Meili Faille’s Muslim Brotherhood junket


Among the many junkets Canadian MPs accepted last year from foreign governments and various lobbies was one “cultural and economic exchange” to the United Arab Emirates taken by Bloc Quebecois MP Meili Faille. The $6,000 trip was sponsored by the Muslim Association of Canada.

I don’t think MPs should be accepting any of these expenses-paid excursions, from lobby or community groups, or from foreign governments. Those paying for the trips are hoping to buy influence, or at least shift the opinions of those accepting the trips in their favour. Whether those on the receiving end of these junkets can be bought is beside the point. It looks bad.

(For similar reasons, I don’t think journalists should accept junkets either. I haven’t. There have been times when I have questioned this decision, wondering if it would be better to make a moral compromise and travel to places I might not otherwise get to. I’ve ultimately concluded it would not, but admit the temptation is there.)

Back to Maili Faille and the Muslim Association of Canada. The MAC, according to its website, “adopts and strives to implement Islam, as embodied in the Qur’an, and the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and as understood in its contemporary context by the late Imam, Hassan Albanna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. MAC regards this ideology as the best representation of Islam as delivered by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).”

The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the primary foundation movements of modern political Islamism. Hamas is a spin-off franchise. Although it has become more moderate in recent decades, the Muslim Brotherhood’s ultimate goal is not to promote the practice of Islam within parliamentary democracies, but to create Islamic states. It is a powerful and spreading movement, and I suppose one could make the argument that Canadian MPs should learn more about it. But I’m especially uncomfortable with a group that champions Hassan al-Banna’s illiberal and anti-democratic agenda footing the bill for one of our elected representatives’ flights and hotel rooms.


Meili Faille’s Muslim Brotherhood junket

  1. I wonder who in the government of Ontario, put Sharia Law on the table and who influenced those that voted on it. There was a time when Tarek Ramadhan (A Muslim Brotherhood propagandist) was well received in Quebec, I would like to know who in the government or opposition MPS receives and attend any of his meetings and speeches. The other concerns too is that the Muslim brotherhood and the Middle East are working to influence Canada's students inside Universities through their student unions and other student organization, these students should be notified of those influences and these should be exposed to the public. As Islam fundamentalism is rising, everybody should be vigilant and be aware of the looming crisis we are facing to prevent another tragedy from happening.

  2. You're missing the sewer rat's point. Maili Faille went on a junket paid for by the sinister(1) Muslim Association of Canada. The rest of what he wrote is just a distraction.

    (1) labeled so only on the basis of a tiny blurb on their website; not on any actual knowledge of the association, the work they do, the philosophies they espouse or even the people that run it.

    • If Petrou's a sewer rat, you're the crap he's walking on.

    • That "tiny blurb" on their website is from the first 2 paragraphs of the "About Us" section. You know…the part that is basically an executive summary of what your organization is all about.

    • So what does "adopts and strives to implement Islam", mean then Robert?

      It's not that I even have a real problem with this junket, as long as it's transparent.

      I do have a problem with your claim of some "special insight" into what the MAC might think about Islam as a political movement thou. Are you a member, a founder, or just a fan?

      • I do have a problem with your claim of some "special insight" into what the MAC might think about Islam as a political movement thou.

        I didn't make such a claim. I'm as ignorant of the MAC as Petrou is. My excuse though, is that I'm not casting aspersions on their organization on the website of Macleans magazine.

        So what does "adopts and strives to implement Islam", mean then Robert?

        Don't know for certain. But if I was a journalist writing about them I'd certainly find out so as to avoid becoming a sewer rat practicing yellow journalism.

        • I didn't make such a claim. I'm as ignorant of the MAC as Petrou is.

          But despite your professed ignorance, you're perfectly comfortable making the claim that this is yellow journalism perpetrated by a sewer rat?


          • Linking the MAC to the Muslim Brotherhood sans evidence is a pretty clear example of yellow journalism.

          • The MAC makes the link to the Muslim Brotherhood, right there on their website. Petrou merely pointed that fact out.

          • Wow, you knew even less about the MAC, then those of us who actually bothered to read this post before commenting.

            Maybe you should pay attention to some of this "yellow journalism". You might learn something.

