More evidence of police brutality in Iran


Cell phone video has been posted of Iranian police beating student protesters at Tehran University last June and leaving their bloody and unconscious bodies in a heap.

Dozens were detained and subjected to further abuse. At least five were murdered. There names are: Fatemeh Barati, Kasra Sharafi, Mobina Ehterami, Kambiz Shoaee, and Mohsen Imani.

Canada’s own useful idiot Zahra Jamal still works for these goons on Iran’s state propaganda wing, Press TV.

Amanda Lindhout, now released after 15 months of captivity in Somalia, did the same.


More evidence of police brutality in Iran

  1. that's lies the 5 names cited there are alive. Shame on those who name themselves "journalist" in a developed country and don't know that publishing rumors is unprofessional!

  2. You're the proverbial "voice crying in the wilderness" Petrou. Don't give up! These people will get justice some day, and I hope to see it in my lifetime.

  3. Where all the Afghan detainee issue people? We've got bona-fide torture and death on video here and nobody seems to care. I guess it was all just politics after all. A tenuous link to the possible circumstance of torture and brutality being committed by Afghans on Canadian detainees captures their interest far more than the real thing.

    Along the same lines, I've noticed a distinct lack of interest when Obama sends a guy to be "tortured" as opposed to Bush:

    Anyway, keep up the good work Petrou, the video needs to be seen. Those students need all the help they can get.

    • If the Iranian police find themselves in the custody of American or Canadian officials, may they receive just trials and better treatment than was given to Khadr.



      • A bunch of students have been beaten to death by the police and you're worried about the police? Wow.

    • "Where all the Afghan detainee issue people?"

      I think once one has noticed that the Iranian regime is a barbaric police state and everyone has agreed, there isn't a lot more to say. Except by people who think that because Iran is a barbaric police state it excuses us from moral wrongdoing. But people like that are obviously nincompoops.

      • Except by people who think that…

        Another straw-man. Whatever. You beat that straw-man.

        there isn't a lot more to say

        Is that so? Wherry managed 150 posts on Khadr, and 150 posts on Colvin, with his band of leftist fans chiming in regularly, and yet here there is nothing left to talk about.

        • to answer your question, you will notice that the comment you are responding to that Jack said there isn't a lot more to say onceeveryone has agreed. you might also note given your apparent strong feels that the treatment of Khadr has been entirely suitable and acceptable and your disparagement of others that disagree, that not everyone agrees on Khadr (or similarly on the Colvin matter).

          • Ah, but let's be honest: the only reason neocons like s_c_f care about Iranian students is that it gives them a chance to strut up and down the lines of citizens like Marine Corps sergeants in front of recruits, bawling, "You hate this brutality? Well, do you? Yes what? Yes, SIR, dammit!"

          • and to be able to continue their latest evolutions in their ongoing campaign to draw lines that divide the world into black and white distinctions of their perception of good and evil!

          • You have a diseased impression of the world.

    • Hint: The Iranians aren't the good guys.. that's pretty much known. I mean, we could all run around wailing and gnashing our teeth over this, crying "Oh the humanity!", but what good would it really do?

      There's no doubting this happened. There's no doubting it's condemnable behavior and shouldn't happen. And there's no doubting that the Iranian gov't really doesn't care what we think about it. I mean sure, perhaps the rending of sheets would soothe your troubled conscience on the matter, but I prefer to concentrate on the things where we actually can make a difference first.

      It also in no way justifies our gov't leaving our troops having to decide whether they should obey orders to hand detainees over knowing that the detainees might suffer this kind of abuse.

      Incidentally, do you have any evidence that the guy the American and Pakistani forces have captured is being tortured in direct contravention of Obama's orders? If so, perhaps you should report on that.

  4. This brutality is so hard to watch and not do anything to help.

  5. I read this now. How about police abuse in Ontario!!! Lots of recenlty and you cannot fire them. Just as bad as Iran. Congrats Ont.

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