My Past Comes Back To Haunt Me


I try to avoid reprinting comments except on special occasions, but I have a special fondness for comments about “qualifications” (what makes you think you’re qualified to write about X), so I was really entertained by this one from a few days ago:

I attended high school with the author of this article (Nepean High School, Class of 1994), and I can safely say that he is the absolute last person I can think of that should be qualified to pass judgment on what is and isn’t “cool” within the realm of popular culture, or within any other domain for that matter.

Well, nothing he says is factually untrue. I can only consider myself lucky that I don’t have a paper trail from high school, unless my old term papers show up somewhere. When someone shows up in comments with quotes from my old newsgroup posts, I’ll really be in trouble.

But we’ve seen this story before. It’s the story of an ex-classmate, Tom Hanks, who shows up after 15+ years and decides to show everybody that his now-respectable arch-nemesis (Henry Winkler) is totally uncool. The end result? Mr. Miyagi’s place of business gets trashed. Of course I am unworthy of comparison to even the Linda Purl-era Arthur Fonzarelli, but the lesson we can all learn here is, don’t dwell on what happened in school. And see Shane and The Searchers.

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My Past Comes Back To Haunt Me

  1. Mr. Weinman, I’m sure you work very diligently and that your work is up to professional standard.

    But nobody comes to macleans.ca for its cool quotient.

    • But nobody comes to macleans.ca for its cool quotient.

      Which is why I said everything in that comment was factually true.

      Actually, is there a website that people go to for its cool quotient? I always assumed that anyone who’s actually cool is too cool to post on a website at all.

      • I spend a lot of time on walrusmagazine.com, hoping somebody will notice. Also I’m trying to figure out how badly my life would have to go wrong before I would be reduced to stalking ex-classmates so I could tell everybody that 15 years ago they weren’t cool.

        • Oh c’mon, there are lot’s places for aging Canadians to hang out and be cool; the legion is one, Macleans is another. Although the coolest of all has got to be going back to university to finish that degree you never really started – when you’re say sixty – well that’s my goal anyway.

      • They,uh, kinda asked me not to tell you about it. Boy, that was awkward.

  2. Whoever wrote that comment is like that one friend you have on facebook who loves to reminisce about high school and message you even though nobody wants to talk to him.

  3. So wait a second … you were in high school in 1994? How do you have such in depth knowledge of the shows and pop culture of those of us who are of a … shall we say … uh … older vintage?

    Does Henry Winkler now feel the need to go after Tom Hanks for his two Oscars and critical acclaim as an acting talent?

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