No laugh track, for real -

No laugh track, for real


You always see “no laugh track” clips on YouTube, but the problem with them is that they just remove the laughter of an audience, screwing up the timing and ultimately making no point about the material. So here’s the only reason why I would embed a clip of the 1994-5 ABC sitcom On Our Own: I noticed that this version literally has no laugh track. The show appears to have been shot without an audience, but this airing leaves out the laugh track that would presumably have appeared on the original airing. The only laughs you can hear are laughs from the crew members; otherwise, there’s just the dialogue, the studio ambience, and the occasional sound effect. It’s especially creepy in the scene that starts at 2:37, where a not-funny joke about falling out of a chair is accompanied by the sound of one or two people chuckling.

(Some shows deliberately use crew laughter in place of an audience – it’s more common overseas, and The Soup does it – but I’m guessing this show did not air this way on ABC. If it did, it must have been an ominous-sounding half hour for the TGIF audience.)

About the show I know almost nothing, except that it was created by the people who did Family Matters and that Greg Garcia (My Name is Earl, Raising Hope) got his first job on it. And, of course, there was a massive retool midway through the season, with some characters dropped and others added, because what else would you expect from this team? But really, the sound of a totally “unsweetened” soundtrack is the only point of interest here.

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