New names added to government enemies list -

New names added to government enemies list


The Liberals announce the roster of speakers for their big think in Montreal next month. Make of this what you will.


New names added to government enemies list

  1. Very interesting list of speakers. Great variety, from government, business, civil service, advocacy groups, think tanks, academia. And mostly all recognized leaders in their fields.

    Quite quite interesting to see the head of Harper's PM transition team as a speaker.

    • I agree. It's a good list, with lots of depth and breadth. This bodes well for the conference.

    • 41 out of 43 speakers are White and this represents "Great variety" and "breadth"? We'll see what various ethnic communities have to say about that.

  2. C.D. Howe's Robson will be there.

    Derek Burney, Harper's Transition Team Chair, will be there.

    I guess the only two surprising omissions would be John Manley and Preston Manning.

  3. C'mon Aaron, we already know that anyone NOT on Harper's 'group-think' list is a proverbial Taliban-supporting, troops-unfriendly, anti-oil sands hooligan.
    I think its easier these days to list people who speak their mind and support harper (mike duffy? not a journalist) than potential enemies of the con movement… cue the ignoring from the muppets.

  4. Wherry, please live blog the discussion on different ways to hate the troops. thanks.

  5. Derek Burney? Oooh, that won't go over well in the PMO.

    Also, kids don't smoke pot, look what it did to poor Michael Phelps. Hardly recognize him.

    • Commie Libs have always been soft on crime.

  6. Michael Phelps is coming !–I`ll come too if you can get him to bring his Bong.

  7. "New names added to government enemies list"

    Unprofessional, catty, immature, and reflects poorly on all Canadian journalists. Can the moderators here ban Wherry, please?

    By the way, the Big Think is being sold by the Liberals as a "non-partisan" gathering; either you're wrong, or they're wrong. Sauce: "Canada at 150: Rising to the Challenge, a conference of non-partisan contributors…"

    • Can the moderators here ban Wherry, please?

      How about they ban you instead?

  8. OK, I just checked the list: Of the 43 individuals, 41 of them are White. The two non-Whites are literally at the bottom of the list, which, mathematically, cannot reasonably be a coincidence. And this is supposed to be about new ideas and new Canada. Personally, I say invite the best and brightest regardless of race or gender, but I think the Liberals should eat their own dog food here and fire up some race quotas.

    Excuse me while I go send a few emails alerting relevant parties to the Liberal Party of Canada's aversion to non-White participation in policy making, this should be fun.

    • I agree the unbridled bigotry of the alphabet is clear to see

      • You beat me to it. And did so with much more humour than I'm sure I would have summoned.

        • Black Swans happen; nevertheless, your aversion to diversity is duly noted.

          • Your straw-man is white you racist!

  9. On Socio-Econ, complete set-up to advance CD Howe agenda. Will boomerang on them, if thing ever happens (events may overtake it).

  10. It's an impressive agenda, but is it too ambitious? Are they spreading themselves thin by trying to cover so many topics in a short time frame?

    For example: Under "Schedule," the only dedicated discussion on the environment is limited to 45 minutes. In fact, "Challenge 3" as a whole is limited to 2 hours total. That's pretty short to cover the economy, environment and energy.

    I hope this is only the first of many discussions, and many other "thinkers' conferences." Otherwise, it seems like too much in too short a time frame.

  11. I'm a little disappointed in the lack of youth representation. They all seem kind of old, no?

  12. Hey, where is Paul Wells? He can be the hard-hitting no BS journalist – with a promise of being the co-host of As it Happens or The Current.

  13. Thank the Lord for Lloyd Axworthy…because this list confirms all my worst fears about Ignatieff and his gang!
    All it needs is John Manley to confirm the matched set.
    No-one with any cred to advise on Global Warming.
    A woman with a nominal mandate to engage the ROC from Desjardins – the major funder of Separatists in Quebec…[I did work for them after Claude Gastonguay's federalist team lost out to the separatistes…Ugh!
    Frankly, I DO NOT WANT this lot making policy recommendations for MY Liberals!
    Ignatieff is supposed to be distinguishing himself and his party from Harper – isn't he? Well – he won't with this lot!!!