Modern Music From Centuries Ago


Until I get an actual post up here, here’s a filler clip from a TV concert broadcast. This has always been, to me, three of the weirdest and most wonderful minutes of music I’ve heard:

That was by Jean-Philippe Rameau, the French baroque composers whose operas (like most French operas) contain a lot of dance music. This particular “Contredanse,” like a lot of Rameau’s work, seems to anticipate the music that was written hundreds of years later; in this case, the “minimalist” style of obsessive repetition (right down to the fact that there’s no real ending to the piece, just a lot of repetition that  fades away).

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Modern Music From Centuries Ago

  1. Just this past Sunday, Jeanne Lamon led Symphony Nova Scotia in a performance of a suite of music from Les Boréades that included this piece. It was fantastic!

  2. Enjoyed that. Rameau loved repetition. Wish you had included the name of the orchestra, etc. in your notes.

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