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More Depression


Will I ever run out of depressing ’80s title sequences for shows that should have ended years ago? No. No, I will not. Here is the ninth season of The Love Boat, when Julie had been booted off the ship for being a coke fiend and the new blond on board was… Ted McGinley. Of course. Who else?  And, worst of all, they dumped Jack Jones’ recording of the theme song and replaced it with Dionne Warwick. Who was more popular than Jack Jones, but nonetheless, re-recording an iconic theme song almost always is a shark-jumping moment. Also note that they clearly couldn’t afford any guest stars who cost more than the bare minimum. (I love Gordon Jump and Melanie Chartoff, but nobody says, “oh, Melanie Chartoff’s on tonight, let’s set the VCR!” Okay, maybe I would say that, but nobody else.)

These titles are from a German broadcast, so we get “Gavin McLeod als Kapitän.”

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More Depression

  1. Wow Ted McGinley references and 1980s TV show comments. Looks like someone just read “” for the first time

    Perhaps you will respond with a witty topical rejoinder about how you are voting me off the island or how I am the weakest link, goodbye.

    Look forward to reading more articles about Troll2 or other things you just read about on in the immediate future

    Yours in Christ

  2. I would include the eighth, and I think final, season of Diff’rent Strokes in your “should have been done long ago” gang. It makes me miss Dixie Carter as Mrs. Drummond. Wouldn’t Sam realize that’s not his REAL mom!??

  3. Masta Lightning, I’m not sure I get your point. Are you saying that every post on every blog must be entirely up-to-date and topical and hip? ‘Cause that would make life pretty dull, and might have worse consequences. Remember, as Pigeon Person so wisely implied, when you forget the past, you leave yourself open to a hostile takeover by a flying lady and her pigeon army.

    And I didn’t read about Troll 2 on I found out about it in the hippest way possible: somebody sent me a YouTube clip! Far out, man!

  4. Well .. I would also say, “Melanie Chartoff’s on tonight. Let’s set the VCR”.