More Uncle Joe than you ever knew you wanted -

More Uncle Joe than you ever knew you wanted


This is the sort of thing that warms the heart of sitcom buffs and probably drives everyone else crazy: someone gathered all the Petticoat Junction introductions together in one video, to show how a sitcom intro developed through multiple cast changes, the switch from black-and-white to colour, and the final collapse into a show where hardly any of the original cast is left. I wish someone would do this for One Day at a Time (all the intros are online, but not grouped together in one video like this). As someone has noted, this is one of the reasons why many shows today avoid elaborate intros with the characters in them: when actors leave, or new characters are added, you don’t have to go out and reshoot everything.

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More Uncle Joe than you ever knew you wanted

  1. I’d like to find an Ending Credits combo for Petticoat Junction: count their embedded product placements like Tide laundry soap. For Cdn viewers along the U.S. border, the series is currently shown over-the-air on the religious TCT-family subchannel(s), with limited non-commercialized breaks nearly every weeknight. Occasionally it gets rescheduled. A few other channels still carry it as well.

  2. Or, in the case of Friends, the cast wanted to charge an exhorbitant fee to update and re-create the dancing in the fountain, so the show just never changed it.