Music: “…bend Your force, to breake, blowe, burn and make me new”


The centrepiece of John Adams’ mighty opera Doctor Atomic: On the night before the Trinity bomb test at Los Alamos, Robert Oppenheimer offers up his fate to the “three-person’d God” — the Trinity. Poem by John Donne (text here); music by John Adams; from the Metropolitan Opera production now underway. Sound file courtesy of that noted MacArthur fellow, Alex Ross. My 2005 profile of the baritone, Ottawa’s own Gerald Finley, is, sadly, nowhere to be found online happily, right here.


Music: “…bend Your force, to breake, blowe, burn and make me new”

  1. Thanks for the allusion to one of my favourite poets and one my favourites among his works. In a period which has seen your profession and those “leaders” whom they cover distinguish themselves by less weighty and less elegant utterance, this is particularly welcome.

  2. homosexuality is a dangerous thing

  3. Oh, crap Wells… it’s a holiday weekend. Why torture me with moral struggles? Though you strive to win my thinking to your side, your music doth persuade me not. It merely serves to serenade my inner quest for redemption. Yet I listen nonetheless. Is my capitulation a paean to your muse, or does it simply confuse the timbre of your melodic appeal to peaceful reason?

  4. OK Wells, Finley is good. But this is an age of loudness. Remix the middle, I say. Kinda Political, no?

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