MUSIC: Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra, “Venus”


The very great Montreal band from the late ’80s sings about the place “one planet closer to the Sun:”

Ninety atmospheres of pressure under the boiling yellow sky

It’s angry

It makes angry planet sounds

It makes a fatal high-speed crash involving alcohol and explosives look like children throwing little balls of snow

It’s Venus

It’s a planet

You wanna go?

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MUSIC: Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra, “Venus”

  1. Das link kaput?

  2. works for me…I just tried it again. CBC’s prejudiced toward Firefox?

  3. Works for me with Firefox.

    That does not mean that prejudice does not exist.

  4. Paul,

    I always enjoy reading your posts on music, and while I didn’t start coming here for the Arts and Culture blogs, I’ve found that I’ve really started to enjoy reading them. So I’m curious, given that Maclean’s has blogs about movies, television, books, and occasionally about celebrities, how come there aren’t any music blogs here?

    I know that when Adam Radwanski was around, he and someone else (Mr. Wherry maybe? I can’t remember) had an occasionally updated music blog, but that ended at some point. I’m not complaining or anything, it just feels like a dedicated music blog would be a good fit here, especially since so many of the regular bloggers seem to have a strong interest in music.


  5. Lucas: Radwanski, Wherry, and to a lesser extent the dear departed Dafna Izenberg (hi Dafna!) and to a much lesser extent, me (I?) had a blog called The Taste Police for many months there. It was largely alternative pop music. I felt old and weird. So I left, then Adam got hired by the guys in suits, and Dafna went away, and Aaron moved to Ottawa. Music blogs are a bit hard because there’s so much music in the world that audiences have fragmented to a startling degree. I once put Diana Krall on the cover of Maclean’s, was amazed when editors questioned the wisdom of that choice, and it was one of the worst-selling covers that year.

    That being said, I plan to indulge my interest in music whenever I like, and I know Jaime Weinman does the same on TV Guidance.

  6. That’s fair enough, thanks for the response.

  7. All hail Jerry Jerry. They were (are?) great. The first time I saw them was yeeeeears ago at the lamented Rising Sun on Ste-Catherine’s.

    I also remember another time, one great evening drinking beer at the Double Deuce on St-Laurent and Jerry Jerry the man himself came over and hung out and drank with us.

    A number of years later a friend from university Arch Jone joined the band. Don’t know if they’re still at it.

  8. “…playground for his pan-dimensional demons…”

    heh – link is working now.



  9. Actually, Jerry Jerry was a transplanted band from Edmonton, that acheived a bit of success here and then moved to Montreal to “make it big”. They made it bigger than they would have in Edmonton, but not really big (they had some commercial success with “The Battle Hymm of the Apartment”), and then eventually Jerry (actually Gerry!) moved back to Edmonton, gigged for a while and then (I think) settled down in domestic bliss. Apparently a 25th annual reunion gig is in the works.

    Gerry Woods was(is?) a GREAT frontman, and the bands gigs were all high energy. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always translate well to recordings.

  10. Yeah, I never thought the Jerry Jerry experience translated all that well to record. That said, I’ve never heard Road Gore (The Band That Drank Too Much), their first album (from 1985! Wow), which I presume has all their greatest songs on it.

    I missed Jerry’s going-away party/concert when he moved back to Edmonton by one day, when I arrived in Montreal to cover the jazz festival in 2001 or thereabouts. It was already a legendary night by the next day.

    • I was at that show in Montreal. It was more likely 1998-'99, although I couldn't say for sure…

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