My God, Vincent d’Onofrio over-acts.


There, I said it.


My God, Vincent d’Onofrio over-acts.

  1. Oh, but he was hilarious in Men in Black.

  2. i liked him in “the cell”.

  3. He worked well as Abbie Hoffman in Steal This Movie given Hoffman’s emphatic character

  4. D’onofrio’s slated to appear with David Caruso in a CSI miami movie in 2010. Enjoy!

  5. Sounds like that’s someone…


    … who won’t be watching our movie.

  6. He was decent as a young Orson Welles in “Ed Wood,” but that was largely due to being overdubbed with the only perfect Welles sound-alike alive, Maurice LaMarche.

  7. Vincent is brilliant and riveting to watch. What about Chris Meloni for god sake’s, or Shatner, who made a career out of overracting.

  8. Vincent ACTS. He throws himself into any role and lives it. As for his Orson Welles, if you want to see what he made of the part when given the time to prepare properly for it, watch his short film on YouTube, Five Minures Mr Welles. You’ll find it here: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=s-4PPr3r_r0

  9. No. David Caruso overacts. He’s a hack and a fraud, particularly that fake low voice in CSI. Vinny D’O is a great actor. I love him for FMJ alone.

  10. VDO is perfection .

  11. Mr. D’Onofrio might be goo in movies but he stinks on TV. Can’t even come close to Chris Meloni

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