New PMO director of communications named!!!


I just can’t find out who it is. Soon, apparently…


New PMO director of communications named!!!

  1. Kinda sloppy Paul, more correct to say
    New PMO Director of Communications appointed but un-named.

  2. It *is* possible that they won’t name the new director of communications… we wouldn’t want to compromise safety of our troops in Afghanistan, would we?

  3. Kory Tenyke??

  4. I’m sure the new communications director has a name! After all, the pilot project to create a Turing test-certified media relations AI that won’t talk back to Harper’s Twelve is still in its preliminary stages.

  5. Maybe since the person is selected, and has a name that nobody nows, we should start a contest for a nickname to hold us over until the real name is revealed. (This may take some time due to polling considerations.)

  6. Okay, Preston.

    How about Giuseppi Stefano Harporigno?

  7. Matt is wise.

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