Need to know: Arthur Meighen is still in the news

The former PM’s family vs. the Royal Canadian Mint chair


Jonathan Hayward/CP

The story
How’s this for intrigue? CBC’s investigative team dug up a lawsuit that saw the heirs to the estate of Arthur Meighen, a former prime minister who your neighbour probably couldn’t pick out of a lineup, take on a prominent Tory appointee, Jim Love, a Toronto lawyer and the chair of the Royal Canadian Mint. The suit wrapped up in 2011, but CBC’s only now discovering the details.

Love is alleged to have funneled about $8 million of Meighen’s estate through offshore banks in a so-called “tax avoidance scheme” meant to save the heirs a whack of cash. The family claimed Love “breached his fiduciary duties and acted oppressively.” Love claimed he saved the family $1 million. The transactions, in order to achieve some kind of savings, were quite complex. All of this comes as offshore banking is under the microscope.

The defendants in the case, all of whom were apparently involved in making the transactions, included Love and his then-law partner, their firms, and Canada Trust. They all ended up settling with the Meighen heirs.

The stat
$8.9 million: the amount ultimately paid out to the Meighen family by defendants, though it’s not clear exactly which defendants

The quote
“If I were the [Canada Revenue] Agency, I would like to have a look at that and analyze all of the transactions that were carried on here.” —André Lareau, professor of international tax law at Laval University


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What you might have missed

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Need to know: Arthur Meighen is still in the news

  1. Tax avoidance isn’t against any law. The CBC seems to think there’s something wrong when people don’t want to pay as much tax as possible, and then does these drive by smears on people who’ve done nothing wrong.

    And on that note, whatever happened with that Liberal senator that had a bunch of cash stashed off-shore? Was she charged, or was she another victim of the CBC drive-by smear machine who hadn’t broken any laws?

  2. If you want to perform a public service post a list of the people that Amir Attaran has filed complaints against, and a list of how many have been upheld. HIs last complaint against a politician he didn’t like (Peter Mackay) was unceremoniously tossed by the NS Barristers Society.

    And while we’re on the issue of Mr. Attaran, it seems as though a number of University of Ottawa professors have an excess of free time on their hands. It was another UofO prof, Carol Wainio, that went gunning for columnist Margaret Wente last year. If university president Allan Rock is looking to save some money, he might want to look into the hours his faculty spend on activities other than their jobs; which is, after all, teaching students.

    • Interesting that Allan Rock, a former Liberal justice minister, would have so much staff being paid on the public dime, attacking Conservative’s all the time. Seems like Mr. Rock has found yet another way to use public funds for partisan Liberal purposes.

    • If by “gunning for” you mean irrefutably proving that Margaret Wente lifted material, including direct quotes, from other publications and represented them as her own work, then it’s a good thing someone had time to do that. Or is criticizing the MSM off limits now?

    • Margaret Wente, the serial plagiarizer that works for the Glop an Pail?? That Margaret Wente?

  3. The Prime Minister must fire him immediately. Furthermore, those who use offshore tax havens to avoid paying Canadian taxes are moral criminals whose names. addresses and photographs should be exposed every year so that other Canadians can spit on them.

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