My Pa! -

My Pa!


I think we can agree that this is the most epic Father’s Day celebration ever put on film.

This scene (from a Chuck Jones cartoon) was animated by Ken Harris, a specialist in conveying emotion and personality without breaking up the action. If you asked yourself “what would an even-tempered, completely oblivious person look like when dancing?” you’d probably picture something like Mama Bear’s dance, where she executes every step she’s ever learned in the most mechanical way possible, while never reacting facially to anything she does.

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My Pa!

  1. I can't put my finger on just WHY, but the part where Ma and Junior fired the shotguns in time with the music was unbelievably hilarious…it's minutes later and I still haven't stopped laughing.

  2. Best Father's Day TV I ever saw was on The Cosby Show, when after some complaints from Cliff, the children buy him Father's Day gifts in December.