Never trust the sixth foot -

Never trust the sixth foot


Breaking: the latest severed foot is a fake.


Never trust the sixth foot

  1. This story is just too bizarre. I heard a short while back that there were other places outside of Canada with feet washing up on shore … good grief … probably just a rumour but still … this one gives me the willies!

  2. What, Wayne, it’s not a Liberal conspiracy?

  3. Hey what’s this no one posting that this is Harper’s fault somehow. Oh by the way Dean I would never accuse the Liberal Party of a conspiracy mainly becuase conspiracies generally require coordination, forethought and clear understanding of the people involved. In point of fact I don’t trust any political party and or political party of even attempting to pull off a decent conspiracy I think it gives them too much credit as mostly they are just people like you and me … I leave that for the tin foil hat crowd.

  4. I would’ve thought that an odd numbered foot would’ve been the hoax.

  5. There we go! I knew it wouldn’t take much pushing of that big red button on your forehead for the Conservative talking points to come out.

    Stimulus. Response. Stimulus. Response.

  6. Well this news will probably not dampen the increasingly feverish speculation. My favourite is still the University of Washington Hydrology Prof that the Vancouver Sun quoted as implying the feet were likely to be the product of a serial killer upstream of the Fraser. At least that sort of thing is one thing BC Universities don’t have to deal with. There have been enough float plane crashes and boating accidents along the South Coast to keep me from going over the top just yet.

  7. Hey, Wolfe Blitzer talked about it on CNN – we’ve hit the big time…do you suppose Larry King will get in a panel of experts and have neverending speculation about it?

  8. Pretty disgusting hoax, wasting precious investigation resources, and a sick poke in the eye of those suffering as they wait to hear word about missing loved ones.
    Might it even be a crime?
    If the person who claims to have found it is the one who actually put it there, surely there is some kind of mischief or hindering-investigation charges to slap on. If someone else did it, and the finder reported the finding in good faith, we might just be dealing with littering.