julie – I think she might get us more conservative converts – wouldn’t it be hilarious if it turns out to be the best thing since Dion for the Conservative cause is the bklack widow herself? ROFL LMAO