More on Iran’s Press TV and those in the West who work for it


Some Iranian ex-pats living in London aren’t too happy with their fellow Brits who work for Iran’s propaganda arm either. They are distributing the following leaflet to Press TV employees later this afternoon. A copy of the leaflet was sent to me by British-Iranian blogger and pro-democracy activist Potkin Azarmehr.  

Press TV Employees, Do You Have a Conscience?

The election fraud on 12th June, engineered by Ahmadinejad and his messianic junta, has resulted in massive protests throughout Iran. Hundreds of peaceful protesters including those in their teens have been killed, either as a result of direct gun shots or savage beatings by the Baseej and hired criminal thugs at the disposal of the coup masters.

Thousands, who have opposed the election fraud, including pregnant women, are in various jails and unknown detention centres and subject to the most horrific tortures. Some have even been raped in order to be humiliated into silence.

The coup masters have expelled most foreign journalists, those few correspondents who have remained are under severe restrictions for reporting. Citizen journalists have been the target of the intelligence ministry agents. Internet has been restricted, foreign satellite TV stations have had their signals jammed, pro-reform websites have been brought down and SMS messages have periodically been stopped. Information is truly the nemesis of dictatorships who fear it when they are not in control of it.

Imprisoned journalists have been tortured with the aim of appearing on state TV to ‘confess’ their ‘crimes’. Most Iranian journalists however are still heroically resisting. Yet, you have decided that despite all this repression against the freedom loving people of Iran, despite all that your Iranian journalist colleagues are suffering, to continue to work for Press TV and contribute to the propaganda machine and lies of Ahmadienjad and his junta.

Have you no conscience? How much is enough? You can not be the voice of liberation for others when your platform belongs to a repressive regime that kills tortures and imprisons its own people.

Iranian ex-pats living in UK, know who you are and will not forget you.


More on Iran’s Press TV and those in the West who work for it

  1. Michael Do you know who works for Press TV? The article you linked to yesterday mentioned a few odious presenters but who makes up the staff. Is it mainly anglo Brits, people with Persian family tree or mixture.

    Anyways, it is nice to see that some people are not forgetting what's going on in Iran yet. I wish them luck in their struggle to overthrow the genocidal mullahs.

  2. Petrou's criticism of journalistic propaganda is always suspiciously one-sided. Has an "Iranian Badges for Jews" quality to it.

    • I would really enjoy watching you explain that in greater detail.

      • Oh, pardon me, Den Mother.

      • "I would really enjoy watching you explain that in greater detail."

        Me, too, because I don't understand what 'Iranian Badges for Jews' means.

        • It's likely a reference to stories that briefly ran in some Western media a few years ago claiming that Iran was introducing a requirement for Jews and other religious minorities to wear armbands or some other sort of distinguishing accessories. The stories were false, this falsity was quickly noted, and most of us moved on. I'm guessing that Anon hasn't, and Wells is probably right that the explanation for this would be fairly enjoyable. Or depressing, if you let it be, but personally, I prefer joy to depression.

          • That makes sense. Thank you.

          • "The stories were false,"

            The originator of the story, Amir Taheri, has never recanted.

            My point was that Western news media has, for decades churned out endless propaganda about Iran. I think Western journalists should spend a little time looking at that, instead of highlighting transparent state propaganda from Iran, which any reasonably literate person can recognize.

          • so anon, are you saying that there has never been anything pro-mullahs on Western media??