MUSIC: And now, the weather -

MUSIC: And now, the weather


People who know this guy’s music will not be at all surprised to learn that I found this on his website. The surprise, if any, is that it was recorded in 1966… by a group called the Master Singers, who also rock the highway code.


MUSIC: And now, the weather

  1. Genius. Only you could find an apropos replacement for Mike Duffy when he leaves to join the ranks of distinguished Senators. Schola cantorum chants instead of doggerel and chuckles. Poe Harper I will be ecstatic.

  2. That should be Pope not Poe and Stephen not Harper.

  3. A classic! Many thanks Paul. That takes me back to my youth listening to CBC radio on Sundays and tuning into Gilmour’s Albums, where that tune was a staple.

  4. (In a cheerful bass:) Hello!

  5. Paul, please get serious and contribute something helpful. Like tell us what are the best jazz buys right now on Itunes?

    Desperate and busless in Ottawa.

    – JV

  6. Jv, check out Stained Glass by Montreal pianist Geoff Lapp; Torontonian Laila Biali’s self-titled debut; and if you live in Kanata and fear nothing, Ornette Coleman’s Beauty Is A Rare Thing: The Complete Atlantic Recordings, six CDs of hair-raising genius for $9.99.

  7. Ok. Why “if you live in Kanata” ? Searched iTunes for the Coleman item and came up nada.

    Did come across your jazz “mix” though. Interesting. But they’re charging big bucks ( for iTunes ) for it.

    You get a cut or credits ?

  8. Paul: Many thanks.

    Sisyphus: I found it, and I’m not even in Kanata.

    – JV

  9. Kanata because you’d need a long ride to listen to six CDs, although that joke really only works if the buses are running, so never mind.

  10. Paul, may I test your patience by asking about jazz versions of Christmas tunes? Any good deals for good albums in that genre (or even bad deals for good albums)?

    – JV

  11. It’s all about Gilmour’s Albums. And Yma Sumac (or was it realy Amy Camus …?) just died recently too.

  12. Wow. Thanks for that.

    And, JV, you think it’s easy finding stuff ?

  13. Oh, most of that Christmas stuff is so dire. Try pianist Cyrus Chestnut’s Blessed Quietness: A Collection of Hymns, Spirituals and Carols.

  14. I used to have an LP ( remember vinyl ) with be-bop tunes and nasty references about want Santa really did in his off hours. I’ve been looking for the digital version for years.

  15. How delightful to hear that again. I first heard it on CBC radio years ago and it’s still a treat.
    Thanks for posting it.

  16. We Anglicans just love anything sung to Plainsong! Weather reports, the Traffic Code, Orders of the Day … It elevates the subject to an ethereal level and, at the same time, makes it really quite silly!