Need to know: Iraqi death tolls should get our attention -

Need to know: Iraqi death tolls should get our attention

Ninety-two people died in several bombings and shootings yesterday


Karim Kadim/AP

The story
Some days, death tolls in Iraq appear to be educated guesses. Yesterday, 65 people died in a series of bombings and shootings across the country. Or was it 82? Or was it 92? The numbers float around the internet, decorated with sickening atrocities: car bombings at a police station, a funeral, an outdoor market and a bus station. Every day, people in Iraq are dying because they decided to be police officers, or mourn a loved one, or buy food at a local market.

The targets of choice yesterday were largely Shiite pilgrims, who hoped to reach the holy city of Karbala in advance of next week’s Arbaeen, a religious commemoration of Hussein bin Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. Pilgrims are often caught in cross hairs, and religious holidays mean spikes in death tolls. All roads to Karbala will pose perilous threats. Today, 37 more pilgrims confronted the danger of their pilgrimage, caught up in attacks. Ten didn’t survive.

The stat
92: The projected death toll in Iraq on Dec. 16, according to Al Jazeera

The quote
“We believe the attack was aimed at freeing detainees who are being held in the building next door.” —Major Salih al-Qaisi, a police officer in Baiji, where bombers died before reaching apparent detainees at the town’s police station


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What you might have missed

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Need to know: Iraqi death tolls should get our attention

  1. Mission accomplished!

    • Take that dad!

    • Muslims are slaughtering other Muslims, but it is Bush’s fault? Seriously?

      • Yeah it is, He attacked first before the prioritized time without a care in the world. Hunting for oil, when your families wealth was built on oil makes sense now doesn’t it? So Muslims took a side, someone who will kill us if we don’t agree, Or someone who will kill us if we join the other side (USA).

        • What is a “prioritized time”?

          And is it your contention that Bush’s reason for invading Iraq was for oil? If that’s the case, then why is oil still at $100 a barrel?

          Which Muslims took a side? And who is “we”? Are you an Iraqi Muslim? Which sect do you belong to? Is that how you learned about “your” history?

          Did you know that the Shiites and Sunni have been killing each since the 7th century? Do you know why? I don’t think the Bush family has been around that long ….

  2. And yet if another president wanted to invade some other country for no reason….Americans would happily start chanting again…USA USA USA!

    • Like oh, I don’t know…Syria? How’d that work out?


      • You mean Putin’s move to stop it, idiot?

        • He did stop the Dronemaster In Chief.

  3. Iraqi death tolls should get our attention

    So should one of President “I’m really good at killing people” Obama’s drones massacring 15 innocent people in a wedding party in Yemen.

    But as usual, since it’s Obama, file it under “What We Hope Like Hell You’ll Miss”. You may want to clean that pile up one day.

    • It’s the same old lack of coverage that has always happened whether the US is committing or supporting war crimes in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, East Timor, Argentina, Laos, or countless other places.
      The only difference is the coverage from folks like you, who would otherwise be happy to ignore or excuse it.

        • Get some photos of soldiers torturing and posing with dead wedding guests and I’m pretty sure it won’t be ignored.
          But feel free to actually address my comment.

          • He wont because there is no distinction to be made, whether it is Obama ordering drones or killing squads to go in wherever his administration thinks they ought, or Reagan giving the nod and the wink to Salvadorian generals or Nicaraguan insurgents.[ otherwise known as terrorists in Columbia]
            It is always the same damn thing – American exceptionalism…occasionally they even get it right. Even a stopped watch is right twice a day.

      • What lack of coverage? These things were all over the news when they happened.

    • you do realise that the US was never mentioned once in the article, don’t you?
      All it did was catalogue the devastating effect of ongoing sectarian strife in that troubled country.
      It was quite damning of the actions of some very nasty people who seem to think their lunacy over-rules the right to life of others.

      It’s a good warning that all irrational though is inherently dangerous and religious thought is front and centre in that class of thought.

      you seem to have an obsessive belief that any article you read will hold a secret anti-wingnut agenda and you are the appointed messiah to correct any perceived wrong. Sometimes an article is just a statement of fact.

      • Religious thought is inherently dangerous? I don’t recall seeing any Buddhists or Hindus involved in this slaughter. Catholics? Nope. Shamans or Pagans? Nope and nope.

