MUSIC: Charles Lloyd, Sangam


Don’t even get me started on how great this is.

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MUSIC: Charles Lloyd, Sangam

  1. The man has always been a magician. I first became aware of him back in his Chico Hamilton days.

    Even then he practically jumped through the speakers.

  2. Wow, totally beautiful. Many thanks for the video. That was a pretty insane drum solo, too.

  3. It just occurred to me that he also played for a time with the gentleman below. Neat.

  4. Thank-you for reminding me of the sounds of an old cassette tape I’ve lost now of long ragas interpreted by Hari Prasad Chaurasia.
    Interesting this music is taken to be a distillation of the American experience…ah the claims of nationalism.

  5. Yeah, I found those newspaper reviews very strange. Of course the NYT is just incapable of not sounding dull and self-satisfied re: art.

  6. What is it about the anglo-saxon monoculture of 19th-century New Orleans that tipped you guys off about the inability of jazz to incorporate different cultural influences?

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