No drama, mate


Remarks from a Conservative party source, who cannot be named, suggest the party’s borrowings from Australian political allies may continue to present moment. “Steve’s spewin’ about the way this Bob Rae bloke’s having a lend of you,” said the strategist. “Wish he’d rack off. We’d best get back to the financial meltdown thingo, or the whole economy’s going to cark it.”


No drama, mate


  2. If it’s all the same to you, I’ll drive that tanker.

  3. In light of these revelations, I’d like to see Dion performing the NZ Maori Haka chant before the debates. Like the All Blacks.

  4. Just Dion? I’d like to see them all doing that.

  5. “Put another blimp on the Barbie!”

  6. It’s an emiiiigency!

  7. hahahaha!

  8. Where’s the Sheila’s (aussie translation where’s the ladies)

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