No talk -

No talk


CTV says Diane Finley says the Liberals say that the Liberal side of the Employment Insurance working group won’t be meeting with the Conservative side, as scheduled, tomorrow. CTV says Liberals say Conservative side wasn’t responding to Liberal proposals.

Marlene Jennings twittered earlier today that she was going to skip a joint interview with Pierre Poilievre. So obviously things were going well.

marlenejenningsdeclining invitation to appear on The House with Pierre Poilievre; given the Conservs record of no proposal and disrespectin EIWG decisions!


No talk

  1. "Liberal side of the Employment Insurance working group won't be meeting with the Conservative side, as scheduled, tomorrow."

    Of course they aren't. It might be mildly warm in Ottawa tomorrow and Jennings can't sit in warm rooms without air-con, apparently. And not responding is a response.

  2. Who could have foreseen this level of animosity between Jennings and Poilievre? Completely unpredictable.

  3. I'm completely gobsmacked!

  4. Jennings would help her cause by going on the Hosue and expanding on those issues.
    (PS – Is the House back on? Normally that'd be great, but not if I got to sit through Poili-what-evre. )

    • Careful, Buster. Skippy is my MP, and my neighbours just love him. Rumour has it that he is in line as the next Minister of Indian and Northern Affaiirs.

      • Hey man, I don't doubt that people LOVE him in whatever his riding is…..he won one heck of a landslide last go around.
        But he is one annoying little twerp on the teevee, that's for freakin' sure.

        • Not just on tv.

  5. Let me see if I understand Marlene (never an easy task) she won't meet with her counterpart with the opposition party because they don't want to communicate. Libspeak for ' how can I keep my base happy '

    • So how is Finley and Pollipoopy serving their base, or even addressing the issue at hand? Is there a new 'How To Sabotage A Committee by Stephen Harper/Tom Flanagan' handbook out?

  6. There's no arguing with a fool without looking like one yourself.

  7. Does Harper need any more fodder than this to say "We tried to make parliament work, but the Liberals would have none of it"? This strikes me as a pretty stupid move.

    • No loss. Harper was going to say that anyways.