    • Nothing surprising here folks. Robert McClelland, known throughout the blogosphere for his various "F*ck the jews" comments, welcomes his new islamist overlords. Of course, if a conservative MP had lunch with someone whose brother has a friend who once went to a christian church, Robert is in favour of publicly lynching the MP a la Marci MacDonald. But getting worked up over an MP accepting gifts from a group who openly espouses its desire for a world wide muslim caliphate? What are you racist or something?

    • I object to you coming into Michael Petrous's place of employment and calling him vile names. Can't you comment and debate on a higher level than that? Please?

  3. Works for me. He should do the same thing with Catholic schools (especially the ones I attended.)

    • I agree. No more publically funded religious separate schools. One system for everyone. But it would be a political firestorm, so nobody touches it.

  4. Again I agree. We need MPs familiar with the world, and these trips are unfairly presented as 'junkets' and considered frivolous.

    • I agree with you, but do you think that MPs should accept these trips from such politically motivated sponsors?

      • Well, do you want to sell the idea to the taxpayers that they should fund them?

        That's the only way to eliminate 'bias' from the trips.

        And then we'll have to monitor them, and watch the books, and make sure everyone on the X committee has had a chance for a trip to understand all about X before they deal with it….and there's more bureaucracy.

        • … and righteous indignation from Shiela Fraser, Canada's supreme arbiter of good and evil.

          • Yeah, there's no 'good' way to handle this.

            We can't even insist we have better qualified MPs…educated, travelled ….before they run.

          • Maybe they should do that before they run. But I doubt very much that that exposure to current events in the live means all that much. So someone shows you a starving kid on one side and the other shows you a crfying mother. So? Someone once aid, "Thepoor are always with us."

          • add on. And as having flown a bunch of MPs a few times to Europe all that I saw of them was bellying up to the bar. Not impressed at all, except for teetotaller Dief the Chief, who constantly was reading briefs. As to the behaviour of others you'd rather not know.

    • I agree with your comments…what Petrou forgot to mention is that Meili Faille's trip included briefing from the Canadian Embassy. It was divulged to them too. She had, prior for her leaving Canada, a briefing with officials from the Ministère du développement économique du Québec. She met with former ambassador of the UE in Canada and met with representatives from major Chamber of commerce of the UE. Circle du Soleil? Concordia? McGill? Ottawa U? Engineering firms who participated to the construction of the world highest tower? Many more…including promoting green technology, water treatment technology, produce from Quebec..including visual arts from professional artists from Québec. I call that strenghtening our economy and a job well done.

  5. (For similar reasons, I don't think journalists should accept junkets either. I haven't. There have been times when I have questioned this decision, wondering if it would be better to make a moral compromise and travel to places I might not otherwise get to. I've ultimately concluded it would not, but admit the temptation is there.)

    The fundamental point: the payer expects to get more out of the transaction than the payee, or else the transaction would not be offered at all. Which is why I am in complete agreement with your principle.

  6. By trying to shade some negative and forgetting to research prior to making the story public, Petrou discredited himself. I can only commend the rigourous study and the level of preparation of my MP prior to her trip to UAE. CSIS Fadden has loss his credibility over the summer already.

  7. At least they report it to the House in a transparent manner. Often, the Canadian Embassy are informed prior to the departure of the MP for assistance. MPs don't always travel for leisure…they too must increase their knowledge of the policies. Has anyone taken a trip to Cebu to visualize the Canadian Consular facilities? Certainly not the government that will brag about the bad maintenance and the horrible sight. Mr Petrou, please, at least, document further the reasons of the trips and show us if there has been real implication of MP voting under influence.

  8. In the world of news, getting it right is more important than getting it first. It is meant that speed is of no value compared to accuracy. In this article, Petrou did not research (so those Brian Stewart from CBC) and tried to create controversy. Mix information without care pollute news and opinion. Meili Faille is one of the best MP I've met in Ottawa. Her skills are undoubtly recognized on any of the committee she's been on. She was commended by all parties at many occasions for her indept research. I regret that this article doesn't describe the level of preparation prior to departure for these destination that what done by the MP.

  9. It was almost finalized didn't it? If not for people (with moderate muslim men and women) rallying against it? I have heard that they pulled it out after there was so much noise made against it, not before.