No one mourns the wicked -

No one mourns the wicked


So we saw Wicked at the National Arts Centre yesterday, and it was lovely lovely. Still, if I’d ever written a song as dynamite as “Defying Gravity,” I’d make up some excuse to have it sung twice.


No one mourns the wicked

  1. OK, fine song, but the lyrics, the lyrics…

    And nobody in all of Oz
    No Wizard that there is or was
    Is ever gonna bring me down!

    ARGH! Oz does not rhyme with was. Ruins it. Ruins it!

  2. Not at all. Rhyming Oz with was is simply a matter of dialectic pronunciation. Works for me.

  3. Mr. Wells,

    I didn’t catch it the first time I read it, but this post was published on the day after Michel Vastel died. I know Mr. Vastel was disliked (for a variety of good reasons) by much of the press corps.

    I have to ask… is the title of this post an oblique reference to how you feel about his passing? I am perfectly willing to believe it’s all happening in your subconscious mind, of course…