        Your thesis needs a little more work.

        • Buddhists – Tamil Tigers, major proponents of suicide bombing.
          Hindus – caste system, BJP, nationalist policies, mosque burning, church burning.
          Catholics – child rape, perverting the course of justice, AIDS propaganda, entire history of S America and Central America etc.
          Shamans or pagans – well they don’t have the numbers but their irrational thoughts are founded on the same sandy foundations.

          I think you need to read more.

          • I guess I really DO need to read more.

            Buddhists slaughtering Buddhists, Hindus slaughtering Hindus, Catholics slaughtering Catholics, Shamans slaughtering Shamans, pagans slaughtering pagans?! Wow. Who knew? I feel so uninformed.

          • well, realising you have an issue is the first step to resolving that issue.
            well done and a merry xmas to you

          • And a very happy holiday to you, too.

  4. I live in southern ont but my job has me in regular communication with people in japan and south korea and all they talk about are senkaku islands and how world war three is going to start over a pile of rocks in East China Sea. Canadians need to know much more about the crazy goings on occurring between China, Japan, US and South/North Koreas.

    • They’d have to read Al Jazeera to get that kind of comprehensive news coverage.

      • I don’t know about Al Jazeera but if Canadians want to be informed of world events they have to read something other than our msm, that’s for sure.

  5. Another great job by the American thugocracy. The most murderous regime the earth has ever seen.

    • Americans are responsible for the Muslim slaughter of Muslims and are the most murderous regime the earth has ever seen? LOL!

      I’d love to see your source for that little gem of “knowledge”. Don’t forget that they’d have to beat communism’s rather impressive figure of between 85 and 100 million. Good luck with that.

      • Perhaps it has something to do with their invasion of a sovereign country and the murder of it’s elected leader but I realize I’m posting to a racist imbecile so it’s pointless to waste any more time on the likes of you Barb. Sea Kelp!

        • I agree with you about the invasion of Iraq – Bush had no right butting in to Saddam’s business, let alone assassinating him.

          But that doesn’t explain why Muslims are slaughtering other Muslims.

          And the Americans did not come close to killing 85 to 100 million Iraqis, so your claim that they are the most murderous regime that the earth has ever seen is still completely unfounded.

          Sea Kelp? Is that an insult? I think my feeling is hurt. /snork

      • It’s odd how you support the dogmatic beliefs of the religious zealots yet fail to see that the foundational beliefs of those like Stalin differ in no major respect from those religious beliefs. Communism as practiced is a religious belief. It’s structure and dogma are incredibly similar to the structure and dogma you’d find in orthodox and catholic christianity.
        Then that is hardly surprising as what role models did Stalin and for that matter Hitler have to base their faith on? Organised religion of course. It amazes me that people to this day fail to see the organisational similarities between the secular faiths and the religious faiths not to mention the doctrinal similarities.
        Communism was not an atheist doctrine it was a doctrine of a competing religious code and as such it insisted that all opposing faiths were wrong and adhering to them was a sin.

        • “Communism was not an atheist doctrine it was a doctrine of a competing religious code.”

          Marx – The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness. To call on them to give up their illusions about their condition is to call on them to give up a condition that requires illusions.

          Lenin – Atheism is a natural and inseparable part of Marxism, of the theory and practice of scientific socialism.

          • All religions are atheists about every other religion other than theirs. Marx and Lenin may have been atheists, but Soviet style communism was and still is a religion. North Korea describes itself as Democratic but I’m going with the inclination that it probably isn’t.
            Jesus told everyone who wanted to follow him to give up everything they had and do so. The christian west is wealthy beyond compare.
            Religious practice doesn’t always involve the ideals written down by the guy who had the original idea. so it was with Soviet communism as well as orthodox and catholic christianity, islam etc.
            This shouldn’t be that hard

          • “All religions are atheists about every other religion other than theirs.”

            It appears we have a differing definition of atheist. I define it as not believing in a deity. What is your definition?

          • So the Greek gods are not deities, Norse gods and Hindu gods likewise. OOh and who could forget about those whacky Egyptian gods. Then there is the thoroughly boring one god of the faiths of the book.
            So as theists do all of them give equal credence to each other or is there only one true religion??

