Meredith Baxter With a Man -

Meredith Baxter With a Man


Sorry to post two Filler Clips ™ in a row, but just after doing my last post, I found something that ties in with Meredith Baxter’s big announcement: the first few minutes of the show she did with her then-boyfriend and soon-to-be-husband, David Birney. (He was on the first season of St. Elsewhere, but only the first, and hasn’t had a lot of big roles since then.) The show was the attempt of Screen Gems, the leading producer of fluffy one-camera sitcoms like Bewitched, The Partridge Family and The Flying Nun, to adjust to the gritty, issue-oriented early ’70s by doing an “issue” comedy: created by Screen Gems’ star writer, Canadian Bernard Slade, it was about a Jewish guy and a Catholic girl. (More specifically it was just the old play Abie’s Irish Rose with the boy and girl’s religions reversed.) The attempt to take the Screen Gems style — one-camera filming, wide-eyed acting, kid-friendly colour schemes — and apply it to the All in the Family era made it a poor show but an interesting historical curiosity.

Also note that the beginning of the pilot is almost exactly the same as the opening of Bewitched, except replacing a courtship/intermarriage between a witch and a human with a courtship/intermarriage between a guy and a goy.


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Meredith Baxter With a Man

  1. In Abie's Irish Rose, Abie was a Jew, and Rosemary was Catholic, so the religions were not reversed for the TV show!

  2. Thanks for the correction… I've corrected the post and filed this in my "I should not miss stuff that's clearly stated in the title" file.