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What the hell is the deal with Ron MacLean? Seriously. The entire playoff run he’s been dropping self-helpy-type affirmations into his opening remarks. Tonight, in the moments before Game 5 between the Habs and the Philadelphia Flyers, the screen showed Guy Carbonneau arriving at the Bell Centre. And Ron was heard to say: “Maybe the sun will shine today. Maybe the clouds will roll away, Guy. Maybe everyone will understand that life has its plan either way.”

Two questions come to mind:

1.    WTF?
2.    WTF???

Is MacLean entering the priesthood? The motivational speaker circuit? A Deepak Chopra sound-a-like contest? How has Don Cherry not done his patriotic duty and dropped the guy with a shot to the kisser?

Dude, it’s a hockey game – not a slumber party at Oprah’s house.

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must-flee tv

  1. For the record, he was quoting/paraphrasing Wilco (“Either Way”). He is a fan—which is to say I saw him at a Wilco show once. Whether that makes his remarks more weird and inappropriate or less, I’m not entirely sure.

  2. i look forward to his intro to the penguins-flyers series: “Briere. Crosby. Smoke on the water. Fire in the sky. Duh duh DUHHHH, duh duh DUUUUUH duh…”

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