Non aux Jägerbombs!


France’s minister of health calls for a boycott of Red Bull, which has “no interest in energy terms, no nutritional interest, and which is dangerous in important ways.” Banned for 12 years in France, currently available in 23 other European countries, Red Bull has been available for sale in France since Tuesday. So already, countless thousands of French youth have discovered for themselves that it tastes really bad.


Non aux Jägerbombs!

  1. But, but, “It gives you wings!” How could KO’M keep us all up to date on motions, super and seding alike without it? Woman cannot live on date squares alone.

  2. Seriously though, Red Bull is bad and Jagermeister is bad, but a Jagerbomb is pure magic.

  3. I think everyone knows that Red Bull is bad for you, they still drink it though… Red Bull the new Marlborough?

  4. There are two mysteries:

    1. Why does Public Health Agency of Canada allow Red Bull to make health claims that haven’t been proven?

    2. Why do people drink anything that tastes like chlorophyll concentrate with gin in it? (Jag)

  5. Speaking as someone who drank their first red bull today- it. is. awful. It resembled volluntarily drinkning cough syrup

  6. Sophie: try with vodka. You’re welcome.

  7. Cough syrup’s much, much better than Red Bull.

  8. I tend to drink it after long intercontinental flights, when I know I need to stay up for another six hours so as not to wake up at 2 AM, and especially when I arrive on a Sunday, everything is closed, and the only source of caffeinated beverages close at hand — and that doesn’t maybe involve a lot of awkward smiles and miming with a non-English/French-speaking cashier — are in my hotel minibar (I’m looking at you, Budapest). Otherwise I tend to avoid it, as it tastes like carbonated, sweetened pee, and you get about as much caffeine in an equivalent volume of good coffee.

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