Napolitano: pre-clearance at Peace Bridge is dead


DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano was pressed on pre-clearance for the Peace Bridge border crossing:

“Representative, I will be very clear. We have looked into preclearance on the Canadian side. We cannot do it.  The position has not changed.  When and if the bridge and the facilities are expanded on the U.S. side we are fully prepared to provide the staffing and support for that on the U.S. side.  We understand the importance of the span for trade and tourism and so forth. But we are not going to be able to resolve the preclearance issues in Canada.”

Video and more details here.


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Napolitano: pre-clearance at Peace Bridge is dead

  1. Blithely tossing the 'Perimeter Deal' overboard…..

    • Sounds like border thickening doesn't it?

  2. So, do you suppose it would be more accurate to say that we killed it, or that they did?

    The Congressman mentions that setting up pre-clearance on the Canadian side of the border would either require the U.S. to change their security procedures, or alternatively that it would "require Canada to accept actions contrary to its charter of rights and freedoms". What exactly do the U.S. border guards want to do to me as a part of the pre-screening procedures that would be contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights an Freedoms? Does it involve my junk?

    • LOL I'm guessing even your G-G-Grandfather's junk comes into it.

  3. I think Mahar Arar got a taste of this.

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