Meanwhile in Pakistan…


it’s going really well, I think.

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Meanwhile in Pakistan…

  1. I assume you being facetious Paul but I do believe it’s better than expected, at least compared to how Pakistani domestic politics is normally conducted.

    So far, they have had an orderly resignation of the President, the parties are now realigning themselves into different coalitions and there hasn’t been any assignation attempts or large scale riots induced by the political parties which is what normally happens.

    However, I do think its a worrisome situation that could erupt into violence at any moment.

  2. JWL, one must be particularly concerned about “assignation” attempts, moreso with Muslim women. I made such an attempt with a married woman once , and it turned out poorly. God I love the internet!

  3. Of course, the tragedy is that we (the West, the international community, whatever) feel much safer with an autocrat in power in Islamabad. Our insistence on “democratizing” Pakistan might yet backfire, and I just hope that it doesn’t end up costing a lot of lives.

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