More evidence Canada is back on the world stage


Watching Obama deplaning on CNN:

CNN announcer describes President Obama arriving in Ottawa where he is “greeted by the, uh, contingent there, including the Prime Minister.”

Actually it was Michaëlle Jean, our Governor General. Harper was waiting back on Parliament Hill, some 20 kilometres away.


More evidence Canada is back on the world stage

  1. American media outlets are a little bit unclear on the exact nature of Canadian government, such as details which are more or less irrelevant to their coverage?

    Yes, this is an absolute travesty, and also newsworthy. Clearly.

    • Who said it was a travesty?

      Jeepers, you can’t say anything critical about Americans these days without some scold having a hissy fit.

  2. I see their ignorance as a good sign. The Americans are not interested in us and that’s fine by me because when Americans do take notice of a foreign country, you can bet they’re about to implement sanctions/ invade the country or do some damage with their predators.

    American ignorance is Canadian bliss, as far as I am concerned.

    • you got my voye J … absolutely spot on … the last thing anyone needs is to have the yanks pay too much attention to you always leads to no good.

      • I think it’s more an issue of being stuck between a rock and hard place when it comes to American obsession/indifference. Neither option is particularly appealing.

        It’d be different if Canada were stuck in the south Pacific like Australia, for example, but alas and alack…

    • And yet, if they knew us a bit better, perhaps they would have been less inclined to screw us over on the softwood lumber deal (to pick an example).

    • Unfortunately, ignorance of another country’s government, institutions, traditions or culture does not necessarily seem to preclude invasion.

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