          • Huh? Of course Greek, Norse, Hindu, and Egyptian gods are deities. Whatever did I say that made you think otherwise? Or are you just so scrapping for a fight that you are imagining offense?

            I don’t know and don’t care if theists all give equal credence to each other. One true religion? Why don’t you ask a Muslim that question? And while you’re at it, maybe you can ask him why Muslims are slaughtering each other. That would be nice.

          • Muslims slaughter each other for the same reasons that a christian killed Dr Tiller, a white supremacist killed those Sikhs in the USA, Sikhs killed the Indian PM, the Westboro’ loons protset funerals and the Tamil Tigers blew up people with suicide bombers
            Those they attacked did not believe as they did and their beliefs told them it was required.

          • “Those they attacked did not believe as they did and their beliefs told them it was required”

            Hold on a second here … we’ve been told repeatedly that Islam is the religion of peace and that these people have misunderstood their religion. Are you saying that their religion actually calls on them to kill those who do not believe as they do?

          • Don’t expect me to defend any religion. They are all death cults who can’t wait for the end times to come.
            Extremist christians are just as happy killing people who don’t believe too. Look at legislation creeping in in Africa that will make homosexuality punishable by death. It’s just been made illegal in India too.

            All religions are based on irrational thinking so it isn’t a surprise that muslims claim theirs is a religion of peace as they merrily slaughter those who disagree with them. Christ apparently said “suffer little children…etc.” I’m not sure he had in mind what those priests had in their minds. Christ also apparently said “it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle etc,” let “he who is without sin etc” But look at the avarice and rush to judge in the USA/Canada/West.

            Most people claim others have misunderstood their superstition but usually it is the faithbound that have failed to understand what it means to follow their faith.

          • “Don’t expect me to defend any religion. They are all death cults who can’t wait for the end times to come.”

            I can’t read that without smiling, thinking of my parents quietly praying together at the end of every day of the 65 years they were married. To think of the sweetness of that act and describe it as a “death cult” is pretty damned funny.

            But each to his own. It’s been a pleasure. Thank you for the conversation.

          • And to you.Enjoy the holidays

        • Communists, socialists, religious people, they have all committed atrocities but religious people less so. As far as I can tell, religious people believe in hell so they will slaughter thousands of people and convince themselves that it was righteous but they also stop slaughtering people because they don’t want to put their soul in danger. Atheists, on the other hand, are not worried about hell so they slaughter millions and say things like you have to break a couple of eggs to create omelette.

          • you are kidding right? This is a self refuting argument.

            As for the omelette crack,

            “kill them all, god will know his own.” Sounds like a rational measured instruction indeed. Spoken by a bishop too. And you know how he could do this and still be assured of going to heaven? Because he was killing heretics and he was doing that to save them from themselves and that was worthy work, even if the odd innocent was caught up in it.

            See religious belief can make the horrible seem worthy. Just like those commissars who shot retreating soldiers in the name of mother Russia (greater good) so the religious can justify any heinous act in the name of the father.

            “Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” Weinberg

          • ” But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”

            So you feel that Catholic priest pedophiles are good people? You certainly are tolerant, aren’t you?

          • No, the good people were the parents and others who chose not to believe that their local priest could be such a monster and allowed bishops and others to promise them heaven if they shut up and carried on as normal.
            Ordinary people were turned into evil folk by the promise of life ever after and a vow of obedience.

            For good people to do evil things, that takes religion.

          • I’ve never heard it explained from that perspective. I don’t agree, but I’ll give you your due. I don’t believe those parents did an evil thing at all. They were trying to protect their children as best they knew how. Personally, I would have blown away the bastard who touched my kid, but that’s just me. P.S. Lucky for me, I don’t expect to go to “heaven”.

          • They were protecting their kids as best as they knew how within the parameters that their faith gave them. Without religion they might have told the police or not have been so trusting in the first place. Their faith gave them an unhealthy level of trust initially and their obedience allowed the church hierarchy to hush it up and move the priest on to do it again.

            I’m not too sure I’d want to go to heaven even if it does exist. What a horrible place it would be.

          • I completely agree that the church’s actions were evil, but I remain unconvinced that the parents’ actions were evil.

          • Ah I see
            What I meant was they were good people, but they accepted evil because their religion demanded it. It defined evil as good, so it was now acceptable.

            Hence the last line of the quote
            “But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”