McCain should stay out of supermarkets


Apologies for not blogging much lately. It’s been hectic.

However, next week I’ll be doing a full on-line extravaganza from the Democratic convention in Denver — blogs and web video and whatever else the tech gods can dream up… and the following week rinse and repeat from the Republican convention in St. Paul.

Meanwhile, recent events have been just to surreal to pass up without a posting. After musing that “rich” starts somewhere around $5 million, John McCain loses track of how many houses he owns. The Obama campaign, in a panic over fading poll numbers, and with a keen memory of the time George H. W. Bush made the mistake of stepping out to buy his very own groceries and appeared to be amazed by the scanner thingy, pounces on this gaffe with a full on national campaign of tv ads and public appearances to hammer home that a guy who can’t keep track of his seven houses is out of touch with ordinary Americans who can’t make the payments on their subprime mortgages on their one house. The liberal bloggerati get busy checking out the McCains’ spread via google earth and Architectural Digest. The McCain campaign shoots back with a devastating retort that you would think would lay the whole thing to rest: actually, he only owns four.


McCain should stay out of supermarkets

  1. Holy smokes! The cat is out of the bag! The secret that everybody knows! Senator John McGaffe, son in law to a multi-millionaire Beer Baron, is one rich son of gun…

    Sorry McCain supporters, but the Senator from Arizona is truly hilarious at times. I look forward to the next New Yorker cover

  2. I don’t think Obama’s attack will gain much traction. The Bush sr/scanner incident worked for Clinton because he came across as the working man’s politician and Obama is no one’s version of the blue collar politician.

    I think most Americans realize that only rich people run for president, so accusing someone of being wealthy is a dog bites man story. What seems to get up the noses of Americans is someone who is part of the cultural elite, which Obama clearly is.

    And does Obama really want to get into details about houses. Cindy paid for the houses they own while Obama was able to afford his mansion with a loan from Tony Rezko, a man recently convicted of wire and mail fraud, corrupt solicitation and money laundering.

  3. I have an american friend who just wired me about the latest scuttlebut down there in the democratic party and apparently what they are worried about right now is the way is his half brothers are living in Africa – what this has to do with anything I don’t know but that is what they are all messaging about down there.

  4. Wayne I had no idea what you were talking about so I just googled it. It seems his half brother lives in a hut in a shanty town and is extremely poor (lives on less than $1 a month). I wonder what people are worried about? The only thing I can think of is that Obama is not helping him financially.

  5. Wayne, my American wife and I, down here in Chicago are laughing hard at McCain not remembering how many houses he owns. I don’t know that has anything to do with anything, but…

    jwl, I see you have read McCain spokemen Brian Rogers statement, and I’m sure you will agree with Wayne that Obama’s impoverished half brother in Africa will damage Obama as much as his culture elitism does.

    Come on let us Obamaniacs have some fun for a change!

  6. Blues Clair

    I think both Wayne and I are confused why Obama’s half brother is an issue. Any insights why anyone cares?

  7. I think you are on the right track JWL – there seems to be alot of chatter re: am I my brothers keeper and the repub’s might try to swift boat him on how come he doesn’t care enough to give him a little that sort of stuff. I am actually too busy here at work to drill down further into this.

  8. Come on, you two aint’ confused. I think it is pretty obvoious why people care about Obama’s half brother. Throw some mud… I see that it is on the front page of today’s Chicago Sun Times. I think McCain should give Obama’s half brother one his houses, it would be brilliant PR. What say guys?

  9. Obama actually has 8 half-siblings around the world. 7 of them still living. Some he barely knows. His father had several wives. The first thing I thought after reading Dreams of My Father, was wow, he writes well. Then I thought: when are all his half-siblings going to become an issue in the campaign.
    The other half-sibling story has to do with Cindy McCain — her half sister wondering why she got $10K out of the will and Cindy got the $100 million fortune.

  10. Blues Clair

    I honestly had no idea what the issue was when I first read about half-brother. I don’t think it will be much of an issue because many presidents have had bad relationships with their siblings.

    I think Obama’s bigger problem right now is his vote against the Born Alive Act. You can tell it’s going to be an issue if the general public learn about it because of the all obfuscation the media is engaged in at the moment.

  11. Luiza, wow, 8 half-siblings! We can now see where Obama got his ambition from. Do you think this story will cause much waves?

  12. You know, Luiza, I read that whole long thing on Bush, and I couldn’t help but think — this seems like a really polite article that would be much shorter and to the point if it just said “Bush was confused, overwhelmed, self-contradictory, and did whatever he could to stay in power.”

    The complete inconsistency isn’t because he has complicated morals… you know this, I know this, I’m sure every one of the people reading this knows. While the bits about education, and the various lists of what he in fact did, were useful, I don’t know if it says anything other than “wow, what a terrible president.”

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